Achieving Climate Targets – Climate target set? Check…. Now what do we do?

Wednesday 28 Jun 2023 | Climate Action |

This engaging session delved into strategies and actionable steps for mobile network operators to achieve their net zero targets. In 2020, the GSMA and Carbon Trust published a guide called ‘Setting Climate Targets’, which explained step-by-step how to align carbon targets with the new ICT sector pathway to net zero. 

Since then, the mobile industry has seen a significant increase in operators setting net zero targets. There are now 62 with targets (up from 50 in 2022), accounting for 63% of global mobile network industry revenue and 49% by connections. 

Reuniting with the Carbon Trust, the GSMA has developed a follow-up guide called ‘Achieving Climate Targets‘. This invaluable resource offers practical, step-by-step instructions specifically tailored to the mobile industry on how to reduce carbon emissions, drawn from best practices across the industry.  

This session, was a journey of exploration, uncovering key insights and unlocking the true potential of decarbonisation endeavours. With speakers including:

  • Peter S. Andersen, Senior Director, Head of Sustainability, TDC NET
  • Cyril Pourrat, Chief Procurement Officer, BT Sourced
  • Andrea McCormick, Group Environment Lead, Vodafone
  • Charlotte Kirkman, Consultant, Carbon Trust
  • Matt Anderson, Senior Consultant, Carbon Trust
  • Laura Tedeschi , Business Development Manager and ICT Sector Lead, Carbon Trust
  • Steven Moore, Head of Climate, GSMA

The session covered: 

  • Reducing Emissions at Every Level: Effective Strategies for Scope 1, 2, & 3 
  • Integrating Climate Consciousness: Embedding a Robust Climate Strategy into Your Business DNA 
  • Powering the Future: Maximising the Benefits of the Transition to Renewable Energy 
  • Supplier Engagement Excellence: Unveiling Best Practices to Drive Sustainable Partnerships

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain a competitive edge in the ever-evolving landscape of mobile networks, by equipping yourself with the right tools and knowledge. 

Watch the video now and be part of the mobile industry’s transformational journey towards a greener, more sustainable world. 

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