Sunday August 12, 2018

Securing the digital dividend across the entire ASEAN

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In the ASEAN region significant work remains to be done to secure the benefits of the ‘digital dividend’ in the 700 MHz band. But improved rural and indoor coverage, increased wireless broadband speeds and more efficient IoT deployments means it is worth the effort.

The “Securing the digital dividend across the entire ASEAN” report finds that there are three key factors which are holding back the availability and allocation of 700 MHz to IMT services in ASEAN. They are delays in the DSO; cross-border co-ordination issues; and how the 700 MHz band, once it is available, should be allocated.

The report argues that these three factors can be addressed by:

1. Understanding the cost savings and societal and economic benefits from deploying APT700 services;

2. Resolving cross-border co-ordination issues to minimise harmful interference; and

3. ASEAN regulators commencing consultations in their markets about how the 700 MHz spectrum band should be optimally allocated.

The report is written by Windsor Place Consulting in collaboration with the GSMA.

It also looks at how potential cross-border interference issues can be overcome.

Additionally, the report highlights the benefits using case studies of successful APT700 implementations in the Philippines and in Australia. For example, 700 MHz deployments in the Philippines equalled significant improvements in LTE service experience for customers with compatible devices.

To sum up, it proposes a six-step plan to secure the digital dividend across the entire ASEAN region.

The full report is available here. There is also a summary; it is available here.

Also, this is the second report from the GSMA that cover ASEAN digital dividend issues. It is available here.

Here are the presentations from the GSMA’s workshop on this topic

1. The GSMA – Implementing the 700 MHz digital dividend for 4G across is available here

2. Windsor Place Consulting – Securing the Digital dividend across the entire ASEAN: A report is available here

3. National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) – Thailand 700 MHz implementation: Opportunities & Challenges is available here

4. Qualcomm – Introduction is available here

5. Axiata – Positive benefits of timely release of 700MHz for Mobile Broadband is available here

6. ITU Radiocommunication Bureau – Support for DSO cross-border management with focus on Central America and Caribbean is available here

7. Huawei – Implementing mobile broadband with the 700 MHz Digital Dividend is available here

8. TV Digitalization in Vietnam: Current status is available here

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