Representing mobile operators worldwide and companies from the broader mobile ecosystem, the GSMA exists to identify and create opportunities for future growth for our members.

Working Groups and Projects· Influence the discussions and decisions

Many GSMA-run working groups, projects and programmes, which help drive the broader mobile industry’s direction, are open to associate members with relevant expertise.  These forums enable members to work together in a structured and efficient way towards a common goal.

Attend the CEO-level Leadership Summit

Members are entitled to a place at the GSMA’s Leadership Summit which takes place at the GSMA Mobile World Congress each year. The CEOs of all of the GSMA’s mobile operator members and  associate member organisations are invited to the Leadership Summit.

Participate in Regional Interest Groups

Members can attend GSMA Regional Interest Group meetings (North America, Latam and Asia-Pac) to discuss, develop and co-ordinate responses to regional issues of common concern, as well as to network with senior representatives from mobile operator and vendors in that region.

Delve into the Member Database – Infocentre2

Members have access to the GSMA extranet, InfoCentre2. This rich database includes a directory of 18,500 mobile operator and vendor contacts (Note that 1:1 contact is allowed, but blanket emailing of contacts is not allowed).  InfoCentre2 also provides access to both current and historic programme and project documentation.

Take Advantage of Marketing Opportunities

Member Press Releases and Member White Papers can be published on this website which sees more than 5.2 million page views per month. Members’ press releases can also be included in the GSMA’s monthly membership newsletter.

Discounts on World-Leading Events

Members are entitled to a 3% discount on exhibition space at the GSMA Mobile World Congress – the world’s leading mobile industry event, attended by approximately 60,000 people. Members also receive a 30% discount on delegate passes for GSMA events.

Discounts on GSMA Intelligence

Members also receive a discount on the services provided by GSMA Intelligence, the definitive source of mobile operator data, analysis and forecasts – the most accurate and complete set of industry metrics available.

Who is eligible?

Associate membership can be held by a corporate group or by an independent legal entity of a corporate group but not an individual. Please note that whether associate membership is held by an independent legal entity of a corporate group or by the whole corporate group, GSM Association information must be limited to direct employees only.

There are four categories of Associate Membership, as listed below (please see the Eligibility for Associate Membership, for futher information):


  • International Transit Carriers
  • GRX Carriers
  • Signalling Providers


  • Billing System Suppliers
  • Infrastructure and Enablement Suppliers
  • Mobile Terminal and Component Suppliers
  • Security Systems Suppliers
  • SIM/UICC Suppliers
  • Simulator and Test Platform Suppliers
  • Application Developers and Providers
  • Mobile Media and Entertainment Providers
  • Mobile Money Application and Service Providers
  • Green Power Solutions Providers
  • GSM Standards Supporter
  • Mobile Advertising and Marketing
  • Transport Device and Service Providers
  • Utilities Device and Service Providers
  • mHealth Device and Service Providers

Clearing Houses

  • Data Clearing Houses
  • Financial Clearing Houses

Open Connectivity Solution Providers

  • SMS Hub Providers
  • Roaming Hub Providers
  • Global Roaming Quality (GRQ) Monitoring Providers

Please see the Membership Fees.


November 24, 2017


Since 2009, Roamability has offered this vision, in the form of a comprehensive, high-quality, global roaming solution, to MNOs / MVNOs of all sizes with core network infrastructure. Through its pre-negotiated contracts, the company partners with high-profile operators and sponsors covering more than 700 networks and 195+ countries. Leveraging this global network, Roamability in-turn enables operators – regardless of their size – the ability to provide competitive global roaming packages to their customers. With the combination of advanced technology and low rates, Roamability is the perfect solution for your roaming needs. So get your customers roaming with Roamability.


November 24, 2017


Founded by veteran telecommunications and satellite industry executives with decades of experience, Omnispace provides a novel global hybrid communications platform.

Our mission is to help connect people, businesses, and communities worldwide through new communications technologies and an innovative system that will impact billions of lives.

Expeto Wireless

November 22, 2017


Expeto offers an enterprise level platform that securely connects LTE devices with the ability to partition the entire LTE core network enabling/providing private, secure and controllable deployment for mission critical Enterprise applications and IoT. The solution offers a management platform which offers:
– Complete control of the wireless network (Intranet of Things)
– Ability to create multiple LTE subnets (“darknet”)
– Hybrid deployment model between private & public cloud
– Single pane of glass for private and MNO data network deployments (Enterprise home network)
– Truly global deployment model with centralized command & control


November 22, 2017


Aexonis was founded to take complexity out of deploying the internet of things (IoT) and deliver increased network intelligence. The Company’s mission is to enable a broader set of IoT mediation, management and data security while providing a new open architecture for devices, access technologies, and applications to internetwork with each other and deliver the next level of IoT intelligence. CemTore, the company’s flagship offering is an open, virtualized mediation and management software suite designed to enable disparate RF technologies, applications, and devices to work together as a team. CemTore has unmatched scalability and can manage millions of devices and IoT edge services. It’s comprehensive, easy to use multi-threaded management systems reduces network complexity, and is proven to adhere to the strictest data security and regulatory requirements.

NumberAI, Inc.

November 21, 2017


NumberAI brings AI to the business phone to help small businesses deal with existing voice communication and with the coming explosion of messaging. Numa, our AI-powered concierge, automatically learns about the business by scraping the web. NumberAI text-enables the business’ fixed line number and responds automatically to incoming questions from customers over text, voicemail, or other channels. If Numa cannot answer, it asks an employee to answer the question and then learns the response for next time. NumberAI works with operators to modernize the business number. NumberAI is based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Quisk, Inc.

November 21, 2017


Quisk is an inclusive digital payment ecosystem for operators, bank partners, banks, and other institutions authorized to issue mobile payment accounts.


A multi-issuer, multi-acquirer solution featuring interoperability unlike anything else in the world today, the Quisk cloud platform connects to any funding channel or agent network, any acquirer’s POS terminals or mobile POS software, and any settlement bank or institution providing settlement services in any given jurisdiction.


Based in Silicon Valley with offices and operations in India, the Middle East, and the Caribbean, Quisk delivers a payments system that works across all types of mobile devices and delivers the widest possible range of transaction types, including bill pay, remittances, eCommerce and mCommerce functionality and more.


Reach out to us online at or @GetQuisk to find out more or schedule a demo.

Telxius Cable España, S.L.

November 17, 2017


Telxius, created in 2016, is the global telecommunications infrastructure company of the Telefónica Group. It is aimed at capturing the exponential increase in data traffic expected in the coming years. With nearly 16,000 telecommunications towers in five countries, Telxius has one of the most extensive tower catalogues in the market among independent infrastructure companies, making it the market leader in Spain and Germany and one of the main suppliers in the tower sector in Brazil, Chile and Peru. Telxius manages a 65,000-kilometer international network of high capacity fiber optic submarine cables, of which around 31,000 kilometers have been built by Telxius. The Telxius-owned network includes, among other cables, SAM-1 (the submarine cable system connecting the United States with Central America and South America since 2000), PCCS (connecting the US, Puerto Rico, Curaçao, Colombia, Panama and Ecuador) and Unisur (connecting Uruguay and Argentina). BRUSA, the 11,000-kilometers-long cable connecting Brazil, Puerto Rico and the US, as well as MAREA, a cable which will link the United States and Europe, in partnership with Microsoft and Facebook, will both be operational in 2018.

Bandwidth, Inc.

November 17, 2017


Bandwidth’s APIs are shaping the future of how we connect—all with embedded voice and text for mobile apps and large-scale enterprise solutions. Bandwidth’s APIs provide easy access to phone number provisioning, voice calling, messaging, and emergency services access, all built on Bandwidth’s own all-IP nationwide network.

NewPace Communications

November 2, 2017


NewPace, delivers Rich Communication Service products for Mobile Network Operators. Having developed large‐scale VoIP products and implemented global Instant Messaging products, the NewPace team has substantial experience in telecommunications development and operations. The organisation services a wide variety of global clients with significant expertise in delivering robust, high availability and scalable telecom solutions.

NetClean Technologies

November 2, 2017


We develop the world’s leading solutions to fight child sexual abuse material. We save children from ongoing abuse and identify future perpetrators.

We collaborate with the foremost research institutes and universities, as well as leading international technology companies, including Microsoft and McAfee. We also partner with non-profit organisations, such as the World Childhood Foundation, Ecpat and the Internet Watch Foundation in protecting children’s welfare.

Together we share the same goal: to make a difference.

Micro Ocean Technologies

November 2, 2017


Micro Ocean Technologies Sdn Bhd (Mocean) was formed by a team of professionals with extensive technical knowledge and experience in the telecommunications industry. Our core expertise is in Mobile Messaging Solutions and Technologies.

Our Vision is to empower Telecommunications Service Providers with Mobile Messaging solutions to enable them in achieving 3 key objectives:

  • Generate new revenue streams
  • Enhance and assure existing revenues
  • Provide innovative services to create subscriber stickiness

With our Vision in mind, Mocean have developed a wide range of products in our Mobile Messaging Solution suite that enables Service Providers to do just that. With our expertise and familiarity in SS7 technology and protocols, especially in Mobile Application Part (MAP) and Transaction Capability Application Part (TCAP), we have created a robust yet flexible Mocean Messaging Platform which enables Mocean to cater for any requirements easily.

Mocean was also awarded the prestigious status of Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) company in 2004 by the Malaysian government in recognition of the company’s R&D activities in the ICT industry.

At Mocean, we believe in working as a long term Technical Partner to our customers and provide our know-how to enable our customers in growing their business. Contact us now or view our suite of Solutions & Services to see how Mocean Mobile Solution Suite can work for you today.


November 2, 2017


MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group is Europe’s leading consumer electronics retailer and provider of related services. Our integrated online and fixed-location offerings reach millions of customers every day.Our portfolio of brands and offerings enables us to respond flexibly to the needs of different customer groups and different countries. The company includes the brands MediaMarkt and Saturn, which comprehensively network their more than 1,000 fixed-location stores with online sales platforms.


November 2, 2017


CEVA is the leading licensor of signal processing IP for a smarter, connected world.

We partner with semiconductor companies and OEMs worldwide to create power-efficient, intelligent and connected devices for a range of end markets, including mobile, consumer, automotive, industrial and IoT.

Our ultra-low-power IPs for vision, audio, communications and connectivity include comprehensive DSP-based platforms for LTE/LTE-A/5G baseband processing in handsets, infrastructure and machine-to-machine devices, advanced imaging, computer vision and deep learning for any camera-enabled device, audio/voice/speech and ultra-low power always-on/sensing applications for multiple IoT markets.

For connectivity, we offer the industry’s most widely adopted IPs for Bluetooth (Smart and Smart Ready), Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n/ac up to 4×4)and serial storage (SATA and SAS).

Aspect Software

November 2, 2017


Aspect’s contact center, self-service and workforce solutions work together to deliver better outcomes for those on either side of the conversation. Our approach makes the engagement technologies consumers prefer (text, chat and social) fundamental and harmonious to the overall customer experience. It also lets consumers do more for themselves through self-service solutions that address the preference for text as a simple and central entry point to the entire customer experience, which results in intelligent, two-way automated conversations powered by natural language understanding.

Telnyx LLC

October 27, 2017


Telnyx is the internet-enabled communications provider operating our own global network. As a licensed facilities-based carrier in the United States and Europe, we offer calling, messaging, and wireless functionality via API. We provide the communications infrastructure for managed technology firms and next-generation communication SaaS companies that require a bespoke, global, highly available service. Our wireless product extends that service to the Internet of Things through self-administered LTE connectivity, enabling IoT management and security applications to securely orchestrate devices around the world without their data ever touching the public internet.


October 10, 2017


At Esendex, we are making business communication better. Thousands of businesses around the world rely on us for their business communication – from retailers and financial institutions to government bodies and education providers. With direct network connections and a large team of in-house engineers to continually develop our messaging technology, we’re able to provide the best business communication solutions on the market.

Viber Media S.a.r.l

September 28, 2017


At Viber, we connect people, no matter who they are or where they are from.


Over 900 million users worldwide get access to a range of features like one-on-one chats, video calls, group messaging, and updates and discussions with their favorite brands. We ensure our users have a secure and free environment to share their emotions.


Viber is part of the Rakuten Group, a world leader in e-commerce and financial services. Join Viber today and enjoy the world’s best communication experience.


September 25, 2017


XConnect is a neutral and trusted global phone number intelligence and interconnect hub that supports over 250 organisations worldwide, including messaging and application providers, tier 1 carriers and network operators. XConnect works closely with many of the telecoms industry’s best known organisations and industry bodies to deliver unbeatable global coverage.

Stream Technologies Limited

September 11, 2017


Stream Technologies are innovators in IoT connectivity and network enablement. Stream’s customers include OEM and Enterprise clients, governments, MNOs (Mobile Network Operator) and MVNOs (Mobile Virtual Network Operator), as well as smart city operators and solution providers.

IoT-X is Stream’s class-leading Connectivity Management Platform (CMP). Use IoT-X to manage cellular, satellite and LPWA (including LoRa) connectivity. Fully integrated with Oberthur’s M-Connect eUICC platform and also including LoRaWAN network server and LoRa subscription management capability, IoT-X is the world’s most agile CMP.

As an MVNO for IoT, Stream provides global cellular/GSM connectivity options.

Webbing Hong Kong Limited

September 7, 2017


Webbing is a global data MVNO that delivers enterprise grade, international roaming services across 215 countries, offering superior network coverage across 500+ wireless carriers by dynamically selecting the provider with the best signal strength, through our advanced Multi-IMSI SIM platform.

01Tech Limited

September 5, 2017


01telecom, a group of companies specialized in high quality SMS messaging services. We are a licensed VAS provider in several countries, with our own SMPP and SS7 capabilities and several direct connections with mobile operators In Africa and Middle East. We provide global SMS Messaging for B2B, B2C and P2P mobile interaction, and 2-way SMS Services. 01telecom is also a provider of direct carrier billing. Our technologies are built to provide the highest payment conversion and are as easy and scalable as possible for developers to integrate.

ACI Worldwide

August 30, 2017


ACI Worldwide, the Universal Payments (UP) company, powers electronic payments for more than 5,100 organizations around the world. More than 1,000 of the largest financial institutions and intermediaries, as well as thousands of global merchants, rely on ACI to execute $14 trillion each day in payments and securities. In addition, myriad organizations utilize our electronic bill presentment and payment services. Through our comprehensive suite of software solutions delivered on customers’ premises or through ACI’s private cloud, we provide real-time, immediate payments capabilities and enable the industry’s most complete omni-channel payments experience. To learn more about ACI, please visit

Acme Tel FZC

August 18, 2017


Acmetel is recognized in the International Voice Aggregation market as a top global voice carrier and leading provider of International SMS aggregation services. We aim at creating best offerings in telecom industry through innovation, which is why we have ventured into OTT Apps and Financial services.

Apart from over 250 international connections catering to Voice and Messaging arena, we are focused on providing state of the art communication services for Retail Voice industry, offering one of a kind white labeled smartphone app for International Voice & Top Up service, Online Balance Recharge, App 2 App Balance transfer & more.

With a diversified and every growing skilled workforce, we constantly strive to provide customers with the highest level of quality, reliability and scalability, enabling them to maximize their end-user value.

For more information, please visit:

Forest Interactive SDN.BHD.

August 18, 2017


Founded in 2006, the company provides mobile solutions such as phone credit billing, content platform, mobile ads and value added services to telco operators in 9 countries.

Flo Live Limited

August 15, 2017


We are a joint venture of leading companies in the mobile networks and big data analysis domains, that brings a new approach to the challenges facing the IoT industry. Introducing a unique and revolutionary approach to the IoT space, by combining the power of a dedicated core mobile network with sophisticated Big Data analytics that help customers deploy, manage and operate their IoT devices from all aspects, as well as monitor and protect this complex eco-system from internal and external threats.

