Smart Energy Systems: Connectivity for a zero‑emissions future

Monday 15 Feb 2021 | Climate Action |

Smart Energy Systems: Connectivity for a zero‑emissions future image

Climate change has become the defining issue of our generation. For global warming to be kept below irreversible levels beyond 1.5°C, net global emissions will have to halve by 2030, before reaching zero by 2050. Innovative approaches to manage supply and demand are needed to accelerate the transition from an energy system 84% dependent on fossil fuels, to one that runs on renewable power. Interconnectivity between all elements is vital to achieve a Smart Energy System (SES).

The mobile sector will be essential to providing the backbone infrastructure for this. Using wireless connectivity, a broad network of diverse devices can be aggregated that both produce and consume energy. Harnessing the power of AI-based cloud computing, we can create platforms that control and optimise the use and storage of renewable energy resources and retire fossil fuels from the existing energy mix.

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