Journey across our globe with Connectivity for Good

Come travel the world as we take you on five interactive journeys depicting digital transformation across the globe. From a journey revealing our progress on digital inclusion to the industry’s advances on climate action and sustainability, how spectrum allocation is enabling the race to net zero, the development of GSMA Innovation Fund, to the latest case studies showcasing responsible AI led by GSMA members.

Join us at the Future Space at the GSMA Pavilion, Hall 4, Stand 4F30, to interact with our globe for informative case studies, videos, and infographics.

Journey One – Climate and Sustainability

Climate change is one of the greatest threats humanity has ever faced, and the mobile industry has a big part to play in fighting this global crisis. The GSMA is working with companies across the mobile sector, international organisations and governments globally to support the mobile industry’s ambition to be net zero by 2050.          

The GSMA supports the mobile industry’s commitment to addressing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), an initiative that aims to eradicate poverty, protect the planet, and ensure the prosperity of humanity as part of the 2030 sustainable development agenda.

Take a journey to see how we are addressing climate change and the work our industry is doing to create a better more sustainable future by tapping the globe and scrolling through the countries to see progress.

Journey Two – Spectrum

Spectrum policy has the potential to help tackle many of today’s challenges, including climate change and digital equality. Efficient use of spectrum can lead to a reduction in carbon emissions while simultaneously generating economic benefits to society.

Tap on the globe’s hotspots to see how the allocation of spectrum is enabling the race towards net zero.

Journey Three – AI for Impact Initiative

By using AI to optimise and automate networks, mobile operators can provide better services, encourage more people to become connected, and help governments and public agencies address global challenges such as climate change and pollution, better healthcare and transport, and sustainable development.

Tap the globe’s hotspots to see which countries are pushing forward and taking the lead on ethical AI.

Journey Four – GSMA Innovation Fund

Accelerating digital tech solutions to address key global challenges

Start-ups and SMEs in LMICs have the potential to reduce inequalities by scaling innovative digital solutions but lack capital, as they are often considered too risky for commercial investors. They face unique barriers to reaching scale, commercial sustainability, and female inclusion.

Through grant funding and tailored technical assistance, the GSMA Innovation Fund positions innovators in low- and middle-income countries to scale operations and amplify social and environmental impact.

As of December 2023, the GSMA Innovation Fund has supported 100+ organisations that went on to attract over £650 million in additional investments and provide life-enhancing solutions to 47 million people.

Explore the globe and tap on the countries to learn how we are accelerating digital tech solutions to reduce inequalities.

Journey Five – Driving Digital Inclusion

Mobile internet is connecting more people to the internet than ever before. By the end of 2022, the number of people using mobile internet increased to 4.6 billion people (57% of the global population). However, the growth rate at which people are adopting mobile internet has slowed in the last year, and significant digital divides persist.

Despite the benefits of connectivity, 38% of the global population are living within mobile broadband coverage but are not using it. This is known as the usage gap and equates to 3 billion people worldwide.

Tap the hotspots to learn about the latest mobile connectivity statistics in each region and explore the transformational power of mobile internet around the world.