Aerial Cities 2024

Aerial Cities 2024

Start: Wednesday 13 November 2024 13:00

End: Thursday 14 November 2024 17:15

Venue: GSMA Auditorium

Location: 1 Angel Ln, London EC4R 3AB, UK

The expansion of Advanced Air Mobility and drone organizations into urban environments is rapidly gaining momentum. However, as these innovative aerial technologies proliferate, cities find themselves grappling with understanding their potential impact. Compounding this challenge, drone organizations are struggling to effectively engage with governmental bodies and regulators to establish the necessary infrastructure and regulatory frameworks for widespread airborne operations.

Aerial Cities seeks to address these gaps by fostering cross-functional collaborations and facilitating the exchange of vital information among diverse industries. Through face-to-face interactions, stakeholders can engage directly on topics such as existing infrastructure and its adaptability to accommodate the future-scale deployment of drones. This initiative aims to bridge communication barriers, enabling all parties to collectively shape the trajectory of aerial mobility in urban landscapes.

This event is by invitation only. For further details, please click on the link below.