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Discover the power of connectivity

In today’s tech landscape, telcos are sitting on a goldmine of data. Open Gateway DevCon is your gateway to unlocking this treasure trove. Network APIs provide unprecedented access to vast amounts of data related to devices and network operations, removing complexity and paving the way for collaboration, innovation, and monetization.

With over 200 operators and a staggering 60% of mobile connections worldwide now part of the initiative, Open Gateway DevCon is not just a conference; it’s a global gathering of developers, by developers, for developers.

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Watch the keynotes and panel discussion on demand

Watch the keynotes and panel discussions on demand, featuring industry leaders sharing insights, expertise, and innovative strategies.

Open Gateway DevCon: The collaboration between CAMARA, TM Forum and the GSMA

The collaboration between CAMARA, TM Forum and the GSMA, featuring insights from Jill Lovato (CAMARA/Linux Foundation), George Glass (TM Forum CTO), and Henry Calvert (GSMA Head of Networks). Learn how this collaboration removes complexity, empowering developers to innovate efficiently.

Open Gateway DevCon: Driving the future of developer innovation / Delivering on the power and promise of 5G network APIs to change the world

An insightful discussion on driving innovation with Savinay Berry, EVP Product and Engineering at Vonage, alongside industry leaders Peter Arbitter (Deutsche Telekom), Martin Heinig (SAP), Ronald Limoa (Telkomsel), and Chris Halton (Verizon). Explore the transformative potential of 5G network APIs and beyond, as we delve into changing the world through technology.

Open Gateway DevCon: Aggregated Network APIs for the German market

Aggregated Network APIs for the German market, featuring Markus Kümmerle (Deutsche Telekom), David De Val (Telefonica), and Johanna Wood (Vodafone). Learn how these industry experts are shaping the future of telecommunications. In Session Two,

Open Gateway DevCon: The path to programmable networks

Embark on 'The Path to Programmable Networks' with host Mikko Jarva, Head of Architecture and Portfolio at Nokia CNS, alongside industry leaders Jacob Groote (KPN), Mark Henry (BT), Alex Reichl (Liberty Global Technology Limited), and Rajendra Sadhu (Innova Solutions). Gain valuable insights into the evolution towards programmable networks from these esteemed experts in the field.

Open Gateway DevCon: Scaling Open Gateway for Developer Success through Cloud Platforms

Explore 'Scaling Open Gateway for Developer Success through Cloud Platforms' with Ricardo Villarreal, Product Manager for Azure Programmable Connectivity at Microsoft, and Mijo Soldin, VP Telecom Strategy and Partnerships at Infobip. Gain insights into leveraging cloud platforms to enhance developer success from these industry experts.

Open Gateway DevCon: Getting starting with network APIs in Spain

Experience 'Open Gateway in Action: Getting Started with Network APIs in Spain' with insights from Otilia Anton (Orange), David De Val (Telefonica), Johanna Wood (Vodafone), Seckin Arikan (Vonage), and Aurelija Plėtienė (Vinted). Delve into the practical application of network APIs and their impact on developer initiatives, straight from industry leaders.

Open Gateway DevCon: Live coding session

Dive into the 'Open Gateway - Live Coding Session' featuring Eran Haggiag, Executive Chairman of ClearX, and Sridhar Gollapudi, Head of Partnerships and Solutions, Telecom, at Google Cloud. Witness firsthand the live coding demonstration showcasing the practical implementation of Open Gateway technologies and their potential in telecommunications.

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