The mobile industry connects billions of individuals around the world, providing access to essential communications and a vast array of services that improve lives on a daily basis. Committed to accelerating the achievement of the UN SDGs, and with 10 years to 2030 deadline, public and private sectors are accelerating delivery through proactive collaboration to address the monumental issues facing our world – poverty, climate change, conflict, inequality and many others.

Partnering with local governments, leading mobile operators are joining forces as an industry to provide solutions to social problems, ensuring the transformative benefits of mobile technology are delivered in a safe and reliable environment.

Fostering innovation and working with multiple organisations, including UN agencies and 20 operators from across the globe, Big Data for Social Good is partnership in action, delivering solutions for health, climate and disaster response.

Mobile for Development initiatives enable significant positive change in communities across the world through partnerships between the mobile industry, tech innovators, governments and the development sector. At a leadership level, redefining the shape of sustainable business, the GSMA is working with leaders such as The B Team. On the ground, delivering solutions with wider partnerships such as EQUALs, a GSMA and ITU led initiative to bridge the digital gender divide.

Together, across the private and public sectors, we must work now to preserve our planet and ensure a peaceful and prosperous future for all citizens.