GMSA Foundry helps drone orchestration and security startup become industry leader

For as long as there are cyber breaches, security will remain at the very heart of priorities for the mobile industry. This was the overwhelming message at the GSMA Mobile 360 Series event in London earlier this month, which engaged a variety of organizations from across the market. As we shift further into the 5G era, the wider industry can be reassured that key players are increasingly consolidating around a variety of processes, regulations, and best practices – like the GSMA IoT Security Guidelines, for example. But as we become more reliant on the autonomous operations that 5G brings, there’s also a need for industry to play a role in supporting conventional physical security, as well as cyber.

This was the point Jorge Muñoz, VP Business and Marketing for Unmanned Life, sought to underscore at the conclusion of the Mobile 360’s session on the security dynamics of the IoT ecosystem. With the IoT becoming increasingly specialised, companies of all kinds are turning to outside experts to bolt-on value added IoT services so they can concentrate solely on their core competency. This is no less true of the autonomous mobile robotics market, which is forecast to grow from $2 billion in 2023, to $9 billion in 2032. Whether it’s delivery bots, surveillance drones or factory machinery, there is a huge opportunity for enterprises to make use of this kind of autonomous technology to transform their daily operations.

Platforms such as Unmanned Life can streamline the process of connecting autonomous robotic devices to networks, business analytics systems and sensors – all of which are typically resource intensive to harmonise. According to Jorge Muñoz, organizations that specifically want to improve their security credentials can do so via the newly released Unmanned Life product, U-Security. This groundbreaking drone-in-a-box surveillance solution represents the latest offering from Unmanned Life and boasts fully autonomous drone capabilities, whilst seamlessly integrating into a wide range of systems and on-site network configurations. Its adaptability and versatility make it well-suited for deployment in various settings and geographic locations.

Unlike other drone-based solutions, U-Security is purpose-built for Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) security applications through its network-first approach. By enabling network connectivity onto the drone, itself, there is no limitation of range that usually exists between controller and drone. Combined with cutting-edge features such as fleet orchestration and proprietary AI, the system can help to detect and report irregularities or intrusions effectively, in real-time, and working all hours of the day and night.

By channeling innovative technologies, businesses can enjoy peace of mind and certainty in safeguarding their assets and operations. U-Security intelligently prioritizes areas for attention, reducing unnecessary patrols and focusing on higher threat potential zones, resulting in a substantial increase in return on investment (ROI). Unmanned Life is already working on the second release of the product, which will include integrations with more hardware and enhanced AI analytics for the drone camera, further enhancing its capabilities.

Unmanned Life, which is backed – and invested in – by key industry players such as Telefónica and Telus, is one of many innovators supported by the GSMA Foundry. The Foundry’s purpose is to help the industry address common challenges by fostering collaboration, helping to set-up trials and eventually help scale market-ready solutions. Having been supported by the Foundry for the last three years, Unmanned Life has launched commercial solutions in seven countries across three continents. Following its involvement in the GSMA Foundry, Unmanned Life has been shortlisted for – and won – a number of awards for the variety of applications it enables, such as its role in humanitarian rescue.

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