AI4I Webinar Series (6) – Mobile Big Data Analytics: From theory to application

AI4I Webinar Series (6) – Mobile Big Data Analytics: From theory to application

Start: Thursday 4 February 2021 14:00

End: Thursday 4 February 2021 15:00

Since the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, the AI4I initiative has been working to capture and share insights with interested parties, and in a selection of countries is engaged with governments, MNOs and other relevant parties, together working to increase local capability and capacity to respond using mobile big data analytics.

Building on the best practice and theory already shared in the series, this webinar focused on these ongoing in-country activities – including perspectives from government end users – to highlight the achievements and explore the challenges arising from the application of the mobile data analytics best practice principles for COVID-19 and beyond.

During this session GSMA hosted a fireside chat with Angelos Munezero, Public Sector Digitization Analyst from Ministry of ICT & Innovation, Rwanda, to discuss their first-hand experience of mobile data analytics capability and capacity development.

The session covered the following areas:
• Stages of country engagement
• Evolution of use cases during COVID-19
• First hand experiences of mobile data analytics capability and capacity development


Robert Childs

Strategic Engagement Lead, AI for Impact, GSMA

Rob Childs is the Strategic Engagement Lead for the AI for Impact initiative, at the GSMA, leading activity to develop and scale adoption of mobile big data analytics. Prior to joining the AI4I team Rob worked with a global focus on IoT technologies in Digital Health/mHealth, engaging with GSMA members and the broader ecosystem to accelerate the delivery of new connected devices and services addressing interoperability, regulatory issues and IoT security. Rob has supported numerous initiatives, such as the European Commission programme United4Health, ITU m-Powering Development mHealth working group and the Broadband Commission for Sustainable Development mHealth working group. Rob has also represented the GSMA as member of the EC eHealth Stakeholder Group.

Prior to joining the GSMA, Rob worked in the Pharmaceutical Industry specialising in Market Intelligence, Sales Strategy & Business Analysis, advising Pharmaceutical Companies across Europe on their sales and marketing implementation strategies.

Angelos Munezero

Public Sector Digitization Analyst , Ministry of ICT and Innovation, Rwanda

Angelos Munezero serves as the Public Sector Digitization Analyst, a mandated led by MINICT (the Rwanda Ministry of ICT & Innovation) to expedite the Digitization of Government services and ensure Citizen satisfaction.

He previously served as the Acting Director General of Innovation & Business Development Department at the Ministry of ICT & Innovation, where he led the Innovation Portfolio and the use of Emerging Technologies in addressing country’s needs. He holds a M.Sc. in Software Engineering and a B.Sc. in Electronics & Communication clasped by a strong background in Policy Development, Business Analytics, Project Management and Technology Innovation Design.

MINICT has the mission to address national priorities relating to economic growth and poverty reduction through development and coordination of national policies and programs related to information, technology, communication and innovation as well as citizen’s empowerment.

Jo Gilbert

Technology Platform and Services Lead, AI for Impact, GSMA

Jo Gilbert is the Technology Platform and Services Lead for the AI for Impact initiative at the GSMA, leading activities to fast-track the adoption of mobile big data analytics for government decision making and planning.

Since joining the GSMA in 2012, Jo has led a number of projects across the mobile ecosystem, convening network operators, business enterprises, governments, NGOs and academic institutions globally, to develop a range of data-driven solutions across new and emerging technologies including big data, IoT, and Identity services.

Prior to joining the GSMA, Jo held a number of product management roles with mobile network operators, at both group and local organisation levels.