Fon Wireless

August 10, 2017


Fon is the world’s leading carrier WiFi provider. Pioneers of residential WiFi sharing, we revolutionised carrier WiFi with our technology, creating a globally connected WiFi network. Today, we continue to innovate through two leading business areas. Fon Network aggregates residential and premium carrier WiFi footprints creating one coherent global WiFi network. We facilitate WiFi interconnection between carriers, provide access deals to interested parties, and enable seamless user roaming. Fon Solutions offers best-in-class WiFi products and services. Our cutting-edge management solutions enable service providers to configure, deliver and operate their own WiFi services. We can also help interested managed service providers and integrators to take advantage of the European Commission’s recently launched WiFi4EU initiative, which will deliver free WiFi connectivity in public spaces across Europe.

Fon´s global clients include British Telecom, the Deutsche Telekom Group, SFR, Proximus, KPN, Cosmote, MWEB, SoftBank, Telstra, and Vodafone. To learn more, visit

Myriad Group AG

July 7, 2017


Myriad Connect is a mobile technology specialist, empowering enterprises to deliver new mobile services to enhance customer engagements and improve service delivery, regardless of device or connection.

Myriad Connect’s solutions are deeply integrated within mobile networks, exposing capabilities and core network assets to enterprises, offering unparalleled reach, security and quality of service.

Mobile Services
Myriad Connect delivers cost effective, scalable mobile technology to the enterprise to enable mission-critical services and enhanced customer engagement over mobile, regardless of device or connection.

Authentication Security
Myriad Connect’s out of band authentication service provides industry-leading secure access, authorisation and authentication for financial services transactions and authorised access to any digital service or system, providing a more secure, cost effective, efficient and user friendly service.

Engagement & Insights
Myriad Connect helps enable the full potential of digital by empowering organisations with tools to access consumer insights and enhance customer engagement. Myriad Connect’s campaign, analytics and research tools help organisations understand and engage customers to drive acquisition, revenue generation and improved service delivery.

Twilio Sweden AB

July 7, 2017


Twilio Sweden previously know as Beepsend is a Tier-1 provider of Application to Person messaging.We provide enterprises access to global termination of messages at price and quality fitting their needs, accessing the service via a variety of interfaces (RESTful, HTTP(s), SMPP and Web).

We provide mobile operators a range of products to help them monetise their A2P business:

* Connectivity – we buy termination from operators

* SMS filter management – based on a filter by our partner Cellusys (Tier-1 provider in the field) or an existing filter, we provide a fully managed filter service including 24/7 operation and recurring proactive penetration tests. Without filters, traffic will enter the network via non-paid routes and SPAM can flourish.

* White label A2P – we provide our solution using the look and feel of an operator, so operators can offer A2P to their B2B customers with near zero time to market.

* A2P for mobile groups – we provide special solutions for operator groups, allowing them to capitalise on their shared strength.

* SMS strategy – we provide consultancy services and strategic guidance for operators in the area of international SMS.

We base this on 10+ years of experience in the area, a market leading SMS engine and market leading APIs.

Sky UK Limited

July 4, 2017


Sky is Europe’s leading entertainment company, serving 22 million customers across five countries: UK, Ireland, Germany, Austria and Italy. Since launching in 2008, Sky Broadband has grown organically to number 2 in the home broadband market attracting more than 6 million customers with its offer of better choice and value. Sky Mobile was launched in the spring of 2017 building on Sky’s success as the UK’s fastest-growing home communications business. Sky Mobile has been designed to reflect the way consumers use their phones today, focusing on choice, flexibility and offering great value.


June 26, 2017


Mtarget is an international Telecomunications Service Provider licenced in France (French L33-1 Licence). Our headquarters is located in labége, France with local presence in Spain, Ivory Coast, Mali, Cameroon, Senegal, Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, Togo, Benin, Burkina Faso, Madagascar and Vietnam.
With expertise in two principal activities; Bulk SMS Aggregation and VAS provision, we are directly connected to over 700 networks operators into 280 locations. Our technological knowhow enables us to design mobile communication solutions on all mobile support systems and mobile devices using SMS, MMS, Voice and Mobile Internet.

Roaming Audit

June 22, 2017


Roaming Audit ensures operators get all they can out of their roaming business by keeping the roaming configuration up to date. Revenue from roaming is lost every day because of the constantly changing configuration of roaming partners. Roaming Audit is a suite of tools enabling roaming teams to manage, audit and collaborate on all roaming related aspects. Roaming Audit maintains a database of IR21 details from both RAEX and Non-RAEX compliant operators. This data can then be used to compare against the active configuration in the network and report on any inconsistencies found. Roaming Audit validates the IMSI analysis, the various global title analyses along with IP Ranges in gateway nodes and firewalls. Roaming Audit is a non-intrusive web based service that any roaming team can use.

China-Hongkong Telecom Limited

June 19, 2017


The Company is a mobile virtual network operator (“MVNO”) which is principally engaged in the provision of mobile phone services. Its business mainly involves the trading of the airtime and data sourced from mobile network operators (“MNOs”) in and outside Hong Kong and subsequently sold the airtime and data through different channels and in various forms to users, dealers or MNOs. The Group’s mobile phone services include “One Card Multiple Number” service and Hong Kong local mobile phone services.

Hong Kong Ucloudlink Network Technology Limited

June 16, 2017


uCloudlink is the global leader in our proprietary CloudSIM mobile broadband products and solutions,, dedicated to make global mobility more accessible to all. Since its establishment by a group of ICT experts, uCloudlink has been exclusively focusing on its proprietary CloudSIM solution composed mainly of the GlocalMe mobile broadband terminals.

“GlocalMe” indicating “Connect Global, Pay Local”, is uCloudlink’s unique feature name of any of its mobile broadband terminals powered by the CloudSIM technology. E.g. GlocalMe portable Wi-Fi device, GlocalMe Smartphone, GlocalMe modem, etc.

Comodo Group

June 14, 2017


Comodo is a leading global provider of online security solutions. Authenticating and securing individuals, businesses, websites, e-Commerce and Content, and Securing and maintaining pcs and a wide range of internet connected devices.  Comodo’s advanced endpoint security extends beyond the usual protection against known malware to also protect against not yet known (unknown) malware, across a wide range of devices ensuring detection and protection against all forms of malware known and unknown, including ransomware. Currently Comodo secures more than 85 million desktops and over 700,000 businesses and has over 8000 global partners and affiliates.

Thin Film Electronics ASA

May 30, 2017


Thinfilm is a global leader in NFC mobile marketing and smart-packaging solutions using printed electronics technology. The Company creates printed tags, labels, and systems that include memory, sensors, displays, and wireless communication — all at a cost-per-function unmatched by conventional electronic technologies. Thinfilm offers end-to-end mobile marketing solutions that feature hardware, label/packaging integration services, and comprehensive cloud-based management, reporting and analytics. Collectively, these components deliver a powerful 1-to-1 digital marketing platform through which brands of all sizes can connect directly with consumers, all with the simple tap of a smartphone. The resulting disintermediation of search engines, online marketplaces, and social platforms empowers brands to control messaging, enhance consumer dialogue, build loyalty, increase engagement, and drive sales. Thinfilm’s roadmap integrates technology from a strong and growing ecosystem of partners to bring intelligence to everyday, disposable items. Its mission is to effectively extend the traditional boundaries of the Internet of Things to fuel the Internet of Everything. Thin Film Electronics ASA is a publicly listed company in Norway with global headquarters in Oslo, Norway; US headquarters in San Jose, California; and offices in Linköping, Sweden; San Francisco; London; and Shanghai. For more information, visit

Carnegie Technologies, LLC

May 26, 2017


At the core of everything Carnegie does is connectivity: finding smarter, faster and more efficient ways to connect people and the Internet of Things to and from all corners of the globe.  The Company’s flagship product is the Network Convergence Platform™, which, among other things, delivers bandwidth aggregation and gapless handover between all network types, including 4G, LTE, Wi-Fi, satellite and even future technologies. As the lines between networks blur and consumer demand for bandwidth continues to increase, the Network Convergence Platform helps mobile operators, application developers, content providers, automobile manufacturers, and more to fundamentally improve connectivity by eliminating dropped calls, reducing dead zones and even creating new products and services.   Founded in 2010, the Company is headquartered in Austin, Texas with offices and product development teams on four continents.  More information can be found at

Metaswitch Networks

May 25, 2017


Metaswitch is the world’s leading cloud native communications software company. The company develops commercial and open-source software solutions that are constructively disrupting the way that service providers build, scale, innovate and account for communication services. By working with Metaswitch, visionary service providers are realizing the full economic, operational and technology benefits of becoming cloud-based and software-centric. Metaswitch’s award-winning solutions are powering more than 1,000 service providers in today’s global, ultra-competitive and rapidly changing communications marketplace. For more information, please visit

Palindrome Technologies

May 25, 2017


Palindrome Technologies, an ISO17025 accredited Testing Laboratory, was founded in 2005 to help customers enhance the security, reliability and assurance of their telecommunication networks and products. Our customers span both government and commercial organizations including mobile network operators, product vendors, financial Institutions, pharmaceuticals, utilities, insurance companies among others. Palindrome specializes in evaluating the security and robustness of existing and emerging technologies (e.g., SDN/NFV, IoT , 5G, CRAN/DRAN) along with supporting remediation and security compliance efforts.  Our expertise and commitment to deliver effective solutions has led us to be recognized as a Trusted Partner for innovative and best-in-class security solutions and services.


Solutions Infini Technologies (India) Private Limited

May 25, 2017


Solutions Infini is a global leader in the Communications Platform as a Service segment of the Could Communications market with a strong footprint in the Asian markets. The company has been at the forefront of innovation in the Enterprise Mobile Messaging space. Founded in 2009, Solutions Infini has efficiently cruised and grown into a preferred messaging partner in the world. They have strong direct operator connections along with regional partner connections in most countries making them the most trusted provider in the region. Through their proprietary cloud platform, the organization today is well transmitting more than 2 billion SMS traffic a month. Their client list mainly includes large enterprises in the e-commerce, retail, banking & financial sector and the new age internet companies.


May 23, 2017


A Seattle-based SaaS company, Zipwhip is modernizing the texting medium by enabling texting on existing landline, VoIP, and toll free phone numbers. We pair direct network connectivity with easy out-of-the-box software, so businesses of any size can give customers the choice to “text or call” and handle two-way text conversations at scale. As wireless industry leaders, we’re committed to building high-throughput capacity while holding true to the distinct texting culture that consumers have grown to love and trust.

Polystar OSIX AB

May 15, 2017


Polystar enables Communications Service Providers to achieve excellence in CEM, Big Data Analytics, Service Assurance, Network Monitoring, Service Enablement and High Performance Testing. We help CSPs to simplify their CEM strategies and drive operational efficiency through real-time network analytics. Polystar’s real-time Network and Customer Insights uncover a goldmine of data, which yields indispensable analytics to CSPs. Polystar is recognised as one of the fastest-growing companies in Sweden. Since our foundation in Stockholm in 1983, we have experienced continuous and sustainable growth, and evolved to a global presence, serving our customers in over 50 countries. For more information please visit

MTech Limited

May 11, 2017


MTech Limited is an integrated communication solution provider with an emphasis on mobile. As Africa’s largest and most diverse mobile solutions provider, MTech Communications PLC servces the banking, insurance, government and corporate sectors in 16 countries across the region. Our dynamic solutions integrate seamlessly with your company’s ERP or through our comprehensive suite of web services. Headquartered in Nigeria, MTech employs over 150 people in 16 locations across Africa with major infrastructure hubs in Lagos and Nairobi, along with real-time data replication, built-in redundancy, and advanced disaster recovery mitigation both on site and in the cloud. Our robust and scalable system has the capacity to handle millions of transactions from traffic throughout East, West, Southern and Central Africa.


May 11, 2017


NedCard is a Dutch company which provides tailor made IC package solutions for SIM, eSIM and M2M applications. With more than 20 years’ experience in assembly & testing of packages for SmartCard and RFID applications in Banking, e-Government and Telecom applications, NedCard is considered a leading company in this field. Apart from the assembly & testing, NedCard has the capability to load personalized software into SIM/eSIM modules at high speed and within a highly secure IT infrastructure. NedCard’s factories, based in The Netherlands and Shanghai are common criteria EAL6 certified.

InterDigital, Inc

May 10, 2017


InterDigital develops fundamental wireless technologies that are at the core of mobile devices, networks, and services worldwide. Our advanced solutions support more efficient wireless networks, a richer multimedia experience, and new mobile broadband capabilities. As a long-standing contributor to the evolution of the wireless industry, we solve many of the industry’s most critical and complex technical challenges, years ahead of market deployment. InterDigital has licenses and partnerships with many of the world’s leading wireless companies.

Stetel Srl

May 9, 2017


The original idea that led to the creation of Stetel was to leverage the availability of new communication technologies to support the growth of people’s needs for communicating. In Stetel, we supported that need with a genuine focus on aligning the customer experience to new developing social contexts.

We also believe that the fast adoption of new communication technologies is an essential element that enables, supports and boosts the evolution of social life, and that the services implemented on those technologies should evolve at a fast pace.

That is and has been, the driver for our actions during the past 25 years. Today we can say that Stetel is still loyal to its first mission statement.


May 9, 2017


Bango is the standard platform chosen by leading global stores to deliver mobile payments to everyone. As the next billion consumers adopt their first smartphone and look for universal payment methods, Bango will be there to unlock the world of apps, video, music, games and other content that brings those smartphones to life.


Global stores plugging into the Bango Platform include Amazon, Google, Samsung and Microsoft. Bango also partners with leading payment providers around the world to drive new users and revenues through its industry-leading mobile payment solutions.

Top Connect

May 8, 2017


Top Connect is an alternative telecommunications service provider with headquarters in Estonia, which has been successfully working on the global telco market for more than 20 years. Top Connect has a vast experience in interconnect and GSM MVNO enabling projects which cover voice, messaging, data and M2M services, targeting corporate and retail customers in Europe and the rest of the world. Within the telco industry Top Connect is known as a reliable provider of standard seamless wireless and fixed telecommunication services in Baltics region and MVNO enabler. Currently the company works on enabling eSIM technology which will improve consumer’s connectivity and expand service coverage, keeping up current business model in line with the modern trends in telecoms industry.


Numbase Group Limited

May 5, 2017


Numbase Group holds 6 subsidiaries specialized in providing  turnkey mobile , VAS & managed services to mobile network operators.

Our solutions cover Microfinance, mobile music , Mega promotions & loyalty programs, Turnkey music solutions , content management and Aggregation services.

Our group is driven by innovation and our team constantly thriving to offer mobile networks and their subscribers with Added Value in both the product itself, and the way it’s delivered to customers.

Our services range from the design, development and implementation of high end solutions that generate substantial revenues and high customer satisfaction, to providing managed services and consultations to mobile carriers.

Numbase leads by Providing niche service and Exposing solid industry partnerships

Numbase group is an investor in, and active partner for Shazam entertainment, and the global exclusive affiliate of Shazam RBT service.

