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Mobile Internet Skills Training Toolkit

Empowering millions with mobile internet skills

Welcome to the GSMA Mobile Internet Skills Training Toolkit (MISTT)

Today more than 3 billion people worldwide are not using mobile internet, despite being within the footprint of a mobile broadband network. Affordability remains a key barrier, yet a lack of the essential digital skills required to use mobile internet as well as awareness of internet use cases prevent the unconnected from using and benefitting from mobile internet.

To address this barrier, the GSMA developed the Mobile Internet Skills Training Toolkit (MISTT). MISTT is a set of free resources for teaching people the basic mobile digital skills they need to access and use mobile internet. The toolkit uses a ‘train the trainer’ approach and consists of short lessons available in PDF and video format that can be easily adapted to local needs and languages and delivered to customers in a range of different ways.

Drawing on our experience supporting the training of over 70 million people with MISTT, we can support your digital skills efforts in a variety of ways, including advice on strategy, best practices for reaching women, monitoring and evaluation analysis support, troubleshooting during a campaign, ToT sessions, promotion of impact, and more.

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The challenge

Worldwide, more than 3 billion people are covered by a mobile network but do not use it. A lack of digital skills remains a key barrier to benefitting from mobile internet.

The solution

MISTT is a set of free resources to educate people on the basics of mobile internet including what it is, why it is relevant, and how to use it safely, to provide them with the basic digital skills needed to use mobile internet effectively.

The impact

MISTT has so far been used to train more than 70 million people across over 40 countries with basic mobile digital skills. MISTT is proven to increase customer adoption and usage of mobile internet.

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