Launching Mobile Money Metrics – a comprehensive set of global metrics

Co-authored by Mia Ryan, Marketing Manager, Mobile Money.

Today, we are delighted to announce the launch of Mobile Money Metrics, an interactive tool that provides a comprehensive set of global metrics for the industry. Mobile Money Metrics combines unique data sources that the GSMA Mobile Money programme has been collecting and analysing since its inception, such as the Mobile Money Deployment Tracker, the Global Adoption Survey of Mobile Money and the Mobile Money Estimates & Forecasts. The tool is designed to support the efforts of mobile money providers and the wider international development community to deliver on the ambition of achieving greater financial inclusion, financial empowerment and economic growth.

Mobile Money Metrics visualises data points using global and regional maps, on a number of indicators broken down into four main tabs:

  • Availability: The number of live mobile money services worldwide;
  • Accessibility: The network of agent outlets through which customers access mobile money i.e. registered and active agents;
  • Adoption: The scale of mobile money uptake and activation worldwide i.e. registered and active accounts; and
  • Usage: the total volume and value of transactions processed by the industry across different products.


For most indicators historical data is available over the past decade – from December 2006 to December 2017 – at both regional and sub-regional levels (where sharing such data does not reveal confidential information disclosed in past Global Adoption Surveys). Navigation through the tabs is designed to be intuitive and further analysis is possible by downloading the full global mobile money dataset.

The tool includes data points behind our annual State of the Industry Report, recently launched at the Mobile World Congress 2018. We see this tool as a great complement to other sources of data for the industry, including demand-side data on financial inclusion from the World Bank’s Global Findex Database. Insights from both datasets combined can provide a better picture of how the mobile industry has helped to change the financial inclusion landscape and reach the unbanked via mobile money.

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