Our Presence:

  • UK – Rep Office
  • Greece
  • Russia
  • Lebanon
  • Malaysia
  • Kuwait
  • KSA
  • UAE
  • Nigeria
  • Iraq
  • DRC


May 3, 2017


Kika keyboard is the world largest input method, currently covering around 140 countries, supportive of more than 150 languages. Kika keyboard has accumulated approximately 280 million users, and 80 million MAU. It has been awarded the Top Developer in 2015 and Best of 2016 by Google. As of Mar 2017, Kika keyboard tops the ranking charts of productivity in more than 70 countries. At present, Kika has set up 8 offices respectively in Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Taipei, San Jose, London, Bangalore, Moscow, with more than 200 employees, 50% of whom are in R&D, 25% are designers, and 15% are foreigners. Kika started to collaborate with phone manufactures in 2016, and secured partnerships with major brands including Huawei, ZTE, Coolpad,etc. In order to build a more rich content platform, Kika established content partnerships with movie studios and clubs such as Disney, 21th century, Real Madrid, FC Porto, etc, introducing more and more famous IP content to the platform. In 2017, Kika entered into the field of smart hardware with a focus on smart TV and autos, providing an state-of-art solution for interaction, all of which serves our mission: to make world communication easier.


April 27, 2017


Pareteum Corporation and its subsidiaries provide a complete mobility cloud platform, utilizing messaging and security capabilities for the global Mobile, MVNO, Enterprise, SaaS and IoT markets. Mobile Network Operator (MNO) customers include Vodafone, the world’s second largest mobile operator by customer count, Zain, the 4th largest mobile operator in the world in terms of geographical presence and other Tier 1 operators, MVNO customers such as Lowi, and partners including Cleartech and Expeto.


April 25, 2017


Defne, established in 1996, is a leading global provider of telecom solutions, software products and services for communications networks. Defne’s solutions enable network operators and service providers to monetize every potential connection beyond limits while enhancing subscriber experience.

Backed up with managed services, Defne offers a differentiated portfolio of innovative marketing, roaming, filtering, call management, messaging, OSS/BSS and enterprise solutions. Today, more than 25 service providers across 20 countries serving over 500 million subscribers are driving revenue growth and increasing customer loyalty with Defne’s solutions and services. IN, IVR, and messaging expertise combined with a wealth of skilled resources, allows Defne to provide advanced solutions that seamlessly integrate with existing customer infrastructure.

Headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey, Defne has offices in Dubai, UAE and Noida, India. Defne ranked in the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 EMEA and the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Turkey programs in multiple years.

Allround Informatika

April 25, 2017


ALLROUND puts telecom operators in control with applications for Billing System Testing, CDR Handling and Analysis, TAP Conversion, Roaming Management, Fraud Detection, and Revenue Management.

The cornerstone to ALLROUND’s applications is advanced technology and know-how in the area of CDR and TAP handling – editing, filtering, comparison, compilation, analysis and fixing. Whether testing a new service or equipment, monitoring the CDR workflow in real-time to identify fraudulent behaviour, or comparing data between a different processing phases within your billing and mediation systems, ALLROUND offers a solution that is powerful and easy to use.

ALLROUND is a profitable, private European company with a global customer base. Working in different cultures has allowed ALLROUND to gain the expertise to be a leading vendor in the global market.  Allround’s solutions are used by mobile operators worldwide representing four continents.


April 21, 2017


As a trusted partner, Mavenir accelerates and redefines network transformation for Communication Service Providers (CSPs). By offering a comprehensive product portfolio across every layer of the network infrastructure stack — from 5G application/service layer to the RAN and packet core – Mavenir leads the way in evolved, cloud-proven networking solutions enabling innovative and secure new experiences for end users. Through its industry first VoLTE, VoWiFi, Advanced Messaging and Cloud RAN solutions, Mavenir’s platform enables service providers to successfully deliver tomorrow’s vision today to realize new revenue streams and operational efficiencies.

Globallogic Worldwide Limited

April 19, 2017


GlobalLogic helps businesses create value across the entire product lifecycle — not just by developing cutting-edge apps, but also by helping make mature products relevant to digitally savvy consumers. Using experience-led design strategy, we also help customers re-imagine business, including the ways they engage consumers, develop products and services, and speed time-to-market. Knowing that businesses have to do more than just keep up with trends, we help them succeed with breakthroughs that disrupt industries and expectations.

GSMK Gesellschaft fuer Sichere Mobile Kommunikation mbH

April 19, 2017


GSMK Gesellschaft für Sichere Mobile Kommunikation mbH is the pioneer of mobile end-to-end voice and message encryption and a technology leader in mobile device and network security. The company develops and manufactures GSMK CryptoPhone® secure mobile, desktop and satellite devices with 360-degree protection as well as the GSMK Overwatch® and GSMK Oversight® network security systems. GSMK CryptoPhones® allow secure, reliable and user-friendly communication across network borders. GSMK’s network security systems complement the company’s mobile device security offering by allowing mobile network operators to defend themselves against illegal interception, network manipulation and fraud by detecting, localizing and defending against rogue base stations as well as SS7-based attacks on the network level. GSMK’s customer base includes mobile network operators as well as government, corporate, and individual clients in over 50 countries worldwide.

Kirusa, Inc.

April 19, 2017


Kirusa is a global leader in providing telecom & social media solutions that enable customers to have a voice and connect seamlessly. Kirusa’s solutions include InstaVoice®, InstaVoice Channels, InstaVoice Celeb™, InstaVoice Sports™, InstaVoice Ring™, Kirusa Konnect and myGenie™ which are offered in partnership with over 40 mobile carriers in Africa, India, LatAm, and the Middle East, as well as via the app stores for iOS, Android & Windows. Kirusa solutions are built on its patented technology and its highly reliable, scalable multimodal & cloud platforms, which manage over 2.5 billion calls/messages a month. Kirusa solutions are being used by over 100 Million mobile users in four continents every month. Kirusa has been recognized as one of Top 20 most promising technology companies by Silicon India and one of Top 25 emerging technology companies by Smart Techie magazine. The InstaVoice app won first prize at NJTC Mobile Apps Forum. Informa selected InstaVoice as a finalist for the Best App in Africa. Headquartered in New Jersey and led by an experienced team of wireless telecom executives and technologists, Kirusa has offices in four continents. InstaVoice is a US registered trademark of Kirusa, Inc.


April 13, 2017


XOtel is one of the 200 top-rated companies and the largest alternative telecom in Latvia. Founded in 2006, we deliver various voice and SMS telecommunications solutions all over the world.

XOtel owns and successfully operates an MVNO based in Latvia offering a roaming SIM solution. Additionally, our company’s own development, a secure messenger, ensures secure encrypted communication for private and business use in any country of the world.

XOtel’s financial stability is backed by D&B, Coface and BaltRisk ratings based on annual audited financial reports. The qualities our partners value the most – reliability, dynamism and innovation – allow XOtel to successfully develop new businesses, conquer new markets and provide effective telecommunications solutions to carriers as well as end consumers. XOtel is confidently expanding horizons by CONNECTING CONTINENTS.

For more information please visit us at:


April 13, 2017


We have been developing our activity on document management and dematerialization processes, including capture, scanning, mailroom, extraction, automation, digital and physical archive, since 1999. Our innovative solutions are focused on streamlining business management processes and the document lifecycle management journey, providing an automated and secure environment and giving our clients control over their information assets, adding real value to their businesses.

Our vision is to become the major player in documents and information management field, a trustful, flexible, open and knowing partner, with innovative and secure solutions capable of optimizing and reducing the risk for our clients businesses.

Papersoft has offices in Portugal, Mozambique, United Kingdom, Romania and Democratic Republic of Congo.

Our mission is to help our clients organizing, preserving and adding significance to their information assets, while enriching and streamlining their business and decision making processes, giving them a true and sustainable competitive advantage.

BBIX, Inc.

April 10, 2017


BBIX has provided various connection services for ISP business operators through high quality traffic management and IX nation spread type since we started business as carrier-free IX provider in 2003. Since 2011, we have promoted next generation internet protocol IPv6 as “IPv6 for Everybody!” for every internet users to realize internet access through IPv6. BBIX will continue to offer further support to every customer for accessing to the world and bright future by providing IX service and IPv6 service.


April 3, 2017


Globalstar is a leading provider of high-quality, low-cost voice and data services to businesses, communities and individuals around the world.

Globalstar offers quality, low cost, satellite voice and data services, in over 120 countries around the globe. Using the Globalstar network of low earth orbiting satellites, the company primarily provides business and recreational communications to industry, government, and individual customers located in remote areas throughout the world.

InfoVista Network Testing, Inc.

March 30, 2017


TEMS is the leading technology used by wireless operators to measure, analyze, and optimize their mobile networks. InfoVista Network Testing, Inc. offers the TEMS portfolio, a complete set of trusted solutions for drive testing, analyzing, benchmarking, and monitoring mobile network performance.

InfoVista Network Testing, Inc. is the wireless communications drive-test market leader with nearly 40% market share. With more than 650 customers in 140+ countries, including the top 20 mobile operators, major infrastructure suppliers, and service providers, TEMS is the world’s most trusted technology for deploying, monitoring and assuring quality of service for broadband wireless networks.

OPPO – Guangdong OPPO Mobile Telecommunications Corp.,Ltd.

March 27, 2017


OPPO is a leading global camera phone brand dedicated to providing young consumers with pioneering products that never fail to inspire and excite. At OPPO, we design, manufacture, and market our own products.

Founded in 2004, OPPO quickly proved itself in the market thanks to its exacting attention to detail. After entering the mobile phone market in 2008, OPPO quickly expanded its mobile business around the world and soon became a leading smartphone manufacturer globally.  OPPO strives to capture young hearts with head-turning design, innovative mobile photography technologies, excellent user experience, attentive service, and most importantly, a commitment to the relentless pursuit of perfection.

For more information, please visit OPPO official website:


Mr Messaging Limited

March 15, 2017


Mr Messaging is your source of intelligence and guidance for today’s fast-paced telecommunications marketplaces. Our business has been built on a foundation of knowledge and experience, with many of our team having worked in the industry for over 20 years.

With this, comes unparalleled industry insight, an abundance of strong global relationships and exceptional customer support. What does this mean for our customers? We can deliver content and OTP more efficiently, offering much more stable and direct routes.

We’ve developed our service offering to encompass the requirements of enterprises and aggregators worldwide. Whether you’re looking to send a one-off campaign, need a team to manage the entirety of your SMS requirements or you’re looking to expand your aggregator business by increasing your own service offering through our routes – Mr Messaging can help.

Tecnotree Corporation

March 9, 2017


Tecnotree is a global provider of IT solutions for the management of services, products, customers and revenue for Communications Service Providers. Tecnotree helps customers to monetise and transform their business towards a marketplace of digital services. Together with its customers, Tecnotree empowers people to self-serve, engage and take control of their own digital life. Tecnotree is listed on Nasdaq Helsinki (TEM1V). For more information, please visit

Positive Technologies

March 7, 2017


Positive Technologies ( helps operators address the vulnerabilities in global telecom infrastructure, which can leave core networks and subscribers exposed to cyberattack. PT Telecom Cybersecurity Suite is a set of integrated services and solutions designed to enhance visibility into infrastructure vulnerabilities, get up-to-the-minute knowledge about anomalous activity, protect core network and subscribers from existing and emerging threats, reduce fraud related issues and risks, and ensure smooth operations.

Positive Technologies allows operators to keep their subscribers safe from voice calls eavesdropping, text interception, mobile location tracking, and phone-specific DoS hitting their reputation. With Positive Technologies, telecom operators can create value and win opportunities by building secure IoT ecosystem, drive revenue with value-added security services, and boost customers trust in their cybersecurity capabilities.

Commitment to clients and research has earned Positive Technologies a reputation as one of the foremost authorities on Telecom, Industrial Control System, Banking, Web Application, and ERP security.


February 16, 2017


Figensoft has been in business for 20 years. Its focus is mobile technologies.

Main product lines:

• Bulk messaging and
• Mobile applications

Bulk messaging includes bulk SMS and bulk email. It has direct connections with the operators in four countries (Turkey, Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Cyprus) as well as global bulk SMS partnerships with Telefonica and Airtel groups. It serves more than 15,000 enterprises directly and its SMS and email gateways run in many banks, multinational companies, and government agencies on premises.

Mobile applications include HQapp (do-it-yourself app platform), FormMobil (create your own forms) and custom solutions.

Figensoft has offices in:

• Turkey
• Azerbaijan
• Georgia
• Cyprus

Infineon Technologies AG

January 26, 2017


Infineon designs, develops, manufactures and markets a broad range of semiconductors and system solutions. The focus of its activities is on automotive electronics, industrial electronics, RF applications, mobile devices and hardware-based security.


Combining entrepreneurial success with responsible action, at Infineon we make the world easier, safer and greener. Barely visible, semiconductors have become an indispensable part of our daily lives. Infineon’s components play an essential role wherever energy is generated, transmitted and used efficiently. Furthermore, they safeguard data communication, improve safety on roads and reduce vehicles’ CO2 emissions.

MMD Smart

January 23, 2017


MMDSmart Ltd, the smart messaging pioneer, provides smart communications solutions to organizations of all sizes. Started in 2007 as a voice transit company its product offering now includes retail and wholesale voice services, Fax over IP and chat solutions, as well as A2P messaging.

Its innovative smart messaging platform, the first results driven messaging solution, provides unique tools to improve message delivery, drive greater customer engagement and achieve higher conversion rates. With headquarters in Tel Aviv, regional offices in Hong Kong and Kiev, and a development center in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, it is focused on providing the highest quality communications solutions and services to its partners and clients around the globe, which include many tier 1 companies from more than 100 countries and more than 300 interconnections.

As it expands its global scope, its initial mission and commitment stays the same;

MMDSmart. Connect. Engage. Smile

Apliman Technologies S.A.L Offshore

January 17, 2017


Since its foundation in 1990, Apliman has been marked by excellence, innovation, and connectivity, and has grown rapidly to become a leading provider of carrier-grade telecom solutions. With its advanced technology and expansive portfolio, Apliman has gained an extensive market outreach positioning itself on the vendor list of top Mobile Groups.

Through timely delivery and limitless support, Apliman has successfully created and increased subscribers’ loyalty across different fields, and it aims to proceed with this absolute dedication to meet its clients’ expectations.

Xiaomi Inc.

January 4, 2017


Xiaomi was founded in 2010 by serial entrepreneur Lei Jun, who believes that high-quality technology doesn’t need to cost a fortune. We create remarkable hardware, software, and internet services for and with the help of our Mi fans. We incorporate their feedback into our product range, which currently includes the Mi Note Pro, Mi Note, Mi 4, Redmi 2, Mi TV, Mi Band and other accessories. With more than 61 million handsets sold in 2014, and products launched in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, India, Indonesia and Brazil, Xiaomi is expanding its footprint across the world to become a global brand.

Shanghai Gotell Communication Technology Holdings Co., Ltd

January 4, 2017


Gotell was established in 2013. We strive with innovations in providing global connection to people and machines. Our team has a strong background of top MNO & ICT giants. Vision of roam2free is to provide reliable wireless connection services with low price. Our business model is B2B2C, with key clients from smartphone manufacturers and car manufacturers in China.

Private Internet Access

December 19, 2016


London Trust Media runs Private Internet Access (PIA), the leading no-log VPN service provider in the world. PIA believes that access to an open internet is a fundamental human right and donates effusively to causes such as EFF and FFTF to promote privacy causes internationally. PIA has over 3,200 servers in 24 countries that provide reliable, encrypted VPN tunnel gateways for whatever the use case. Please visit their website at for more

edotco Group Sdn Bhd

November 30, 2016


Established in 2012, edotco is the first regional and integrated telecommunications infrastructure services company in Asia, providing end-to-end solutions in the tower services sector from tower leasing, co-locations, build-to-suit, energy, transmission and operations and maintenance (O&M).


With a regional portfolio that includes over 16,000 towers across edotco’s core markets of Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Pakistan and Myanmar, edotco strives to deliver outstanding performance in telecommunications infrastructure services and solutions. edotco’s value-aded services are supported by state-of-the-art real time monitoring service, echo, which has improved field operations while maximizing operational efficiencies in terms of battery, energy and fuel consumption for telecoms infrastructure.


