Mobile Industry position paper: Access to renewable energy

Friday 11 Nov 2022 | Climate Action |

Mobile Industry position paper: Access to renewable energy image

Since the 2015 Paris Agreement, commitments and targets by countries and companies to rapidly decarbonise their emissions in line with a 1.5C warming scenario and ultimately reach net zero emissions have accelerated. In 2019 the mobile industry announced its ambition to be net zero by 2050 and in 2020 agreed a science-based net zero pathway for the sector.

To reach the decarbonisation reductions required by 2030, access to renewable electricity through national grids is essential for operators. This paper includes new renewable electricity analysis which shows a concerted effort is needed to increase renewable electricity supply to electricity grids over the next decade. It also outlines the key challenges faced by the mobile sector preventing access to renewable electricity in market, and the key asks and recommendations for policymakers that can help to overcome the challenges.