What is GSMA
Open Gateway? 

Welcome to a paradigm shift in the way the telecoms industry designs and delivers services in an API economy world. 

GSMA Open Gateway is a framework of common network Application Programmable Interfaces (APIs) designed to provide universal access to operator networks for developers.  

GSMA Open Gateway helps developers and cloud providers enhance and deploy services more quickly across operator networks via single points of access to the world’s largest connectivity platform. 

Who is GSMA Open Gateway for? 

  • Application developers 
  • Content and gaming developers (i.e. the mobile industry’s direct and indirect customers)
  • The telecom industry – other operators and suppliers 
  • Content and gaming developers
  • Enterprise customers 
  • End customers/consumers

What are the benefits of GSMA Open Gateway? 

GSMA Open Gateway will help cloud providers and developers to enhance existing services and deploy new services to their customers more quickly across operator networks by giving developers a single point of access to the world’s largest connectivity platform. 

The whole mobile ecosystem benefits. The new 5G network capabilities will be exposed through data service APIs which are more readily available across global telecom networks and countries, making it seamless and easy to access within a controlled and federated market. 

This is achieved via common, northbound service APIs – supported by the CAMARA Project – that simply expose mobile operators’ network capabilities within a consistent, interoperable and federated framework. The benefits of the initiative include: 

  • Seamless customer experience 
  • Accelerated technology development, innovation and commercial adoption (minimising implementation effort) 
  • Accelerated education and promotion 
  • Support of application portability 

GSMA Open Gateway APIs 

Read about the network APIs GSMA Open Gateway has launched with and understand the advantages of each. 

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GSMA Open Gateway supporters 

The list of organisations supporting GSMA Open Gateway is steadily growing. From global mobile network operators to huge tech companies, take a look at who is part of the initiative. 

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