Through its operations in developing Asian economies, edotco has established a strong track record in nation building. edotco has progressively invested in industry best practices, providing a broad portfolio of infrastructure solutions and offering value-added services to enhance efficiencies and connectivity for communities. edotco is committed to conducting its business in a responsible and sustainable manner for the benefit of its customers, employees, communities and developing nations.

Kish Cell Pars Co.

November 17, 2016


Kish Cell Pars company is a Consortium of Saman Electronic Payment (SEP), Saramad Saman Investment and Andishe Negar Pars company. Kish Cell Pars company was set up in 2006 and started its activities in the field of telecommunication, power and IT and now has managed to get the first MVNO license in Iran.

Bumblebee Tech

November 10, 2016


Bumblebee is a technology-centric smartcard company with a distributed Supply-Chain model enabling us to provide products with short lead times, in any quantity, at competitive prices.

Bumblebee’s main target industries are:

  • Telecommunications
  • Banking
  • Government
  • Machine-to-machine
  • IoT


Bumblebee focuses on product innovation and supply chain excellence to assure consistency in quality, short Procure to Pay lead-times and continuity. Using a hybrid Supply-Chain model, with our own production facilities on one end and our manufacturing partners on the other, we can guarantee a fast supply at the lowest possible cost. The ability to ramp-up local manufacturing in specific markets allows us to reduce import-duties to again provide the client with a premium product at the lowest cost.


November 3, 2016

Member, Member

DarkMatter is transforming the cyber security landscape. Headquartered in the UAE and operating globally, we’re the region’s first and only fully integrated digital defence and cyber security consultancy and implementation firm. Our elite team of global experts deliver advanced, next-generation solutions to governments and enterprises across the cyber security spectrum.

We help clients simplify the enormous complexity of today’s ever-evolving cyber threats. Our vision is to secure the future by protecting its technologies. Innovation and Research are cornerstones to our development and the activities in these areas underpin our entire range offerings, including Secure Communications, Public Key Infrastructure and Big Data & Analytics products.

They also extend to our activities in Governance, Risk & Compliance, Cyber Network Defence, Managed Security Services, Infrastructure & System Integration, Test & Validation Labs, and Smart Solutions.

For further details, visit


September 23, 2016

Member, Member

NTH Group has been a mobile pioneer in Europe since 1999, developing innovative mobile solutions and helping our customers and partners succeed.
We specialize in propelling any business towards a mobile business value chain by offering services, support and solutions for every business area. NTH Group business success is driven by 3 key factors: speed up, expand & innovate! Our product range includes numerous own developed tools, applications and platforms for state-of-the-art services.

Absolute Software Corporation

September 19, 2016

Member, Member

Absolute provides persistent endpoint security and data risk management solutions for computers, tablets, and smartphones. Our customers depend on us to provide them with a unique and trusted layer of security so they can manage mobility while remaining firmly in control. Persistence® technology by Absolute is embedded into the core of most devices at the factory. Once activated, it provides you with a reliable two-way connection. The ability to communicate with your endpoints – regardless of user or location – means you can receive timely device and event information and secure each point and the data it contains. No other technology can do this. By providing them with a persistent connection with all of their devices, our customers can assess risk, investigate potential threats and take action to respond appropriately if a security incident occurs.

Quectel Wireless Solutions Co.,Ltd

September 15, 2016


As one of the leading providers of GSM/GPRS, UMTS/HSPA/LTE, GNSS modules with many years of extensive experience, Quectel is always looking to be at the forefront of technology and maintaining customer’s full satisfaction. A comprehensive product portfolio, strong R&D capability, matchless support services and global presence established our leadership position in the M2M marketplace.

Altair Semiconductor

September 1, 2016

Member, Member

Altair Semiconductor is the leading provider of single-mode LTE solutions, playing a pivotal role in realizing the vision of the Internet of Things (IoT). By offering LTE-only semiconductor solutions, unhampered by the high cost of 3G silicon, bill-of-materials and patent royalties, Altair has created disruption in the ecosystem, and enabled the deployment of millions of 4G-connected consumer devices at price points previously thought impossible. As the IoT expands beyond consumer devices to include all types of connected “things,” from wearables to smart homes, cities, cars, utilities and more, Altair’s comprehensive portfolio of high performance, ultra-low-power silicon solutions enable these connections. Established in 2005 by former Texas Instruments executives with extensive broadband and wireless silicon experience, Altair is the world’s leading supplier of 100% LTE chipsets, having shipped millions to customers around the world. Altair’s products are qualified by the world’s leading LTE carriers, and have been adopted by tens of OEM/ODM device makers as their LTE solution to power millions of devices, including tablets, netbooks, Chromebooks, mobile hotspots, USB dongles, routers and M2M applications.

Youtap Limited

August 25, 2016


Youtap Limited (“Youtap”) is the leading global mobile payment solutions company currently revolutionizing merchant payments with its software enabling “tap-and-pay” at any merchant’s point-of-sale (POS) using any mobile device. The Company’s secure cloud and payment technology currently enables a market comprising 50 million mobile money accounts and 650 million mobile subscribers, enabling tap-and-pay payments at any POS with any mobile, card or wearable device. Youtap is scalable and adaptable, going beyond transactions to incorporate loyalty programs and other responsive functionalities that benefit the consumer and the merchant. Youtap has entered into a license and joint venture agreement with Verifone and markets its Youtap solutions under the “Verifone Mobile Money” banner to further meet the needs of mobile network operators (MNOs) for telco-based money transfer and payment services in developing markets. Through its MNO customers, Youtap’s solution is being implemented and rolled out across 38 countries and 37 mobile payment providers.


August 23, 2016

Member, Member

Trustonic is a recognised leader in the device security market and our mission is to protect, enrich and simplify people’s digital lives by enabling optimum security on all smart connected devices, associated services and applications. Our Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) is already available on over 700 million devices worldwide, thus allowing both service providers and app developers to take advantage of hardware-level security for their services and applications. Trustonic Hybrid Protection (THP) extends security even further – with a single API integration, any service provider or app developer can now ensure optimal security for all end-users: TEE hardware-based protection where available, supplemented with market leading software-based security for any non-TEE enabled devices. To learn more about Trustonic and how we make your connected world a better place, please visit us at


August 23, 2016

Member, Member

Legos is the first fixed and mobile phone “pure player” operator providing its services exclusively in white label mode to local operators and integrators.

Jibe Mobile, Inc

August 23, 2016


Jibe — the RCS communications team at Google — provides a technology platform for carriers to launch and operate carrier RCS services, delivering a better native messaging experience to users.  The Jibe Platform supports the GSMA’s Universal Profile and offers an RCS cloud and hub as an option to help carriers scale their service.  Google is partnering with carriers and OEMs to offer a messaging client for Android that supports SMS, MMS, and RCS.

Beezz Communication Solutions Ltd

August 16, 2016

Member, Member


Beezz has global 3G/4G coverage in almost 200 countries and constantly expanding its global network.

Stour Marine Limited

August 3, 2016

Member, Member

Established in 2006, Stour Marine first began by providing WiFi hotspots within the UK across the British Canal and River Waterways Network.These hotspots were provided to cover areas of weak cellular reception, providing reliable access to the Internet and online communication services to those travelling.


Stour Marine is the most recent company to acquire a license to operate a Cellular Network in the UK. We operate and support a digital network facilitating Voice, SMS and Internet access.


Over the last eight years, Stour Marine has built relationships with networks across the globe to deliver a highly resilient communications network that aggregates our core services into a single, easily accessible hub.


The addition of a portfolio of wholesale communications services meant Stour Marine could offer canal travellers a method of communication whilst on the water. Furthermore, unlike other telecommunications providers who posses UK +447 numbers, all mobile numbers provided by Stour Marine are recognised by all other carriers as ‘in-bundle’, meaning that we are no more expensive. Finally, any users can port numbers in and out to all other carriers.

iCONX Solutions Ltd

August 3, 2016


iCONX is a global thought-leader in the field of interconnect billing and settlement, in particular around the fast-growing challenges and opportunities related to Anumber billing and Origin Based Rating (OBR).  As a leading provider of software and services that enable mobile, fixed, cable and multi-play operators to bill, settle and optimally route their traffic, iCONX provides the expert angle that enables their customers to maximise both the operational efficiencies and financial benefits of their wholesale partnerships.


June 30, 2016

Member, Member

Sixbell offers solutions and services of excellence and quality in the business of Networking, Unified Communications, Contact Center and Converged Platforms added value, maximizing profitability and lifecycle of customers. Conceiving the relationship with customers and technology partners where the synergy is a fundamental value, generating solutions from the sum of knowledge of customers and the added value of own developments and those of its partners.

Global Telecom LLC t/a V-Tell

June 21, 2016

Member, Member

V-Tell is an International Mobile Operator providing mobile services to customers all around the world*. Through consistent expansion, V-Tell covers an ever-increasing number of locations, using the latest technology and equipment to support its customer offerings. V-Tell Subscribers can forget about multiple devices and multiple SIM cards. A single V-Tell SIM card provides V-Tell customers with the ability to have an almost unlimited number of permanently active personal phone numbers from any country on one device. V-Tell Services makes communication limitless by dissolving borders between countries and continents: the roaming-free network allows V-Tell customers to forget about huge roaming rates, limited communication and unpredictable bills. V-Tell provides customers with mobile services and fixed rates around the world*. V-Tell Networks combine high-speed communication channels and switching systems in one high-tech solution based on a unique multi-IMSI platform controlled by a state-of-the-art global billing system. This innovative technology provides V-Tell customers with a global “home“ network, allowing them to access voice, Internet and SMS services in any part of the world*. V-Tell Customer Care ensures that V-Tell customer partners, relatives and friends all benefit. A call to another V-Tell Subscriber from anywhere in the world* is charged according to the caller’s local rate. V-Tell Team members have extensive telecommunications experience. Many of them have worked with major international telecoms companies or developed telecoms products and services, which are now used as industry standards.


June 16, 2016


The IoT platform SORACOM provides SIMs (subscriber identity modules) for data transmission as an MVNO (mobile virtual network operator). The platform also provides integrated mobile communications and cloud services, giving it the following characteristics:

• SORACOM delivers IoT/M2M (machine-to-machine) “connection” at low initial cost. – You can get started with a single line of mobile data transmission for IoT/M2M devices. The service is available on a pay-as-you-go basis.

• SORACOM allows you to monitor and manage your IoT/M2M devices and facilitates the operation of the devices and communications. – The platform enables centralized management/monitoring of multiple SIMs through the web console or API.

• SORACOM enables you to build secure IoT/M2M systems. – The platform supports the building of secure IoT/M2M systems with features such as private connection and leased-line connection services, encryption, and device authentication services.

Nok Nok Labs

June 3, 2016

Member, Member

Nok Nok Labs is not another authentication vendor offering a point solution. Our solution is aimed at disrupting the underlying framework on which current authentication solutions depend. Our Unified Authentication Infrastructure leverages a new protocol—the Online Secure Transaction Protocol (OSTP), a scalable strong authentication protocol designed for modern computing requirements and the “Internet of Things”.

Nok Nok Labs is building solutions with the Unified Authentication Infrastructure on core principles, including the ability to:

  • Interoperate with current and legacy authentication solutions;
  • Integrate with personal recognition methods available to end-users on their devices;
  • Combine biometric and non-biometric authenticators to create strong, flexible and risk-appropriate multifactor authentication, tailored to any user or transaction type
  • Leverage a standards-based protocol that is open to vendors, manufacturers and relying parties; and
  • Scale with future developments in modern computing – new devices, new technologies and new use cases.

InMobiles Holding S.A.L

May 31, 2016


Founded in 2007 and based in Beirut, Lebanon, InMobiles Holding S.A.L is a trusted leader for Value Added Telecommunication Services, that assists Telecom Operators across the globe in shaping their innovations with competitive edge solutions.

A market-leading business support solutions and services company serving the majority of the communications service providers – InMobiles Holding S.A.L. offers a broad portfolio of licensed Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)-based products, also enables legacy system replacement, in the areas of IP mobile messaging, Call Completion, convergence management, virtual numbers and social telephony by blending the power of communication with its technology that is currently shaping the World.

Asavie Technologies, Ltd.

May 24, 2016

Member, Member

At Asavie (pronounced: Asa-vee), we have built the PassBridge™ platform to make it easier for people to connect to each other and everything around us. Connectivity from mobile phones and remote devices is often assumed as a given and relatively easy part of the network architecture equation. However, this is seldom the case as there are a myriad of commercial and technical variables impacting the selection of connectivity technologies. There are multiple protocols and standards, ever evolving cellular technologies, and differing capabilities and requirements of IoT devices and applications that all contribute to the noise.
At Asavie we seek to remove the guesswork from the connectivity conundrum. We believe you should be allowed to focus on building your business without worrying about the challenges of how to scale, manage productivity and handle the security risks encountered with smart, connected projects. So whether your connectivity project requires one or one billion devices to be connected, Asavie is there for you.
Asavie PassBridge™ is a software defined network as a service platform that manages the connectivity and security of your Internet of Things and mobility projects seamlessly across heterogeneous networks, at scale. You focus on the creation of applications for smart, connected products and we look after the friction-less, secure connectivity between your people and things.
Asavie partners with the world’s leading mobile operator groups (AT&T, EE, Telefonica, Three, Vodafone etc.) and has more than 20,000 end-user companies, many of them household names, using our award-winning technology to launch, scale and secure their IoT and enterprise mobility projects. We also have an API exposing the capabilities of Asavie PassBridge™ platform, so carriers, enterprises and managed service providers, can embed its feature rich functionality into their service offerings.

iTalent Corporation

May 23, 2016

Member, Member

iTalent is a woman/minority owned, leading global technology consulting and cloud integration firm, offering highly skilled expert resources, in a broad range of disciplines, while at the same time delivering exceptional service and outstanding business value for its customers.


iTalent serves some of the biggest names in the tech industry with capabilities and practice areas that are driving innovation and a new level of productivity within the enterprise.


iTalent is focused on being a partner to its clients, not just a vendor, and does so by having a globally flexible model that allows a tailored a solution to meet each client’s specific needs. This makes iTalent Corporation a trusted name in the technology consulting industry.

Omobio Pvt Ltd

May 23, 2016


Omobio Pvt Ltd solutions are based on SS7/Sigtran solutions, Voice/Video based solutions, OSS/BSS solutions, Mobile applications, Mobile Gaming Solutions, Customer care applications and many other applications and solutions to match the clients ideas and expectations.

CLX Networks

May 19, 2016

Member, Member

CLX enables enterprises global connectivity over all three major mobile communication channels: messaging, voice and data.


With our carrier grade solutions we help enterprises to communicate efficiently with customers, employees and devices at optimized price performance. Connect to our cloud API and get access to communication services globally. We also work closely with mobile operators by supporting the increase and creation of new revenue streams from enterprise communication services.


May 19, 2016


Unifonic offers cloud communication solutions to enable communicating through text messages & voice calls, 2FA services & database optimization tools.

Shenzhen Saiyun Data Corp. Ltd

May 4, 2016


Shenzhen Saiyun Data Corp. Ltd was founded in 2014 with more than 10 years’ development history. Our professional team is proficient at Internet technology, telecommunication technology and international operation services. Moreover, our company has powerful strength in research and development and keeping pace with global information technology. With the professional Perspective and resolution ability, our company plays an important role in the industry. It has been highly acclaimed and respected by its international data increment, solutions of international direct dialing and value-added service of communication platform.

CM Groep BV

May 3, 2016

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CM Telecom – The Heart of Mobile is one mobile platform for SMS, Push, Security, Payments, and Voice in the heart of the mobile ecosystem.

We are an experienced global mobile services company using platform innovation since 1999 to help companies engage with their consumers.

