Policymakers & Regulators

The GSMA has worked with companies across the industry to produce a comprehensive series of resources for policymakers and regulators to show how the mobile industry is transitioning to net zero and what role they can play.

Policy framework for climate action

GSMA Climate Policy Positions

This policy paper sets out what the mobile industry is doing on climate action and what we are calling on governments to do to a reach net zero carbon economy.

Mobile industry progress on climate action

Mobile Net Zero: State of the Industry on Climate Action 2023

This annual state of the industry report on how the mobile sector is doing against its net zero target highlights progress, best practices and areas for improvement.

Digital transformation to reduce emissions

The Enablement Effect

The mobile industry is committed to reducing its emissions however, its greatest contribution to climate action is reducing the emissions of wider industries through smart connected technologies and behaviour change.

Greening networks with renewable electricity

Renewable Electricity

Mobile network operators are already switching to renewable electricity and improving access to clean energy markets will support them in reaching their carbon reduction targets.

Free training for policymakers and regulators

Capacity Building

Policymakers and regulators play a crucial role in shaping how the mobile industry responds to key issues such as climate. The GSMA is supporting them in this role with free training courses.