eSIM Summit: eSIM Here and Now

Start: Wednesday 28 September 2022 14:30

End: Wednesday 28 September 2022 16:00

Venue: Las Vegas Convention Center, West Hall 300 Convention Center Dr, Las Vegas, NV 8 - Room W219 – 221

Location: Las Vegas


According to the GSMA intelligence “eSIM: State of the consumer market and the road ahead” report by 2025, 2.4 billion smartphone connections will use eSIM globally. North America eSIM Market will growth about 15% during the forecast period (2022-2028). eSIM has become more important than ever because of more devices being connected every day in very vertical market. The requirement to manage devices remotely is increasingly growing. Furthermore, the adoption of the IoT Device in every vertical market is increasing which lead to increase the eSIM development and provide different usages. The US is a significant region for the eSIM Market, therefore we welcome eSIM stakeholders to MWC Las Vegas this September.

 This eSIM Seminar will focus on the adoption of the eSIM and trends of the US market. This event will provide the opportunity to get detailed information about the factors that are influencing the eSIM market demand, growth, challenges, and opportunities. 

The US is a significant region for the eSIM Market, therefore eSIM stakeholders are welcome to MWC Las Vegas in September.

eSIM Summit Key Topics

  • Connected eSIM Devices
  • Connectivity deployment challenges
  • eSIM Device Validation Tool
  • eSIM Oportunities
  • Global connectivity on a single eSIM
  • Real-world massive eSIM deployments
  • Reliable eSIM connectivity service
  • eSIM promoting the massive connectivity of devices.
  • The best eSIM experience

eSIM Summit Sponsors

eSIM Summit KeyNotes

MWCLV22 eSIM Summit: The Power of eSIM Realized, KORE

MWCLV22 eSIM Summit:  Pioneering the eSIM revolution, IDEMIA

MWCLV22 eSIM Summit: The eSIM (R)evolution, VALID


Time Assigned Topic Speaker
14.30 eSIM Summit Introduction
14.30 – 14.45 eSIM Summit – Welcome & Market Insights Carlos Bosch, Head of Technology, North America, GSMA
14.45 eSIM Summit Standalone Sessions
14.45 – 15.10 The Power of eSIM Realized 

The time has arrived when eSIM moves from proof of concept to real-world massive deployments. From global touchless connectivity provisioning, testing device readiness, facilitating chip-to-cloud security, and many more capabilities, KORE has worked to bring an eSIM solution to market to make adoption and scaling as seamless as possible for IoT innovators.  Join KORE Chief Technology Officer Tushar Sachdev as he demonstrates award-winning KORE eSIM technology:

  • Global connectivity supported by local profiles on a single eSIM
  • Bulk provisioning of eSIM in ConnectivityProTM, our Connectivity Management Platform
  • Real-time device validation for eSIM readiness using the KORE eSIM Device Validation Tool

This along with some customer adoption stories will help you understand that eSIM is not just a global roaming solution but a more comprehensive design to solve your connectivity deployment challenges, as well.

Tushar Sachdev, EVP & CTO, KORE
15.10 – 15.35 Pioneering the eSIM revolution

eSIM is already completely changing our digital connectivity experience – and it will keep evolving as more devices and more use-cases get onboard.

Considering how disruptive the eSIM technology is, Sylvain Givord, IDEMIA eSIM Product Manager will walk you through:

  • The key aspects to enable the best eSIM experience
  • IDEMIA solution to provide the most versatile eSIM profiles, addressing all devices and use cases, today and tomorrow
  • How IDEMIA is leveraging on a Public Cloud strategy to deliver the most reliable eSIM connectivity service

The presentation will be done together with our partner Microsoft Azure.

Sylvain Givord, eSIM Senior Product Manager, IDEMIA 
Ken Cavanaugh, Principal Program Manager, Microsoft Azure
15.35 – 16.00 The eSIM (R)evolution

The SIM card is a part of our life for many decades now and through the time it has drastically evolved from the pure Telecom applications, integrating new features from outside of this industry – especially since the release of the embedded SIM technology. These features are now enabling non-Telecom applications to many other markets and industries – promoting the massive connectivity of devices.

These multi-application use cases have been discussed in the mobile industry since the invention of the SIMs, but only now we are seen their convergence. This can only be possible due to the massive implementation of eSIM into the OEM devices, a higher certified security level for the applications and new initiatives (such as the Google Strongbox). Let’s discuss how we can bring to life and utilize the eSIM new capabilities to offer improved, trusted and future-proof applications.

Laurent Sustek, eSIM Product Marketing, VALID

Alejandro Pulido: Standards expert and eSIM Product Manager, VALID

16.00 eSIM Summit – Closing Remark Carlos Bosch, Head of Technology, North America, GSMA



This GSMA eSIM Summit is a physical event during the MWC Las Vegas 2022 that will take place in the Las Vegas Convention Center – Room W219 – 221

The type of pass to be able to attend the eSIM summit is Exhibition Pass. There is no pre-registration required to attend the event. The eSIM Summit attendance is first come, first served 

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