We enable mobile messaging and payment functionality across a range of critical business processes, including customer interaction, marketing campaigns and mobile CRM. Mobile is the most effective ways to engage with customers.

We guarantee you’ll reach your audience, whatever the channel. We provide mobile solutions, easily accessible through web browsers and mobile applications that clients use to increase engagement.


April 25, 2016


Systemics-PAB, founded in 1990 is a leading company in Quality of Experience benchmarking services and provider of test and monitoring systems for mobile networks. Our aim is to help operators understand quality affecting issues in their networks, and work with them on quality improvement initiatives. The company’s headquarter is in Poland, with Systemics-PAB Group offices in Russia, Germany, Ireland, Austria, Switzerland, Jordan, Malaysia and Canada. We are also full active member of ETSI and GSMA Associations. Systemics-PAB operates globally with operators, regulators and equipment vendors.

Large scale of operations and cloud based data post-processing allows us to do simultaneous benchmarking projects in multiple countries. Our customers value innovative reporting and enhanced analysis that we provide. Our probe based RAN and Core monitoring systems can be delivered in SaaS model and support E2E optimization projects.

Company’s key customers include Vodafone, T-Mobile, Orange, MTS, A1 Telekom Austria, Umniah, Vimpelcom, Huawei and Nokia.


April 21, 2016

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VentaMobile t/a LANCK Telecom has been providing high quality voice services worldwide since 2001. As an international carrier LANCK Telecom efficiently cooperates with leading telecommunication providers in every region of the world and delivers voice and SMS traffic worldwide. The company has Points of Presence in all major interconnect centers in Europe, North America and Asia. The list of our loyal partners includes over 1000 companies worldwide that benefit from competitive rates, an individual approach and highly responsive service.

SMS Provider Corp.

April 11, 2016


viahub provides SMS A2P managed and Voice services to mobile operators and enterprises worldwide. viahub’s SMS Firewall is a sophisticated filtering system which allows the Operator to monitor, detect, report and block on SMS spam and fraud.

viahub SMS solution provides Revenue Assurance to MNO’s. With one single point of connection we enable our clients with reliable and secure connection to over 900 MNOs and MVNOs in over 200 countries across 6 continents.

Our high quality, reliability and around the clock support makes us number one choice when it comes to SMS and Voice services.

MediaTek Inc.

April 2, 2016


Since 1997, MediaTek has been a pioneering fabless semiconductor company and a market leader in cutting-edge systems-on-chip (SoC) for mobile devices, wireless networking, HDTV, DVD and Blu-ray. Our tightly-integrated, innovative chip designs help manufacturers optimize supply chains, reduce the development time of new products, and extend a competitive edge in crowded markets. Through MediaTek Labs, the company is also building a developer hub that will support device creation, application development, and services for the Internet of Things era. By building technologies that help connect individuals to the world around them, MediaTek is enabling people to expand their horizons and more easily achieve their goals. We believe anyone can achieve something amazing. And we believe they can do it every single day. We call this idea Everyday Genius and it drives everything we do. 

Visit for more information.

Equinix Singapore Pte Ltd

April 2, 2016


Equinix, Inc. (Nasdaq: EQIX) connects the world’s leading businesses to their customers, employees and partners inside the most interconnected data centers. In 40 markets across five continents, Equinix is where companies come together to realize new opportunities and accelerate their business, IT and cloud strategies.


Wavecell Pte Ltd

April 1, 2016


Wavecell, Asia’s leading cloud communications platform, helps businesses to enhance customer experience with its Messaging solutions and Live Video Interaction. Developers and Enterprises can easily integrate Wavecell’s real-time multi-channel communications (via API and SDK) into any applications, websites and services. Wavecell’s messaging solutions allows companies to automate SMS notifications, One-Time Passwords (OTP), and simplify 2-way messaging. The company also ensures secured first-class connectivity to more than 190 countries.

3Cinteractive Corp.

March 14, 2016


Fortune 500 companies rely on 3Cinteractive (3C) for its dynamic expertise in mobile technology and solutions. Founded in 2006, 3C has built an unparalleled, cloud-based platform delivering flexibility, security, speed, scale and reliability for its clients. 

From delivering information and driving unique one-to-one interactions, to facilitating valuable mobile commerce transactions, 3C builds lasting partnerships based on trusted solutions to deliver measurable business results for brands. 

3C also supports mobile virtual network operators to provide connectivity, billing, CRM, payment processing and marketing tools – enabling and enhancing customer lifecycle management. 

3C is headquartered in Boca Raton, FL with offices in Uruguay and Oregon. 

For more information, visit

Globetouch Inc

February 17, 2016

Member, Member

With offices all over the world, and datacenters in six locations, our network is extensive, enabling us to provide connectivity for a wide range of devices and operators, whilst empowering a multitude of business models internationally. Offering operational and business support solutions, we can help you deliver seamless customer experiences, with the latest innovative technologies available. This coupled with our M2M solutions and operator ecosystem makes us a leader in global connectivity services. Each solution is bespoke and tailored for your business and can be designed and launched in a matter of weeks, enabling unparalleled speed to market for customers. Our cloud-based virtual network currently operates in over 100 countries, allowing us to offer competitive rates, whilst not sacrificing quality or coverage. We work across all business verticals and across the entire spectrum of connectivity. Our client base includes mobile operators, M2M service providers, MVNOs, OTT providers, connected devices OEMs, device distributors and enterprises offering our end-to-end solutions for their businesses.


Gamma Telecom Limited

February 12, 2016

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Gamma creates simplified communications and software services for business. With a broad range of voice, mobile and data services, we lead on network strength, products that are both easy to use and provision, and quality through automation. We go to market primarily through our large network of channel partners but also direct. We are one of the largest network carriers of fixed-line voice minutes in the UK, providing a comprehensive range of next generation voice, data and mobile services to businesses, the Public Sector and not-for profit organisations, including the latest IP telephony phone systems, high speed internet and data connection packages, mobile services and unified communications solutions. As of June 2015, Gamma has 628 staff based across the UK and in Budapest. We strive to always provide the highest levels of customer service and are committed to delivering high quality solutions to our customers at a fair price.


February 5, 2016

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Who we are Ubiquity is an OLO Telephone Operator (Other Licensed Operator) which has provided professional mobile services to large enterprise since 1999. Ubiquity is connected all Italian mobile operators, the main MVNOs and international mobile operators. Ubiquity hires 60 employees and during 2014 reached a turnover of about 24 million Euros and for a transmission volume of more than 565 million SMSs. Over the years Ubiquity has won a consolidated leadership position in Italy in managing SMS Alerts for large banks. What we do Ubiquity is a telephone operator specialised in the management and delivery of professional mobile services for large firms primarily in the banking and financial sector, in Italy and overseas. The Ubiquity service offering includes: • Premium messaging services • Bulk messaging services • Long / short, unique / shared codes • Push notification • Mobile marketing services • Mobile payment services • Mobile loyalty services Ubiquity also has a Marketing & Advisory Division which offers personalised consulting designed to reinforce the performance of services managed for its clients.


February 4, 2016

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Megasoft is a unique Indo-American transnational company that combines the best practices of both cultures (Indian and American), creating a high quality and cost effective entity with a focus on the global telecommunications domain. Megasoft has a long and proven track record as a provider of quality technology and innovation demonstrated by a full suite of innovative offerings (products, applications, and technology platforms) which have provided reliable service to mobile operators and others during the company’s lifespan. Megasoft has a strong IPR portfolio (with over 120 global patents filed to date and with 30 already granted) and is not one to rest on its past laurels. Megasoft stands apart for its core corporate values – Innovation, Agility, Execution Excellence and Customer Centricity, all of which position the company to contribute to the growth of its customers. The company understands the need for, and value of, investment in the future and continually focuses on the incubation of new ideas and solutions, allowing the company to continually keep its solution portfolio fresh and market-relevant. Additionally, Megasoft has developed deep technical and business expertise over the years that enable it to not only understand its clients, but also to provide its solutions quickly, competently and cost-effectively for increased profitability and greater growth opportunities. Armed with its partnership approach for co-creation of business value, faster understanding and speedier implementation, Megasoft helps unlock potential revenue opportunities for clients. Megasoft is keenly aware that product companies require a long-term commitment to R&D. Accordingly, Megasoft treats innovation and R&D as focus areas and strives to continuously develop and launch new products and services in the mobile technology arena. Its recent foray into 4G/LTE infrastructure market segments and the release of version 4.0 of its MSP are testimony to Megasoft’s ability to innovate and stay ahead.


February 1, 2016

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RoamSmart is one of the world pioneers in providing innovative Roaming and Big Data Solutions to Mobile Operators. Our management team consists of roaming experts who spent 8+ years working in the roaming business from both operator and supplier perspectives and have used their experience and knowledge to come up with high value services addressing the specific roaming needs. We help optimize workflows and monetize the existing roaming data from several sources. We support Operators in managing their roaming business from different angles: Operational efficiency and optimized process in the rollout activity Discount Implementation management Business Intelligence for accurate business forecasting, tracking and reporting Deep Insight on the business : Traffic, Revenues, market share and steering performance Fraud detection and near-real time alarming Our mission is to support Mobile Operators in times of low growth and profits with intelligent software needed to optimize margins within their existing businesses. Our main focus is to listen to our customer, understand their pain points and quickly adapt to their needs and requirements with high-quality and flexible solutions. Our vision is to build a comprehensive and robust Big Data platform which centralizes all data from different sources and provides the flexibility to the user to manage different activities starting from Wholesale Roaming, Retail Roaming and extending to Interconnect Business and Local Traffic.

Ubisecure, Inc

January 25, 2016

Member, Member

Founded in 2002, Ubisecure is a pioneering European b2b and b2c Identity Services software and cloud services provider dedicated to enabling the true potential of digital business.


Ubisecure’s Identity Platform comprises of Customer IAM (Identity & Access Management) and Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) solutions that allow businesses to put the customer’s identity at the beginning of their journey to create a seamless, secure experience across digital services and devices. Uniquely, Ubisecure’s Identity Platform also connects digital services and Identity Providers, such as social networks, mobile networks, banks and Governments, to allow Service Providers to benefit from the rich, verified identities to streamline login, registration and customer engagement while improving privacy and GDPR consent around personal data sharing.

AirBnb, Inc.

January 22, 2016

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Founded in August of 2008 and based in San Francisco, California, Airbnb is a trusted community marketplace for people to list, discover, and book unique accommodation around the world — online or from a mobile phone or tablet. Whether a flat for a night, a castle for a week, or a villa for a month, Airbnb connects people to unique travel experiences, at any price point, in more than 34,000 cities and 190 countries. And with world-class customer service and a growing community of users, Airbnb is the easiest way for people to monetise their extra space and showcase it to an audience of millions.


January 18, 2016


UBIVELOX uses advanced technology through which they accumulated expertise in the area of mobile widget, web service, solutions and service platforms for telematics and smart devises. In addition, UBIVELOX is a strong and competent company that develops and supplies competitive smart card chips in divers areas including finance, communication, transportation and public services. They also supply integrated smart card solutions to financial institution based on original smart card technology.

263 Mobile Communications (HongKong) Limited

January 18, 2016


263 Mobile Communications is a global Internet-based mobile network operator, a member of Net 263 Group (Shenzhen Stock Code: 002467). The group has over 1,400 staff covering China, Hong Kong, US, Canada, Australia and Singapore.


263 Mobile Communications has obtained the MVNO License in Hong Kong and Mainland China. With the strong support from the Group, 263 Mobile Communications is responsible for mobile business development in China, Hong Kong & North America, Australia, Singapore etc.


By introducing the concept of “iMVNO” and applying the technology of “CloudSIM”, users can enjoy high quality and seamless mobile service with a rate much lower than the traditional one, saving their traveling cost and connecting them to the world.

Danal, Inc.

January 7, 2016

Member, Member

Danal enables seamless, frictionless commerce on mobile devices. We use patent-pending and proprietary technology to deliver the best mobile experiences.


December 23, 2015

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Zumigo is pioneering a new generation of mobile services that are predicated on providing a richer experience for our customers through more relevant, context-based, information. By spanning the critical intersection of mobile messaging, location and marketing technologies, our smart approach to mobile services benefits carriers, enterprises and subscribers alike. Our solutions are designed to drive broad adoption of mobile services through context aware applications. 3rd party application developers can utilize Zumigo’s expertise and connectivity to the major carriers in North America to enable their location-based services and messaging applications. Because of Zumigo’s access to the mobile carriers in North America, application developers and enterprises using Zumigo applications can extend their reach to the entire mobile population, both smartphone and non-smartphone users. Founded in 2008, Zumigo is led by veterans of the mobile industry with years of experience working in developing and managing mobile solutions for some of the world’s largest carriers and enterprises

Elatec D.O.O.

October 29, 2015


Card Solutions offers, services and solutions for telecommunications, banking, retail and other value added services. Among the cards there is a broad variety of card types for telecommunications, for banking and for confidentiality (a wide range of card features).

The card services consist of applications and developments for SIM cards, card packaging, card personalization, card encoding as well as workshops. Our expert consultants are eager to help you create the most appropriate card solution for your business.

No matter whether you are in banking, telecoms, retail, or another industry sector, they will ensure you get the right card solution to meet your needs. We have the capacities and the state of the art technologies necessary to provide your clients with reliable data storage, tamper-resistant security and durable card mediums.

Let us know what you need and we’ll ensure your cards have all the requirements to make the right impression. Elatec’s main international clients for this business unit are telecommunications operators (MNO/MVNO), banks and retail customers. How can we support you? Be assured that you can rely on our speedy support, flexibility, competitive prices and prompt delivery. Elatec with its headquarters in Germany and subsidiaries around the world, supports you locally and in your language.

Cellusys Ltd

October 5, 2015

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September 22, 2015

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Sprint LLC company was established in 2007 as a multiservice communications provider specializing in telecommunication services provision to customers in the territory of the Russian Federation using the advanced technological solutions. The company is a virtual mobile provider of complete FULL MVNO production run.

RedTea Mobile

September 18, 2015

Member, Member

Redtea Mobile, founded in 2014, is a high-tech startup based in Silicon Valley. This young team believes in the globalization of mobile networking, and is dedicated to fulfilling the dream of “Surf Globally Pay Locally”. The company works with the operators around the world to build a globally connected cellular networks, and provides an end-to-end solution for all Chinese outbound tourists to easily access local network in local rates without the expensive roaming cost. The core team of Redtea Mobile includes successful continuous entrepreneurs, senior managers from leading Chinese high-tech companies, industry elites from US giant companies such as Google, Oracle, Groupon, etc., as well as business and market pioneers from Hong Kong and Singapore. Redtea Mobile partners with Xiaomi for its Mi Roaming product, and also works with many other mobile brands to provide an end-to-end SoftSim solution including the integration of worldwide operators, development of a cloud management platform, building and customization of user-facing mobile application, and operation and maintenance of SoftSim related equipments.

Datatrade Managed AG

September 17, 2015

Member, Member

The managed-service company for mobile messaging. Datatrade provides telecom operators with a leading managed service based on a unique platform for mobile messaging. The company founded and based near Zurich in Altendorf (Switzerland) has its core competence in software development combined with providing a designed solution for the needs of a successful mobile messaging management. The managed service is in line with the requirements of a telecom grade, legacy and future IP-based service. Datatrade’s customers are international mobile and intercarrier operators.

NetNumber, Inc.

September 8, 2015

Member, Case Study

NetNumber brings 15 years of experience delivering innovative signaling control solutions that enable carriers to accelerate implementation of new services across multiple generations of networks, while dramatically simplifying the core network and reducing operating costs.

