GSMA eSA Licensed Laboratories

The following are currently appointed as GSMA eUICC Security Assurance (eSA) Licensed Laboratories:




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A GSMA eSA Licensed Laboratory is responsible for the detailed evaluation activities of the scheme, as defined in SGP.07, GSMA eUICC Security Assurance Methodology. Furthermore, they are required to comply with a GSMA eSA Certification Body’s and GSMA licensing’s criteria for the GSMA eUICC Security Assurance scheme.

For further information, or to register an interest in participating as a licensed laboratory in the GSMA eSA Scheme, please contact us here. Although there is a cost associated with becoming an approved licensed laboratory, being or becoming a GSMA member means you can benefit from the special conditions that currently apply to them.

*The Laboratory has declared to the GSMA that it has successfully passed an audit to qualify as EAL1-7 for “Smartcards and similar devices” Laboratory. Interested parties are invited to contact the laboratory directly for more details.