Spectrum Resources

In this section you can find reports, position papers, videos and other types of resources from the GSMA’s spectrum team.


Award of the 700/800MHz Band: Australia


Friday 11 Nov 2011 | 800 MHz | 900 MHz | APT | Australia | Below 1 GHz | Case Studies | Digital dividend | English |

This is one of a series of case studies on approaches to awarding the 700MHz/800MHz band for mobile broadband. Doing this will help increase economic benefits from mobile networks by improving coverage. The countries in this series are ...

The Benefit of Self-Optimising Networks in LTE


Friday 1 Jul 2011 | Resources | White Paper |

This ...

Economic Impact of Wireless Broadband in Nigeria


Tuesday 22 Feb 2011 | Resources |

GSMA Response to Bangladesh 2G Consultation, February 2011


Tuesday 8 Feb 2011 | APT | Consultation Response | English |

GSMA response to draft regulatory and licensing guidelines for issuing renewal licenses to existing mobile licensees.

Economic Benefits of the Digital Dividend for Latin America


Monday 24 Jan 2011 | Resources |

This study provides decision makers in Latin American countries with a quantitative and qualitative estimation of the social and economic benefits of a prospective allocation of the Digital Dividend spectrum for the provision of mobile ...

Spectrum for Mobile Broadband in the Americas


Saturday 1 Jan 2011 | Resources |

This report ...

GSMA Response to the Consultation on Frequency Plans in Poland in the 470–862MHz Band


Wednesday 1 Sep 2010 | Resources |

Download here

GSMA Response to TRAI Consultation in National Broadband Plan in India


Thursday 15 Jul 2010 | APT | Consultation Response | English | India |

GSMA Input to Consultation on Award of 2.6GHz Licences in Poland


Friday 30 Apr 2010 | 1-6 GHz | 2600 MHz | CEPT | Consultation Response | English | Poland |

GSMA Response to the DoC Consultation on Radio Spectrum Policy in South Africa


Wednesday 21 Apr 2010 | ATU | Consultation Response | English | South Africa |

GSMA Response to Ofcom Consultation on Mobile Radio Frequencies in Switzerland


Sunday 21 Jun 2009 | CEPT | English | Switzerland |

GSM Association response to Ofcom’s public consultation concerning the retender for and award of mobile radio frequencies in Switzerland by 1 January 2014.