NetNumber was founded in 1999 with the goal of simplifying the migration of SS7/C7 signaling to next-generation signaling while enabling service providers to continue to use telephone numbers to identify subscribers. At the time, many in the industry believed phone numbers would disappear along with SS7/C7. History has shown phone numbers are here to stay, and we’ll be interworking between SS7/C7 and the next-generation network for decades to come.

Evolving Systems Limited

August 28, 2015

Member, Member

Evolving Systems has been developing, delivering and supporting technology and vendor independent software solutions since 1985. As a software company we pride ourselves on developing new, innovative solutions that not only benefit you as an operator, by streamlining and optimizing your back office systems, but also your subscribers by enabling you to engage more effectively with your customers and enhancing their user experience.


August 24, 2015

Member, Member

Cequens is a global enabler of messaging, video, and voice services. Cequens Messaging empowers businesses with A2P SMS, verification, and OTP services. With direct connections to 1.2 Billion Middle East and Africa subscribers, and a growing alliance of mobile operators and aggregators, our network extends to all corners of the world. Cequens Video revolutionizes video conferencing with products that instantly extend Skype for Business to conference rooms, executive offices, and self-service stations. Our voice and enterprise productivity line offers the full spectrum of cloud unified communications services. With GSMA, Amazon, Microsoft, and Polycom affiliations, Cequens is your one-stop-shop universal communications partner. For more info

DIMOCO Messaging

August 17, 2015

Member, Member

DIMOCO Messaging holds an MVNO license and provides carrier-grade, high quality messaging products, enabling clients to communicate to their customers on a truly global scale. DIMOCO leverages relationships with mobile network operators and in-country partners to offer clients direct connectivity while combining local market expertise with fast message delivery.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

August 13, 2015


We Are In the Acceleration Business We help customers use technology to slash the time it takes to turn ideas into value. In turn, they transform industries, markets and lives. Some of our customers run traditional IT environments. Most are transitioning to a secure, cloud-enabled, mobile-friendly infrastructure. Many rely on a combination of both. Wherever they are in that journey, we provide the technology and solutions to help them succeed.

Mitto AG

August 12, 2015

Member, Member

Mitto enables mobile operators, brands and internet companies to easily integrate messaging services and mobilise their business.

Thanks to our connections to the largest operator networks, we provide access to seven billion subscribers worldwide and help businesses communicate with their customers securely, consistently and efficiently.

Our unparalleled technology combines continuous, real-time monitoring of service quality and advanced supply processes which optimize the speed, quality and costs associated with communicating worldwide.

Telia Carrier

August 12, 2015

Member, Member

Roaming services over IPX.

TSIC IPX is a platform to meet the customer demands of the future. It delivers multiple services over one port including signaling for 2/3/4G networks, payload (GRX), HD voice, M2M segment and we believe ready for services not yet invented.

For operators, because TSIC supports IPX within their wholly owned Global IP backbone, access is offered in 200+ PoPs including North America, Middle East, Asia, Russia and Europe, meaning the most direct service for your business.

West One Technology Ltd

July 20, 2015

Member, Member

West One Technology Ltd are a Strategic Partner to many of Europe’s Leading Consumer Electronic Companies, MNO’s and Retailers We are Europe’s and China’s largest provider of Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) CE device Trade-In / Buy-Back systems, enabling over 15,000 stores to legitimise the handling of second-hand products via stringent due diligence authentication.


June 29, 2015


Mobik was established in 2007 and is a licensed provider of Telecommunication services with headquarters in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Mobik entity is active in global business, with focus in the EMEA region. This leads to mutual work with Mobik Africa in developing the SADC region of Africa.

Services provided by Mobik are designed for incumbents and mobile operators, as well as for wholesale operators and alternative operators.

The consolidation of Telecommunication markets seen today has its benefits, but it also slows down the business dynamic flow. Mobik therefore strives to introduce new and efficient ways of connecting businesses around the world so it can keep growing.

As a company with a highly efficient network we can work faster and react to market changes with precise actions which insure quality decision control and result in highly profitable business results for everyone involved.

Mobik’s portfolio includes all Telecommunication segments, with special emphasis on Voice, SMS, Data and service providing products for large B2B applications and the end-customer segment. Being a one-stop solution provider makes Mobik a suitable partner, maximizing ever-dropping margins with innovative business relations and state-of-the-art technology developments.

BroadNet Technologies s.a.r.l

June 25, 2015


BroadNet lately has come to be recognized as a premier leader company offering a range of world-class mobile services and solutions for SMS, USSD and HLR. Based in Beirut, Lebanon and Dubai, UAE, we offer the services on an international level to over 200 worldwide operators and carriers. We strictly deploy cutting-edge technology and neat SMS interface; with this in mind, you can simply have the confidence that your SMS is always delivered with no delay at competitive prices.

We are specialized in mission critical SMS traffic, A2P and high volumes clients (wholesale).

With more than 10 years of experience and outstanding customer service we provide our clients worldwide with quality, reliability and guaranteed delivery.

We always make our sincere efforts to assist our business entrepreneurs, operators and service providers’ best to hook up effortlessly with sumptuous, impeccable quality and first-rate solutions.  We are attaining more and more prominence as time passes as a result of offering simply the premium, firmest and surefire SMSC platforms in the industry. We are elated to learn that our Push Notification servers are in huge demand among the leading mobile developers of the industry.

We have a large team of full-fledged mobile app developers who possess comprehensive expertise and experience to having worked across different multiple mobile platforms in extant

Incidentally, as a matter of fact, we have marked a record in the industry for designing a vast range of mobile applications for premier companies such as BirdsbBeep, BulkPush, Survey For Business, Shifts that turn up a real smasher fast. We do create amazing apps.

Look no further than BroadNet when it comes to utilize expert and state-of-the-art services and solutions related to SMS HUB and mobile applications with 100% premium quality and at unbeatable costs in the industry.

Enghouse Networks Limited

June 20, 2015


Enghouse Networks offers software applications for the planning, design, operation and support of next generation telecommunications and utility networks. Enghouse’s extensive product portfolio includes Geographical Information Systems (GIS), BSS (Fraud, E-Care, MVNO, Utility and Wholesale Revenue Management, Order Management), Carrier Enterprise (Cloud Contact Centre), Service Delivery (Diameter Routers, Intelligent Routing, Number Translation, Global Number Portability), VAS and Network Control Systems. These solutions are offered in a combination of on premise licensed, cloud, SaaS and subscription based products and services. 

Enghouse’s solutions have been deployed by 200+ service providers in over 100 countries around the world including next generation operators, wireless and cable operators that are building high speed, broadband, cable, fiber to the home (FTTH), fiber to the tower (FTTT), and wireless LTE networks.

Enghouse Networks is a subsidiary of Enghouse Systems Limited, a publicly traded Canadian company founded in 1984. Enghouse shares are traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) under the symbol ESL.

P1 Security

June 15, 2015


P1 Security ( has a recognised leadership in Telecom and Mobile Security, based on innovative products & cutting edge expertise: PTA (P1 Telecom Auditor), a telecom-specific vulnerability scanner, used to scan Access & Core Network Elements for SS7/SIGTRAN & LTE/Diameter protocols; PTM (P1 Telecom Monitor), a telecom-specific IDS and monitoring system (IPS in Bêta testing); PTF (P1 Telecom Fuzzer), a telecom protocols fuzzer, used to test the robustness of specific Network Elements; P1 VKB (Vulnerability Knowledge Base), an up-to-date database in Telecom vulnerabilities & threat information; Threat Intelligence through the converged use of PTM & VKB and their integration into a TSOC (Telecom SOC). P1 Labs, the R&D branch of P1 Security, is leading the SS7map project (, bound to investigate SS7 risks of network infrastructure’s exposure and subscribers’ privacy leaks. P1 Security is a Vendor independent, neutral Company with established references in Europe, United States, Africa, Middle East, Pacific and Asia.


June 10, 2015

Member, Member

HORISEN provides a self-developed cloud based enterprise software (SaaS) that brings extraordinary results to businesses and organizations of any size. More than 1,200 customers take advantage of our services on a daily basis! The experience gained through numerous projects allow us to help companies like yours keep growing. We like to stay in the shadows while enjoying your business success through you.

We live in the world of extremely fast changing markets and our customers depend on adapting and anticipating these changes. They mostly affect technology in terms of modernization and user-friendly services. Our mission consists of remaining innovative by continuously “reinventing” our business and services and adapt them to new market and technology trends.

Thanks to our professional approach and strong customer-orientation, we’ve become a reliable partner in many strategy-oriented marketing departments. Contact us and find out how HORISEN can help your business or organization with successful marketing campaigns and achieving measurable results.


June 10, 2015

Member, Member

SIGFOX is the premier provider of dedicated cellular connectivity for the Internet of Things and Machine-to-Machine communications.

The SIGFOX network complements existing high-bandwidth systems by providing economical, energy-efficient two-way transmission of small quantities of data, thus lowering barriers to wide implementation of IoT & M2M solutions, and greatly extending the battery and service life of connected devices SIGFOX’s global network is deployed through the SIGFOX Network Operator (SNO) partnership program, with more than 1 million square kilometers covered already, including countries such as Spain, France, Portugal, the UK, Denmark and the Netherlands.

Further rollout will continue in the rest of Europe, Asia and the Americas over the next couple of years.

Headquartered in Labège, France, with offices in Paris, Madrid and San Francisco, the SIGFOX global network today offers network operators and device manufacturers the quickest and easiest way to capitalize on the IoT revolution with a flexible, scalable solution that delivers out-of-the-box, two-way, small message connectivity ideally suited for the transmission of sensor type data. It provides a standard way of connecting devices anywhere the network is deployed, with clear pricing and a single, standards-based set of SIGFOX Cloud integration APIs.

BodyTrace Netherlands B.V.

June 8, 2015

Member, Member

BodyTrace is a machine-to-machine (M2M) technology provider offering cellular-based Internet of Things (IoT) solutions that are easy to integrate and manage. We started in 2007 as product company and have evolved into a complete connectivity solution provider for any industry. Our offering includes hardware for cellular communication, our own cellular network with a global footprint and a platform to manage devices and store the data they send. Using our technology our customers can focus on their core competency of building sensors and devices and delegate all communication needs to a single partner.

Jumo World

June 8, 2015

Member, Member


365squared Limited

May 15, 2015


365squared was setup in 2013 with the objective to provide the mobile operator community with a consolidated choice of quality services in the messaging domain. The company is run by an experienced team of professionals drawn from the Mobile Telecoms and SMS Messaging business. The company was launched keeping in mind the ever-increasing gap between the technological constraints and the revenue protection and maximisation opportunities for the mobile operator community We offer our clients a service whereby we help mobile operators monetise on SMS traffic terminating on their network and also protect their subscribers from fraudulent and spam messages. This service is delivered using a combination for hardware and software components and a comprehensive and complete 24/7 Managed Service.ce.


Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik (BSI)

May 12, 2015


The goal of the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) is to promote IT security in Germany. The BSI is the central IT security service provider for the federal government in Germany. Beyond this, it advises a range of target groups, including manufacturers, distributors and users of information technology, including private and commercial users.

The BSI moreover analyses current trends in the area of IT including communication technologies, assesses security risks, and develops suitable preventive measures. It provides information on identified risks and threats, and performs security testing of IT and communication systems, both during their development phase and during production. The BSI works in co-operation with industry.

Simulity Labs Ltd

April 30, 2015

Member, Member

Simulity Labs Limited was established in Wales in 2009. Since then we have grown our business with our innovative solutions, excellent service and highly competitive pricing serving our customers worldwide.

Our offices are located just outside of Bangor, Gwynedd in picturesque North Wales, where we continue to grow our dynamic business, pushing the boundaries of service levels for our customers and what can be done with a SIM card to enhance everybody’s lives.


April 30, 2015

Member, Member

FraudBuster specializes in anti-fraud services, and is committed to delivering the best SIMBox detection solution available on the market.

FraudBuster has developed SIMBuster: an expert system designed to continuously monitor the mobile traffic of the Operator (CDRs) to detect fraudulent usage in real-time. It is operated as a managed solution and relies on powerful detection rules that are permanently updated by our team of Fraud Analysts.

FraudBuster commits on results, with unique efficiency on both on-net and off-net detection, in particular for SIMBox bypass.

Mobile operators customers of the SIMBuster services can expect to dramatically reduce the level of grey traffic on their network, hence restoring monopoly of their own resources and regaining more profitability.


April 16, 2015


Based in Dubai, Workz is the leading provider of telecom subscriber products and supply chain services in the Middle East and Africa. Workz manufactures mobile subscriber products for telecom network operators and also provides fulfilment, logistics and smart phone application development. Since 1997, it has forged strong partnerships with leading regional telecom operators and global wireless device manufacturer becoming the region’s largest single telecoms solutions provider delivering over 850M products to market each year. 

Workz’ 18 years’ experience in the telecoms industry includes product design, SIM development, data management, serialised product management and card manufacturing. It is a customer centric organization offering a holistic solution in respect to marketing, design, SIM technical services, and IATA certified logistics. The company possesses state-of-the-art production facilities which include high-speed, high-capacity card manufacturing capabilities and sophisticated packaging and fulfilment operations.

Practical Labs

March 30, 2015

Member, Member

Practical Labs delivers proven expertise in telecom software development and services, including extensive expertise in mobile marketing, mobile rating and billing, and mobile roaming solutions. Practical Labs develops mobile carrier solutions for wireless handset development and mobile device tracking as well as mobile-centered database and infrastructure design.

Practical Labs has been located at our Atlanta-area headquarters since 2001. Practical Labs matches the reach of our clients – you can find our work within mobile networks and mobile carriers from Quito to Chicago to Berlin.

Telintel Ltd

March 27, 2015


Telintel is an International SMS Gateway, Voice Carrier, and provides Value Added Services for SMS and Voice services. Since 1997, Telintel has played a key role in the Telecommunications ecosystem, currently delivering over two hundred million minutes and more than eighty million SMS each month. Through our experienced development team and 24×7 support team, Telintel is constantly creating innovative methods for global communications, fulfilling the needs and requirements of the customers around the world. Telintel holds PTT licenses in several countries and has a local presence in most continents, including offices in the USA, Colombia, Guatemala, France, Russia, and Australia.

Symantec Corporation

March 27, 2015


Symantec Corporation provide security, storage and systems management solutions to help our customers – from consumers and small businesses to the largest global organizations – secure and manage their information-driven world against more risks at more points, more completely and efficiently than any other company.

OpenMarket Ltd

March 27, 2015


Multiregional TransitTelecom

March 26, 2015


Uros Ltd

March 18, 2015


UROS – Uni-fi Roaming Solutions is an innovative Finnish company specially
incubated to combat bill shocks. UROS offers global roaming solutions via
its patented 4G Goodspeed mobile hotspots and its global roaming platform.
The system steers and monitors the devices connected via M2M whilst
travelling in mobile networks around the globe. The solution solves the
slow TAP flow issue for Mobile Operators and MVNOs, helps to provide
bill-shock free roaming and re-connects silent roamers. The unique mobile
hotspots carry up to 10 physical local SIM cards, which facilitate LBO,
making the solution ideal also for Operator Groups who can deploy multiple
SIM profiles.


March 16, 2015

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Mada has been committed to serving our clients by supplying state-of-the-art services and by continuing to deploy cutting edge technology to ensure our clients competitive advantage. Headquartered in the technology corridor of NYC, Mada’s presence expands to Europe, South America, Caribbean, Middle East and Africa.

The result has been the rollout of enhanced services transmitted over the flexible, advanced, and cost effective network of Mada. These services to far beyond conventional telecommunications requirements, expanding to Voice Over IP and Internet applications.

MobiCode Limited

February 28, 2015

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A team of engineers and software developers who build and maintain a range of customisable device unlock, configuration and repair services for use in-store, with a set of standard integrations with popular systems.

What we do?

