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Device Compatibility

For the first time, you can instantly find out the degree to which a mobile device will work on a mobile network, to create efficiencies, increase revenues and improve the customer experience. 

What does device compatibility mean? 

How technically well matched a mobile device is to a network. 

Businesses can accurately assess how fully a mobile device will work on a mobile network in any country or region, by receiving an instant analysis on the ‘match quality’ to the network and its band frequencies – in the form of a compatibility score. 

The GSMA Device Compatibility service also gives you valuable customer insights, because you gain data on the make and model of the device too. 

Why is it important for your business?

Here are some examples of how GSMA Device Compatibility can help improve business performance. 

Expand global sales 

Tap into new, profitable markets by leveraging device-to-network compatibility knowledge. 

Increase ARPU

Gain the insights you need on your customers’ devices to implement marketing strategies that retain and upsell throughout the customer lifecycle. 

Optimise distribution 

Know the best-matched networks, markets and geographical locations for devices. 

Global business insights  

Get accurate data on devices to make better informed business decisions on device selling or reselling, as well as network and device management.  

Increase revenue  

Customers are less likely to move to another network or brand of device, as they are already experiencing good reliability.

Practical examples of what it can do

Find out how GSMA Device Compatibility works across different business applications, departments and industries. 

Trade-in, BYOD and SIMO programmes

The service is automated, giving you an instant compatibility score, ensuring the customer gets the plan that best suits their device’s performance on the network.  

  • Makes eligibility checks easier for MNOs and MVNOs, so they can provide tailored plans and offers, as well as set customer expectations upfront.  
  • Gives customers accurate price proposals quickly – meaning reduced processing times, an improved customer experience and a shortened purchase cycle. 
  • Optimise the customer experience through a deeper understanding of the active devices on your network. 
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Selling and reselling

Activation and performance issues can occur when a device is being used on a different mobile network or country to the one that was originally intended – whether it’s a used device or one that’s sold on the open market. 

  • This service makes the selling and reselling processes more efficient by helping to reduce activation and performance issues. 
  • Enabling businesses to only ship devices to markets where they will work optimally. 
  • Reduces customer returns as devices are compatible with the networks in their market. 
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Device and inventory management

Automate device inventory management and eliminate manual processes, saving time and streamlining operations. 

  • Identify where devices can activate, enabling rapid resale and redeployment. 
  • Determine an accurate device valuation for recycling, insurance purposes, resale or trade-in programmes.  
  • Ensures the best sale value for a pre-owned device. 
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Network management and band planning

Gain upfront validation of the mobile devices connecting to your network. 

  • Instant compatibility scores ease internal device certification. 
  • Simplifies and streamlines testing, as you already know the level of compatibility a device has to your network bands and frequencies.  
  • Identify necessary modifications to your network and band planning, so you can optimise the compatibility of devices on your network.
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