GenAI initiatives are just what the mobile industry needs to set pace for enterprise solutions

Following its remarkable breakthrough in 2023, there’s no denying the profound impact generative AI has had on both individuals and enterprises. According to McKinsey in their 2023 survey, one third of respondents said their organisation uses GenAI in at least one function, and 40% said their organisations will increase investment in AI overall because of advances in generative AI.

In this context, the pivotal question for the mobile industry is: how can we use GenAI to maximum effect? A crucial part of the solution lies in the industry’s use of generative AI platforms alongside network infrastructure, such as 5G private networks, network slicing and edge computing. Already, these technologies are enhancing decision-making and resource allocation by enabling the processing of vast data volumes on the fly. However, the incorporation of generative AI holds the potential to significantly augment the development of highly efficient and tailored connected solutions across virtually every sector.

This the motivation behind the GSMA Foundry & IBM AI Challenge. The initiative aims to support the adoption and skills of generative AI in the telecoms industry, including a new opportunity which provides GSMA members with access to IBM’s This platform is intended to help the GSMA members develop innovative industry-specific use cases of gen AI, enabling the industry to improve cost leadership, revenue growth and customer experience.

This initiative is among the industry’s various endeavours to narrow the AI Adoption Gap. Another significant effort is the GSMA’s Advanced generative AI training, introduced in tandem with the AI Challenge. This educational program, accessible in various major markets and languages, offers strategic AI training to key decision-makers. Its purpose is to equip industry leadership with a comprehensive understanding of AI’s fundamental business and organisational impact, opportunities, and ethical, legal, and regulatory considerations.

As the competition to integrate AI into services heats up, the timing of industry initiatives like these couldn’t be better. Enterprises are under increasing pressure to showcase innovative AI-driven solutions. However, it’s crucial for them to thoroughly understand these investments and resist the urge to rush deployments. As Stephen Rose, IBM’s Global Telco and Distribution Industries representative, highlighted at the GSMA Foundry Innovation Panel during MWC Barcelona 2024, success often hinges on more than just having a great idea. It’s about the willingness to put the effort into networking that idea throughout the organisation and articulating its precise value. In the ever-changing AI landscape, this nuanced and considerate approach to leadership can make all the difference in bringing innovative ideas to fruition.

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