Maximise stock value:
* Onsite unlocking
* Onsite software repair
* Offsite repair service

IP Solutions International Ltd.

February 6, 2015

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IPSI is a “High Tech” Engineering and Digital Broadband Delivery Company incorporated and headquartered in Nassau, Bahamas. The company’s founders have combined their expertise to provide a complete “Turn Key” digital delivery solution for telecommunication companies (Telcos), power companies, and others seeking advanced technology to expand into the new “Digital Revolution” revenue streams. IPSI is a subsidiary of The Montaque Group which is a leading Bahamian Investment Advisory Firm.

InfraCast Ltd

February 6, 2015

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Evolved Intelligence Limited

February 6, 2015

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We are a Bristol-based technology company specializing in roaming value added services, fraud and security solutions, and analytics for mobile telecoms operators and signalling providers world-wide. We offer a proven, multi-protocol SS7 and Diameter Signalling Firewall, and are currently working with over 50 operators including two Tier 1 European operator groups.

Evolved Intelligence are innovators, and our team are leaders in telecommunications. We pride ourselves on our unique architecture and flexible implementation options. Whether you prefer remote hosted applications, bespoke solutions or a platform for your own developments, we may have the answer.

Applied Communication Sciences

February 6, 2015

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Applied Communication Sciences (ACS) solves real-world problems to foster the success of our customers and partners. We create research, consulting and technology solutions that drive market innovation across government and multiple industry sectors. Our ACS team is particularly recognized for working large-scale problems requiring deep knowledge of technology and operations.

Across the globe, we are helping governments, enterprises, utilities, operators and equipment makers to plan, design, build and modernize networks and systems. Our research and development investment is robust, with more than half of our staff holding Ph.D’s. Many of our members are fellows of IEEE, ACM, ASA and APS.

Amsterdam Internet Exchange B.V.

February 6, 2015

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The Internet and all its applications have almost become part of our senses these days. Many of us feel the need to be online 24 hours a day, to be interconnected with friends, family, colleagues and customers, or with the world at large. This interconnectivity of people is fed by the interconnectivity of the networks they are using, which is the main purpose of AMS-IX.
Established in the early 1990s as a not-for-profit organisation, AMS-IX (Amsterdam Internet Exchange) is a neutral and independent Internet Exchange based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Now interconnecting hundreds of networks by offering professional IP exchange services, also called peering services. Peering enables these connected networks to offer stable, fast and cost-effective Internet services to their end-users and business customers. Peering is what makes the Internet robust and resilient, a network of networks all linked together.
Additionally, peering is not limited to fixed data or traditional ISPs. AMS-IX serves a very diverse and unique mix of Internet companies including international carriers, mobile operators, content providers, hosting and cloud companies, application providers, tv broadcasters, gaming companies and other related businesses – all unified in one community: AMS-IX.
AMS-IX interconnects close to 650 IP networks and its business traffic has a peak of over 2.5 Terabit per second, making it the largest Internet Exchange in the world. AMS-IX additionally hosts the first mobile peering points worldwide: the Global GPRS Roaming Exchange (GRX), the Mobile Data Exchange (MDX), and the first interconnection of IPX networks (Inter-IPX). AMS-IX deploys two Internet Exchanges abroad – AMS-IX Hong Kong in the Asia Pacific region and AMS-IX Caribbean on Curacao. Currently, the AMS-IX East Africa Exchange Point is being built in Mombasa, Kenya. AMS-IX’s subsidiary AMS-IX USA Inc. deploys AMS-IX New York in the United States.

Cubic Telecom Limited

January 28, 2015

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With 10 billion mobile devices and an 18 fold increase in data traffic expected by 2016, Cubic Telecom’s software defined network is at the very heart of the next wave of global network technologies.
Allowing ‘bring your own device’ flexibility, security and application development, Cubic Telecom offers dynamically configurable

over-the-air provisioning to any device, anywhere, interconnecting users and applications across global mobile networks.

We are the enablers. Applications for our technology are limited solely by your imagination

GSM Billing Ltd

January 24, 2015


Our solutions are powering hundreds of mid tier interconnects, brokers, aggregators, carriers, IP players and telecom entrepreneurs worldwide. When you interconnect with us, you get the industry-leading mobile connectivity solutions all in one place. Our SMSC and VOIP gateway combines its focus on flexible solutions, strong connectivity and aggressive pricing, making us one of the most trusted backbone providers in the business. We provide a very competitive connectivity structure within the United Kingdom and allow access to over 57 countries. Using our SMS Hub, we can offer reliable Peer-to-Peer SMS-messaging services by allowing you to connect with hundreds of mobile operators at once, without the need for you to have direct agreements with any of them. With HLR being indispensible telecom technology, the prospects and potential for securing good revenue streams are very high with our amazing rates and excellent connectivity. The ID verification technology we provide is real-time process to help reduce fraud and chargeback’s. We turn your customer’s smart-phone or computer into an ID scanning terminal that makes it fast and easy to capture and verify their ID and other credentials to meet KYC requirements and prevent fraudulent activities. Now you can gain the geographic footprint you need to grow your subscribers anywhere in the world.

Argyle Data

January 21, 2015

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Argyle Data is used by the world’s leading mobile operators to detect the fraud, profit, and SLA threats that cost the industry $38 billion dollars per year.

Argyle Data’s industry-leading native Hadoop application suite uses the latest Hadoop and machine learning technologies, proven at Facebook and Google, to identify the revenue threats and attack patterns being waged against mobile networks in real time.

Com4 AS

December 12, 2014

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Com4 AS is a Norwegian communications operator focusing on mobile data communication for professional users. The company operates an extensive network and produces mobile services for a variety of industries, from manufacturing, energy to health and safety. As one of Europe’s leading operators in machine-to-machine (M2M) communications, is COM4 uniquely positioned to meet future requirements and challenges in mobile data communications.

Com4 has headquarters at Økern in Oslo. With dedicated core network and M2M platform stands COM4 uniquely positioned to produce advanced mobile communications services for the professional market. At all stages of sales, design and solution teams to implementation, delivery and customer service / support is, we only focus on professional mobile data communication (M2M).

Anam Technologies Limited

December 8, 2014

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Anam is the fastest growing independent SMS Firewall and A2P Monetisation service provider in the world, filtering billions of messages for Mobile Operators for more than 350m subscribers across 65 countries. Anam’s team of Industry leading A2P consultants leverage firewall technology to enable Mobile Operators to generate new revenues from A2P SMS traffic on their networks. The company’s offering has generated incremental revenues in excess of $2million per annum for every 1 million subscribers. Anam owns the worldwide patent for Home Routing (EP 1683375 B1), a technique invented by John Murtagh, Anam CTO in 2006 and fundamental to SMS Firewalls ever since.

Anam has corporate and technical headquarters in Dublin Ireland, Anam’s Asia presence is managed from Kuala Lumpur and the company has further worldwide presence in the UK, Pakistan, Jamaica, Malta, Czech Republic and Vietnam.

Movenda S.p.A.

September 23, 2014

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Movenda is a company focused on development of innovative software dedicated to Remote Management for SIM Card and Device. Movenda in a few years, has become leader in development of Over The Air (OTA) Platforms for (U)SIM Card and Device complies with ETSI and 3GPP and standards OMA CP 1.1 and OMA DM 1.2.

With its products Movenda helps Mobile Operators, Handset and (U)SIMCard manufacturers, Mobile Virtual Network Operator, Content Providers to accelerate the adoption about of new technologies and services.

Since 2009 Movenda is member of SIMalliance, of Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) and Strategic Partner of the GSMA.

Movenda is made up of multidisciplinary area with experts in marketing, engineering, usability and graphics for the study and development of mobile applications (iPhone, Android,Windows Mobile, RIM, Symbian).

Movenda learned a specific Know–how on the latest Device and (U)SIMCard technologies used then in Telecom Italia labs.

Teleena Holdings B.V.

September 23, 2014

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Teleena is a global IoT and MVNO provider headquartered in the Netherlands, with regional offices in United Kingdom and Singapore. Since its foundation in 2007, Teleena has helped its customers to achieve their IoT and Mobile ambitions with a state-of-the-art portfolio of products and services. Teleena’s value proposition: “We connect everything and everybody, always and everywhere”. Teleena’s technology agnostic global mobile access footprint and full scale service platforms enable its customers to unleash new business models, grow revenues or to reduce costs. Cloud based, agile, customized and in delivered in record speed. Teleena’s rich suite of IoT solutions allow customers worldwide to realize their IoT strategy. Future proof and operator and technology agnostic. Our IoT offerings include: – Embedded eSIMs and traditional global data SIMs – Mobile data exchange enabling global access at competitive rates – Cloud based secure connectivity management – Device management, data aggregation & analytics and advanced business logics We span the entire IoT/Mobile spectrum from core network (SIMs, GGSN/PGW, OCS/PCRF, HLR/HSS) to business support tools (Management Portal and APIs) in a highly scalable way. Our real-time solutions allow our customers to cost-effectively interact with every end-user or device and monetize mobile and IoT for consumer or business.  Teleena’s roaming agreements provide 2G/3G/4G mobile access to 660 networks in 220 countries, as well as to 57 million WiFi hotspots globally, the global Sigfox footprint as well as LoRa.

VAS2Nets Technologies LTD

August 12, 2014

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VAS2Nets Technologies Limited is a leading developer of consumer and enterprise mobile value added services. An ICT company located in and outside Nigeria with extensive experience in the development and delivery of mobile value added services, voice services and broadcast services.
The company is focused on providing total product and service solutions to our reputable client base of mobile operators, consumer brands and content providers.
VAS2Nets (The company) has over 10 mobile operator customers in 3 countries (Nigeria, Ghana and United Kingdom) and services over 1000 enterprise customers in Nigeria. Focused on the development of mobile applications over SMS, IVR and GPRS/ 3G, the company currently manages more than a hundred services and with an active subscriber base of over 100 million.
VAS2Nets products and services are spread across three key verticals – Mobile Communities, Enterprise Mobility and Mobile Content. VAS2Nets flagship products include SMS Chat, Voice Chat, Mobile Social Networking, SMS-based INTERACTIVE TV, Bulk SMS, Short Codes, Mobile Radio and various Content and Subscription Services.

Sequans Communications

July 24, 2014

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SEQUANS COMMUNICATIONS is a leading developer and supplier of single-mode LTE chipset solutions that are highly cost and power efficient. Sequans was founded in 2003 to address the WiMAX market where it became the de facto leader in WiMAX chips, and in 2009 turned to address the LTE market, where today its LTE chips are powering many new single-mode LTE devices, including tablets, routers, and M2M solutions. Sequans is one of the most experienced pure-play 4G technology companies in the world, having developed and delivered six generations of steadily advancing 4G technology.

Sequans offers two distinct LTE product lines: 1) StreamrichLTE for feature-rich mobile computing and home/portable router devices, and 2) StreamliteLTE for cost-sensitive M2M devices and the Internet of Things. StreamrichLTE platforms deliver advanced LTE capabilities, such as Category 6 LTE throughput, advanced interference rejection technology, and support for LTE Broadcast and VoLTE; and Sequans StreamliteLTE platforms are optimized for ultra cost and power efficiency for the vast Internet of Things market.

Sequans is based in Paris, with additional offices throughout the world, including USA, United Kingdom, Israel, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, China and Taiwan.


July 1, 2014

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Send SMS and voice messages worldwide | Trusted by 10,000+ companies.

MessageBird improves the way companies communicate, by integrating SMS into the heart of what they do. Whether this is sending time-critical alerts, carrying out marketing campaigns or interacting with customers, MessageBird delivers SMS in a straightforward and reliable fashion.

MessageBird offers a range of messaging products designed to cater for any type of business, including:

Through one secure connection, the MessageBird SMS Gateway can deliver messages to more than 800 operators, worldwide, quickly, efficiently and at competitive prices.

Truphone Limited

February 13, 2014

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With Truphone Mobile Recording, you can record, encrypt and store all your mobile calls and text messages, simply and securely. So whether you need to take steps to comply with financial legislation or just keep track of your important conversations, you’re all set with Truphone.

Truphone Mobile Recording is available as either a hosted solution, which features a highly secure, resilient, cloud-based storage service; or it can integrate with your existing recording equipment, plugging directly into any third-party recorder/data access component, as required. Access to these recordings is securely encrypted and automatically monitored – ensuring the system can be used as evidence in a court of law.

• No change to user experience
• No noticeable inbound or outbound call delays, with crystal clear audio
• Call functions such as voicemail, three-way calling and call waiting are unaffected
• Proactively monitors and records voice and SMS traffic
• Data is highly secured, through encryption and physical location
• Fully supports BlackBerry BIS & BES+
• Ability to redirect traffic to different recording locations where required
• Customisable security, offering everything from rule-based alerts to privacy whitelists
• Rapid deployment
• Seamless recording in over 100 countries


January 31, 2014

Member, Member

Invigo was founded by an experienced management and engineering team with a dedication to design, develop and market successful Value Added telecommunications products and to provide services to Mobile Operators.

Invigo’s management team have more than 15 years of experience in the international business of mobile operations. This experience gives us a unique understanding of what mobile operators expect from a solution provider and makes us aware of significant improvements on how to respond to mobile operators’ needs.

Invigo’s experienced team is committed to enhance and invigorate the mobile experience by creating innovative solutions and offering services that extend from the heart of the network to the hands of mobile users.

Our objective is to become mobile operators’ best partner by providing personalized and cost-effective solutions and services.


January 30, 2014

Member, Member

Argela’s product and solutions enable the telecommunications industry for Commercial and Government and Military sectors to improve their users’ experience and create new opportunities for new business areas. Argela pushes the boundaries of research and innovation to formulate and implement the communication technologies of the future. While developing products for the current market, Argela continuously searches for the next disruptive technologies and products.

Argela’s solutions portfolio includes Software Defined Networks, Programmable RAN, Network Performance Monitoring and Subscriber Analytics, Small Cell Solutions for public and defense (3G & LTE), Signaling Applications and Regulatory Solutions.

Company’s extensive range of products and services and unprecedented commitment to customer satisfaction, make Argela the choice for state-of-the-art communication needs.

Being established in 2004, Argela has a wide presence in the Turkey, Central Asia, Middle East and Africa with multiple deployments in various telecom operators and in Turkey with public safety solutions for Government and Defense.

Argela holds many innovative patents and as a driving force for 5G initiatives and 5G enabling technologies continues to enrich its patent portfolio by generating IPR for 5G Enabling technologies.

Oracle America, Inc.

January 9, 2014

Member, Member

Oracle Communications solutions span the communications industry landscape — from cross-channel customer experience and business and operational support systems, to network service and session delivery and control solutions — enabling service providers and enterprises to deliver and monetize innovative digital lifestyle services, build strong customer relationships, and streamline operations. For more information, visit

MobiWeb Limited

January 8, 2014

Member, Member

Since its establishment in 1999, MobiWeb Group of companies set as it’s mission to provide global SMS Messaging for B2B, B2C and C2C mobile interaction to operators, enterprises, aggregators and SMEs. Headquartered in Hong Kong and precence in UK, Belize, Cyprus, Greece, Romania, Turkey.

Being a licensed MNO and Fixed Carrier in several countries with our own ss7 infrastucture and reduntant connectivity, MobiWeb is the ideal partner for operators to provide a2p/p2p solutions and for enterprises demanding high quality SMS messaging and Voice services.

Using direct connections to telecommunication carriers and operators in the largest cloud data centers spanning over 4 continents, MobiWeb provides high quality telecommunication solutions to more than 2350 mobile operators and enterprises.

MobiWeb participates in the development of the mobile ecosystem as a GSMA Associate Member and a Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) Member.

Driven by excellence MobiWeb has already established a strong customer base in Europe, Latin America, Africa and Asia through the provision of enterprise telecommunication solutions.

