IG.15 v1.0 Best Practices for 5G App Developers

The purpose of this document is to provide concise and specific tips to developers building latency sensitive applications for emerging 5G Networks. This document tries to provide guidance to get around some of the pitfalls that developers may encounter. The main target audience for this document is application developers, but also may be useful for Mobile Network Operators and Device Manufacturers.

The Best Practices that follow are not simply ‘academic’. These guidelines were derived by GSMA member operators based on detailed interviews* with actual developers. These early-phase developers described successes and challenges they faced and what they ‘wished they had known’ at the outset of their project. The GSMA is making this living document available to developers in order to remove barriers to development and accelerate the growth of a new generation of applications that take advantage of emerging 5G and Edge Compute capabilities.


Francesco Ferrazzino, Founder and CEO, Proxy42

Julian McCrea,  Co-Founder , OpenSesame

Paul Martin, Founder and CEO, TagSpace

Tim Friedland, Co-founder and CEO, ForwARdGame

IG.15 v1.0 Best Practices for 5G App Developers (Word Version)

IG.15 v1.0 Best Practices for 5G App Developers (PDF Version)

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