European operator passes Interoperability Test

Gibtelecom has become the first mobile network operator to complete and pass GSMA’s Interoperability Testing’s VoLTE network test. This means that they have successfully demonstrated that their type 1 VoLTE network with a voice 2 network group service profile, is compatible with any IR.25 compliant device. Thus all of their customers will be able to enjoy the best experience possible when voice calling on Gibtelecom’s 4G network.

The VoLTE testing methodology used, was defined by the operator and vendor community in GSMA’s Networks Group – outlined in GSMA IR.25 PRD. Moreover, both OEM and operator members in the GSMA Terminal Steering Group have endorsed the tests, through the creation of TS.59 PRD. Significantly, this states that where a network and device have the same service profile, for example VoLTE capability, both parties are now obliged not to block a device.

Jansen Reyes, Director of Technology at Gibtelecom commented, “Getting VoLTE interoperability right has been a big challenge for operators and manufacturers alike. We’re proud to have passed all our network tests using the GSMA’s interoperability testing service. Our test results¸ showing how our network is now fully compatible with all VoLTE devices, are available online at the GSMA’s website for all our partners, customers and manufacturers to see. Our IMS data has also been uploaded to GSMA’s Network Setting Exchange platform. This will allow manufacturers worldwide to see our IMS settings together with other important parameters. Overall, a win-win situation.”