Transparency & Inclusivity

In an age of unprecedented technological disruption, consumer trust in businesses is under severe scrutiny.

The past two decades have seen a downward trajectory in the level of confidence consumers have in societal institutions; reluctant to part with personal data and sceptical of the degree of transparency promised. The 2019 Edelman Trust Barometer found consumer trust in business has plummeted as low at 56%.

The mobile industry is at the heart of many of the technological innovations already shaping tomorrow’s digital society, including 5G, Big Data and Internet of Things. Empowering and inspiring business leaders to shape the private sector’s commitment to responsible leadership is rooted in fortifying consumer trust.

A transparent digital society provides fertile ground for continued innovation across all sectors and throughout the global economy, bolstered by strong values and principles, including the Digital Declaration, AI Ethics Principles, Big Data for Social Good code of conduct and the solutions to fraud and security.