Mobile Economic Impact Reports


Monday 12 Aug 2019 | Sustainable and Responsible Leadership |

Operators are using socio-economic impact assessments to better understand and demonstrate the broader impact that they have on society and economies. Here we have reports which detail the economic contribution of the mobile sector at ...

International Relations Handbook


Wednesday 24 Jul 2019 | #BetterFuture |

The GSMA engages with a wide range of international organisations, seeking to leverage their influence and public platforms to amplify mobile industry messaging, and engaging with their committees and working groups to represent mobile ...

Using Socio-Economic Impact Assessments


Friday 10 May 2019 | Sustainable and Responsible Leadership |

Download the 'Using Socio-Economic Impact Assessments'.

Big Data for Social Good Toolkit Flyer


Thursday 21 Feb 2019 |

Discover how you can benefit from powerful solutions, driven by mobile big data analytics, with our brand new digital toolkit.

Digital Declaration Overview


Wednesday 20 Feb 2019 | Digital Declaration |

The Digital Declaration is a set of aspirational principles to guide activity in the digital age. Download to learn more.

Utilising real-time mobile analytics to inform emergency disaster response in Turkey


Thursday 14 Feb 2019 | #BetterFuture |

Due to its location, and geological structure, Turkey is particularly vulnerable to natural disasters. More than 95% of the country lies on one of the most active earthquake and landslide regions in the world. To help support the ...

Responding quickly to natural disasters in Japan


Monday 4 Feb 2019 |

Japan is especially prone to experiencing natural disasters due to its location. It is located within the Pacific Ocean's ring of fire; an area which sees more earthquakes and natural disasters than anywhere else in the world. To ...

The Journey to Responsible and Sustainable Leadership – A Guide to Operating Responsibly


Monday 14 Jan 2019 | Sustainable and Responsible Leadership |

The Guide to Operating Responsibly supports the GSMA’s goal to advance responsible business models across the mobile communications industry. The guide, following on from

Mobile Privacy and Big Data Analytics: Big Data for Social Good Considerations


Thursday 29 Nov 2018 |

Unlocking the huge potential of big data analytics in a way that respects privacy principles and fosters an environment of trust. Key data privacy principles addressing subjects such as personal data, accountability, and security ...

The GSMA Sustainability Assessment Framework


Thursday 8 Nov 2018 | Sustainable and Responsible Leadership |

The GSMA has developed a Sustainability Assessment Framework (“Framework”) to better understand the landscape of operator efforts in social and environmental sustainability. The Framework, designed in collaboration with Yale ...

2018 Impact Report 2 pager


Monday 5 Nov 2018 |

Building communities resilient to climate extremes


Monday 22 Oct 2018 |

Extreme climate variability is triggering devastating long-term consequences for people, contributing to forced migration. Mobile Big Data is uniquely placed to provide visibility on mobility patterns. Telefónica, in partnership ...

Sustainable Business Models Report


Monday 22 Oct 2018 |

When anonymised and analysed, mobile ‘big data’ can provide valuable and actionable insights, and add value when addressing environment, social and governance (ESG) challenges. Long term sustainable solutions are being pursued and ...

2018 Mobile Industry Impact Report


Sunday 30 Sep 2018 |

Mobile connectivity continues to transform the lives of billions. More than two-thirds of the global population are now connected to mobile, making it one of the most farreaching technologies worldwide. For many, mobile is the primary ...

Big Data for Social Good


Monday 24 Sep 2018 |

Big Data for Social Good - UNGA 2018

Airtel case study: Harnessing mobile Big Data to identify tuberculosis hotspots in India


Friday 21 Sep 2018 |

Bharti Airtel and the GSMA partnered with Be He@lthy, Be Mobile; an initiative born out of the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) to leverage mobile network insights to fight ...

Data privacy and security


Friday 21 Sep 2018 |

The GSMA and its members believe that data privacy and security are fundamental to building consumer trust in mobile services. Protecting privacy is also a key consideration in the context of big data. Our Big Data for Social Good ...

Telefónica Case Study: Predicting air pollution levels 24 to 48 hours in advance in São Paulo, Brazil


Wednesday 6 Jun 2018 |

Telefónica Brazil (Vivo) is working with the municipalities of São Paulo to harness mobile network data to help combat the adverse health impact of air pollution. Developed by the LUCA team, Telefónica’s algorithms use machine learning ...

Creating a #BetterFuture: How the mobile industry is building better businesses


Monday 4 Jun 2018 | #BetterFuture |

At Mobile World Congress 2018, mobile industry leaders came together to share our vision with the world. This video highlights the importance of sustainability and responsible leadership in successful business practices through the ...

Creating a #BetterFuture: The 360 Video Dome Experience


Friday 20 Apr 2018 | #BetterFuture | #CaseForChange |

For the first time, the GSMA introduced the #BetterFuture Dome: an immersive 360 video experience at Mobile World Congress.