The first North American MNO to pass VoLTE interoperability test

Congratulations to Evolve Cellular. Now their customers will have the best experience possible when voice calling on their 4G network. Since they are the first North American mobile network operator to complete and pass GSMA Interoperability Testing’s VoLTE network test. The Evolve network was proven to be IR.25 compliant in supporting VoLTE, SMSoIP and IMS emergency call services. The network uses the GSMA Network Group (NG) recommended Voice&SMS-2 IMS service profile.

Lowell Feldman, CEO, at Evolve Cellular, remarked, “Evolve is proud to have demonstrated our network is fully compatible with IR.25 for IMS based services, and that our GSMA Interoperability Testing results are available on the GSMA website for our partners and the ecosystem to see. This is a great opportunity to build industry confidence in VoLTE. Support of open market mobile devices is crucial for the future of both operators and device manufacturers and will greatly aid successful global 3G sunsetting and 5G rollout over the next few years.”

The VoLTE testing methodology used was defined by the operator and vendor community in GSMA’s Networks Group (NG) IR.25 PRD. Subsequently, this led to the creation of TS.59 PRD (a reference document endorsed by both OEMs and operators from the GSMA’s Terminal Steering Group), which states that where a network is shown to be IR.25 compliant and using an IMS service profile supported on the device, then an open market device shall enable VoLTE capability on that network.