Energy Challenges for Mobile Networks in Sub-Saharan Africa

Friday 13 Oct 2023 | Climate Action |

Energy Challenges for Mobile Networks in Sub-Saharan Africa image

Mobile networks need dependable and affordable energy to connect people and businesses across Sub-Saharan Africa. Reliable mobile connectivity is increasingly fundamental to many sectors and services, including other critical infrastructure and services. Mobile connectivity is especially critical given Africa’s very low fixed broadband penetration of less than 1%. Disruptions in energy and connectivity have widespread impacts on people and the economy. This paper analyses the challenges the region faces as well as the opportunities posed by a clean energy transition.

Addressing the energy challenges and progressing the transition will require action from a range of key stakeholders. The paper looks at policies and investment decisions that will expand utility-scale renewables and extend electricity networks.

It also highlights recent progress and successful examples by highlighting how deeper public-private engagement can accelerate clean energy access across Sub-Saharan Africa.