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mmWave 5G in India – a digital cornerstone


Wednesday 28 Oct 2020 | 26 GHz | 28 GHz | APT |

5G networks offer the potential to transform industrial sectors and deliver significant social and economic benefits to the Digital India project. To make the most of this opportunity, access to millimeterWave (mmWave) spectrum is key.

Network rationalisation – lessons from 2G and 3G migrations


Tuesday 26 May 2020 | 1-6 GHz | 3G | 4G | All Regional Groups | Below 1 GHz | Digital dividend | Global | Spectrum allocations | Spectrum management | Spectrum planning | Spectrum policy |

With a potential for improved capacity and broadband coverage using 4G and 5G, consumers and businesses alike stand to gain from successful and 3G network rationalisation projects.

TDD synchronisation in the 3.5 GHz range – a key step for 5G success


Thursday 23 Apr 2020 | 1-6 GHz | 3.4 GHz | 3.5 GHz | All Regional Groups | C-band | Global | Spectrum licensing | Spectrum management |

The ultimate performance of 5G depends on many technical and regulatory factors. One that doesn’t get the amount of attention it deserves is how networks can coexist in most efficient way possible. In a new report, the GSMA takes a ...

Focus on mmWave 5G in China


Tuesday 17 Mar 2020 | 26 GHz | 28 GHz | Above 6 GHz | China |

Quickly becoming a 5G leader, China announced some of the first commercial deployments in 2019. To build on this momentum, the country's mobile operators are dependent on access to mmWave spectrum under optimum conditions.

Indonesia assigning 700 MHz ushers new era of connectivity


Friday 7 Feb 2020 | 1-6 GHz | 4G | 700 MHz | Digital dividend | Indonesia | Research Report |

Assigning digital dividend band 700 MHz in Indonesia would unlock a new era in high-speed connectivity. Benefits include connecting millions more to mobile broadband services.

WRC-19: Addressing 5G and EMF


Friday 8 Nov 2019 | 1-6 GHz | 26 GHz | 28 GHz | Above 6 GHz | All Regional Groups | Below 1 GHz |

The mmWave frequencies being discussed for 5G are used today by the mobile and satellite industries for other purposes, they have been extensively researched and are covered by international safety guidelines.

WRC-19: RCC lunchtime seminar on mmWave spectrum for 5G


Tuesday 5 Nov 2019 |

“As the RCC region’s mobile industry continues to grow, 5G is expected to play an important role in the future. In particular, mmWave 5G can impact a variety of industries in the economy, including manufacturing and healthcare.” ...

WRC-19: CEPT lunchtime seminar on mmWave spectrum for 5G


Monday 4 Nov 2019 |

“There is a unique opportunity at WRC-19 for regulators to give Europe the tools needed to be a global leader in the development of 5G, in order to transform the region’s economy and society and take advantage of the limitless ...

WRC-19: CITEL lunchtime seminar on mmWave spectrum for 5G


Friday 1 Nov 2019 |

“As CITEL countries launch 5G throughout 2020 and 2021, mmWave can provide the capacity to satisfy growing data demand. But the potential of mmWave 5G depends on the decisions taken by governments at WRC-19” (Brett Tarnutzer, Head ...

WRC-19: ASMG lunchtime seminar on mmWave spectrum for 5G


Thursday 31 Oct 2019 |

“The Arab Spectrum Management Group has already positioned itself as a 5G leader. And its full support for the identification of mmWave spectrum at WRC-19 will help it build on that momentum.” (Mats Granryd, Director General, ...

WRC-19: APT lunchtime seminar on mmWave spectrum for 5G


Wednesday 30 Oct 2019 |

“LG Uplus in Korea was seeing 1.3 GB of data a day per subscriber in the early days of its 5G launch. These huge numbers show the capacity needs of consumers and businesses. This must be supported by mmWaves sooner rather than ...

WRC-19: ATU lunchtime seminar on mmWave spectrum for 5G


Tuesday 29 Oct 2019 |

“5G brings new capabilities for mobile networks to contribute to and enable economic growth in Sub-Saharan region. This includes low-latency, data-intensive applications that can make sea ports and mining safer and more efficient.” ...

26 GHz and 28 GHz are both needed for 5G


Thursday 24 Oct 2019 | 26 GHz | 28 GHz | Above 6 GHz | APT | ASMG | ATU | CEPT | CITEL | English | French | Global | Infographics | RCC | Resources | Spanish |

The introduction of 5G pioneers a new level of mobile performance with ultra-high speeds and low latencies. What makes this possible is millimetre wave spectrum. In this range, 26 GHz and 28 GHz have emerged as two of the most important bands.

Operators call for governments to secure 5G’s future at WRC-19


Wednesday 11 Sep 2019 | Above 6 GHz | All Regional Groups |

The GSMA Board, on behalf of the global mobile industry, has called on governments to support the identification of spectrum for mobile at WRC-19 in an open letter sent to ministers and heads of regulatory authorities in nearly 170 countries.

A roadmap for C-band (3.3-3.8 GHz) in ASEAN


Thursday 15 Aug 2019 | C-band |

The C-band is a core 5G band and with a growing mobile ecosystem to support, the pressure is on to release this spectrum. The report details the current uses, recommendations on a process from planning the release to implementation and ...

Effective spectrum management needs technology neutral licences


Friday 14 Jun 2019 | All Regional Groups | Research Report | Spectrum licensing | Spectrum management | Spectrum policy |

A new report from the GSMA entitled “The Benefits of Technology Neutral Spectrum Licences” takes an in-depth look at this important topic. Technology neutrality lets operators replace for example GSM with 4G and soon 5G in a ...

CPM19-2: RCC lunchtime seminar on mmWave spectrum for 5G


Tuesday 26 Feb 2019 | Above 6 GHz | RCC |

“5G is set to bring many benefits to the digital economies of the region, with $6.7billion GDP impact and nearly one quarter of all 5G services on mmWaves by 2034.” (Konstantin Savin, Senior Manager, Market Engagement, the ...

CPM19-2: CEPT lunchtime seminar on mmWave spectrum for 5G


Monday 25 Feb 2019 |

[vid] “Our vision - A future multi-purpose network that could be used for many versatile applications.” (Mats Öhman, Senior Spectrum Manager, Telia Company) “We are delivering the ITU’s vision for IMT 2020, all over ...

CPM19-2: CITEL lunchtime seminar on mmWave spectrum for 5G


Monday 25 Feb 2019 |

“In field testing, we recently observed wireless speeds surpassing 1.5 Gbps and in other trials we saw RAN latency rates at 9-12 milliseconds. We supported hundreds of simultaneous connected users on a wi-fi system supported by a ...

CPM19-2: ASMG lunchtime seminar on mmWave spectrum for 5G


Saturday 23 Feb 2019 | Above 6 GHz | ASMG |

“If data is the new oil, the vision of IMT-2020 (5G) is our refinery. To do this we need different spectrum ranges for 5G and it is crucial to build on mid-band spectrum in the 3 GHz range with ...