Telcentris Inc.

November 29, 2013


Telcentris Inc. is a leading cloud communications service provider, innovator and creator of Voxox RCS platform and clients and other unified communication solutions for consumers and businesses.

Voxox enables operators, through a revenue-share or white label partnership, to deliver a comprehensive suite of RCS-compatible services, cloud telephony features and business communication services (e.g., hosted IP-PBX) which go Beyond RCS®. By partnering with Voxox, operators are able to gain back revenue lost to competing OTT players and generate profit by offering a larger set of compelling, differentiated and monetizable features.

The foundation of the company’s offerings is its award-winning unified communication service delivery platform in the cloud that integrates voice, video, SMS, rich messaging, intelligent call routing, fax, real-time text language translations, visual voicemail, instant group calls, business communications and much more in a single communication thread across any network and device.

Facebook Inc.

November 27, 2013

Member, Member

Founded in 2004, Facebook’s mission is to give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected. People use Facebook to stay connected with friends and family, to discover what’s going on in the world, and to share and express what matters to them.

Mosaik Solutions LLC

November 25, 2013

Member, Member

As a strategic partner to mobile operators and network-dependent solution providers, Mosaik enables its clients to deliver a superior network experience. We build world-class desktop and mobile applications backed by comprehensive, global network intelligence.

As an agile team of researchers, creatives and mapping experts, Mosaik empowers better strategic and tactical decisions with accurate datasets, flexible software and responsive professional services. We also help our clients attract and retain more customers with tailored marketing solutions.

Copper Horse Solutions Ltd

October 23, 2013

Member, Member

Copper Horse was established in 2011 in Windsor, UK. The company develops bespoke software applications to tackle mobile security and fraud issues across the globe, whilst offering unparalleled consulting expertise from some of the leading minds in the mobile security world. Some of the projects we have delivered include: small cells security, premium-rate service security assessments, incident handling implementation, consumer mobile phone security advice and a software and hardware solution to combat international revenue share fraud.

Copper Horse specialises in addressing particularly interesting, difficult and complex security problems. Our security expertise includes: human and user interface aspects, hardware and software security, mobile devices and applications, web and network security. The company also provides training, standards consulting and independent mobile industry analysis.

KORE Wireless Group Inc.

October 11, 2013

Member, Member

KORE is the largest M2M service provider of global machine-to-machine (M2M) network connectivity – offering complete global coverage through GSM, CDMA and satellite data services.

As a premier M2M service provider, KORE offers connectivity where you need it, with the right M2M network technology your business requires.

HTC Corporation

October 1, 2013

Member, Member

About HTC
Founded in 1997, HTC built its reputation as the behind-the-scenes designer and manufacturer of many of the most popular OEM-branded mobile devices on the market.

Since 2006, we have regularly introduced many critically acclaimed mobile devices under our own brand, and our portfolio includes smartphones and tablets powered by the Android or Windows Phone operating systems.

We are dedicated to enabling a customized user experience based on the belief that each mobile device needs to fit its owner, and not the other way around. What we make is not merely the product of focus group tests, but of observing and honouring how individuals choose to interact with technology.

Our customers guide everything we do at HTC, and it’s this commitment that defines the company.

HTC is listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TWSE: 2498).

Zenith System Solutions Inc.

August 15, 2013

Member, Member

Our business is designing, developing, and delivering information technology applications that enable service delivery and business transformation. We enabled the full range of telecommunications requirements including billing, data modeling, web services, settlement reporting, and end to end integration.

Vodafone Roaming Services S.à r.l

August 15, 2013

Member, Member

As a member of the Vodafone group, we unite extensive roaming know-how with global scale and local operating experience, where Vodafone Roaming Services is the single access point for Vodafone’s more than 650 roaming partners and all Vodafone operators.

We operate a GSMA Open Connectivity (OC) compliant roaming hub and are the leading interstandard roaming provider in the CDMA world. We enable mobile operators to lead in roaming so they can attract more high value customers and chargeable traffic.

We want mobile roamers to experience easy and worry-free communications in any place. Through our roaming services, we empower in excess of 180 mobile operators to deliver against this ultimate need.

We are an active member of the GSMA and a driving force in the development of many industry initiatives.

You can find us at


August 15, 2013

Member, Member

Upstream is a world leader in mobile marketing solutions, reaching over 500 million consumers in more than 40 countries. Using its advanced technology platform to deliver potent interactive communication via mobile channels, Upstream empowers global brands to activate their customers like never before.

Upstream was born out of a desire to revolutionise the way companies market to mobile consumers. By combining technology innovation with years of execution expertise and the analysis of terabytes of consumer data, communications powered by Upstream massively increase conversion rates and generate profitable interactions for companies and their mobile consumers.

This unique ability to extract value from any customer base has made Upstream the preferred mobile marketing partner for blue chip companies including Vodafone, T-Mobile, TIM, Orange, Telefonica, America Movil, Bharti Aritel, MTN, The Coca-Cola Company, Nestle, Unilever, Shell and BSkyB.

Telesign Mobile Limited

August 15, 2013

Member, Member

TeleSign Mobile is an registered UK Mobile Messaging Operator and service provider trading globally for over 10 years with its headquarters in London. As long-standing GSMA member, we are committed to providing responsible SMS termination through our own SS7-capable network, incorporating GSMA-compliant agreements for SMS with other operators. We have a track record of maintaining successful long-term business relationships, enabling operators to generate revenue in a risk-free environment, by satisfying the needs of subscribers for timely and relevant opt-in information.

Summit Tech Multimedia Communications Inc.

August 15, 2013

Member, Member

Summit Tech provides both products and services for the technology sector and content creation domain. We are specialists in designing, developing and delivering convergence based solutions across a broad range of platforms and devices.

ST Microelectronics NV

August 15, 2013

Member, Member

ST is a global leader in the semiconductor market serving customers across the spectrum of sense and power and automotive products and embedded processing solutions. From energy management and savings to trust and data security, from healthcare and wellness to smart consumer devices, in the home, car and office, at work and at play, ST is found everywhere microelectronics make a positive and innovative contribution to people’s life. By getting more from technology to get more from life, ST stands for life.augmented.

In 2016, the Company’s net revenues were $6.97 billion. Further information on ST can be found at

SMS Highway

August 15, 2013

Member, Member

SMS Highway began operations in Bucharest Romania in 2003 as a local Value Added Services provider. Meeting market demands over the next 10 years, SMS Highway became an industry recognized bulk SMS and Data Messaging Aggregator. In 2012, we have expanded our International presence to more than 15 territories and service our expanding Global clientele from our offices in London, Hong Kong, Barcelona and Bucharest.

With more than 10 years of experience, 300 Top international clients, Direct Mobile Network Connectivity and Billions of Messages delivered, SMS Highway is a Leading Global Source for your SMS and Data Messaging needs.

Plintron Global Technology Solutions Private Limited

August 15, 2013

Member, Member

Plintron is a global player in Cloud Communications Solutions and sports the telecom industry’s most comprehensive roll outs for MNOs, MVNOs and Enterprises. 10 years of rapid growth gives Plintron a leadership in the telecom industry’s topography. Commanding the largest global presence in its area of business, the company leverages its multi-country network to stay ahead of the curve. Plintron is 1000+ employees strong and is operating in 25 countries, and has provided mobility services for 90+ million subscribers.

The key factors in this global success are commitment to excellence, customer centricity, quality focus, flexibility and ownership. The company constantly endeavors in enhancing existing value and developing new and innovative solutions. Plintron is headquartered in Singapore, and houses its 24×7 Global Technology Delivery centre in India. Other Regional Business & Support offices are present in London (UK), Sydney (Australia), Seattle (US), Sao Paulo (Brazil) and Singapore (Asia).

Openmind Networks Ltd.

August 15, 2013

Member, Member

Openmind provides Telecom Operators with a world-leading Communication Services Platform that delivers standards-based, telecom-grade, legacy and future IP-based, services that are adopted and used every day, by consumers all over the world.

Mobile TeleSystems PJSC

August 15, 2013

Member, Member

Mobile TeleSystems PJSC (“MTS”) is the leading telecommunications group in Russia and the CIS, offering mobile and fixed voice, broadband, pay TV as well as content and entertainment services in one of the world’s fastest growing regions. Including its subsidiaries, as of December 31, 2012, the Group serviced over 100 million mobile subscribers in Russia, Ukraine, Armenia, Turkmenistan and Belarus, a region that boasts a total population of more than 200 million. The Group’s fixed business, as of December 31, 2012, had a total of 11.723 million households passed, 2.313 million broadband Internet and 2.938 million pay-TV subscribers.

MTS has been listed on the New York Stock Exchange since July 2000 and trades under the ticker MBT. The Company’s shares have been listed locally on Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange (MICEX) since November 2003 under the symbol MTSI.

The free float of the Company’s shares is approximately 49.2%. MTS is 50.8% majority-owned by Sistema JSFC, the largest publicly-traded diversified holding company in Russia and the CIS.MTS Brand

MTS launched its current brand in 2006, building on the reputation as the leader and highest quality operator in the region. The brand was developed to attract customers in a variety of cultural, socio-geographic and income segments with the consistent message of quality and leadership.

The strength of the brand was recognized internationally in 2008, when MTS became the first and only Russian company to enter BRANDZ™ Top 100 Most Powerful Brands, a ranking published by the Financial Times and Millward Brown, a leading global market research and consulting firm.

In December 2008, MTS extended its brand outside the CIS borders. MTS and Shyam Telelink Limited, JSFC Sistema’s telecommunications subsidiary in India, announced the agreement to allow Shyam Telelink to use MTS brand in India. The decision to introduce the brand to India is reflective of the brand’s success in the Company’s markets of operation since its launch in May 2006.

Oasis Smart Sim, Inc.

August 15, 2013


Oasis Smart SIM provides both end-to-end and customized services to enable the deployment of global USIM technology connectivity and management. Oasis’ mission is to embed USIM technology in all connected devices and provide secure services to manage their activation and connectivity.
This value proposition is ensured by Oasis offering: a full set of services for embedded and re-programmable SIM, along with solutions for activation, connectivity and subscription management. Oasis contributes in shaping the globally connected world by combining leading edge USIM technology and disruptive business models in a migrated focus from products and solutions to software and services.

Nextgen Clearing Limited

August 15, 2013

Member, Member

Nextgen Clearing offers a full suite of roaming services to the global mobile operator community. Nextgen Clearing was founded by a highly-experienced team drawn from the mobile roaming and financial services industries.

The key services Nextgen Clearing provides are; Data Clearing, Financial Clearing, Fraud Protection and Business Intelligence services for managing complex roaming discount agreements and simulation (IOTRON). Nextgen is the only clearing house to successfully integrate DCH, FCH and Discount Management (Total Settlement Solution) to provide a holistic and reliable control of an operator’s roaming business.


Nextgen Clearing has set new quality standards within the industry, thanks to leveraging a state of the art technology stack coupled with a first-class development team. Nextgen Clearing is committed to providing the industry with innovative solutions that aim to increase roaming revenues in an increasingly challenging marketplace.

NewNet Communication Technologies BV

August 15, 2013

Member, Member

NewNet Communication Technologies LLC. (NewNet) is a leading provider of innovative solutions for next generation mobile, fixed line networks, messaging and transaction processing. NewNet enables global telecom operators and equipment manufacturers to rapidly develop and deploy cutting edge, revenue-generating applications that deliver feature rich, value added services. With over a 20-year history, NewNet has deployed over 300 systems to 180 customers in 92 countries. The NewNet portfolio includes the TraxcomSecure transaction processing solution, Mobile Messaging Product family, 4G WiMAX broadband solutions, Nimblevox, the NewNet Interactive Voice Response solution, and the Invigorate NewNet mobile rating and charging portfolio. Recently NewNet acquired VoltDelta who provides cloud-based contact center services and voice self-service applications to organizations around the world. VoltDelta is a market leader in SMS and call handling.

The NewNet Mobile Messaging Portfolio has been in the market since 2001 originally as mBalance, B.V. and Tekelec, Inc. The Mobile Messaging Business Unit is based out of Amsterdam in the Netherlands with offices in Halifax (Canada), Singapore, Sao Paulo (Brazil), Bangalore (India) and Chicago (USA). Over 80 mobile operators have deployed NewNet’s Mobile Messaging portfolio scaling from 10 TPS up to 55,000 TPS. In June 2014, NewNet acquired NewPace and its RCS line of products. This included rcsConnect and the rcsCloudConnect hosted products which received accreditation status from the GSM Association (GSMA) for joyn℠ Blackbird in February 2014. The rcsConnect product line has been renamed to Krypton by NewNet. The Krypton product has been enhanced by NewNet to provide 3GPP/OMA-compliant service level interworking for SMS and IM. With the addition of NewPace, NewNet’s Mobile Messaging portfolio presents operators with rapidly deployable, cost efficient, future rich and high capacity SMS, MMS and RCS ecosystems.

Mobius Wireless Solutions Ltd.

August 15, 2013

Member, Member

Mobius Wireless Solutions provides telecommunications software solutions for mobile operators globally, specializing in business analytics and revenue assurance. Mobius solutions include the DBX Datawarehouse, DBX Analytics, Mobius SIM Suite, and Gatekeeper Fraud Detection service.

Interactive digital media GmbH

August 14, 2013

Member, Member

As a leading mobile messaging specialist and OC SMS Hub, IDM operates a proprietary messaging platform that is fully customizable to our clients requirements. With a strong team of in house development and technology experts, we a connecting mobile operators and enterprise clients with enhanced business communications solutions around the globe.

Haud Systems Limited

August 14, 2013

Member, Member

How HAUD can help your business:

HAUD helps MNOs generate more revenues through SMS whilst filtering unwanted messages.

Provides full control and monitoring of incoming and outgoing SMS.

Provides peace of mind to have an advanced security system that controls message tracking, traffic control and spam filtering.

Its primary customers are mobile network operators and SCCP carriers that require SMS analytics for originating and/or terminating SMS on their networks.

HAUD Systems has a number of solutions that can be adapted to the client’s needs through the flexibility and scalability of its product line of software modules.

These facilitate and ease monitoring and control over parts of the mobile network and also provide a suite of tools that assist with revenue assurance from SMS, both in terms of stopping leakages and increases revenues from this line of business.

At HAUD Systems, we pride ourselves on our company values in creating solutions, which provide reliable ease of use and control over communications networks.

Our business practice is to partner with our clients and assist them in achieving results through using our solutions. For this reason we like to hand-hold our clients throughout the business life-cycle, from initial discussions through to prompt and efficient customer support and maintenance.

Halys SAS

August 14, 2013

Member, Member

HALYS is a french independent company. HALYS designs and markets infrastructure equipments for mobile and fixed network operators as well as carriers. The company draws on its many years of experience in the deployment and installation of VAS platforms all over the world. Halys, with its unique integrated and scalable product system architecture is present at large and small operators. HALYS serves mobile network operators all around the world ( in Africa, the Middle east, Asia, Europe, America).

Global Smart Chip Solutions Private Limited

August 14, 2013

Member, Member

Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS

August 14, 2013

Member, Member

The Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS performs contract research and development for industry and public authorities. Headed by Professor Dr.-Ing. Albert Heuberger, Fraunhofer IIS researchers develop microelectronic systems and devices along with the required integrated circuits and software.

DynEd International, Inc.

August 14, 2013

Member, Member

DynEd International, Inc. was founded in 1987 by a team of language teachers, engineers, and artists. It produced and brought to market the world’s first computer-assisted language teaching CD-ROM and received a patent for its innovative design. Now, after more than 20 years of experience, DynEd has the world’s most comprehensive lineup of award-winning computer-based English Language Teaching (ELT/ESL) solutions.

Cloud 9 Mobile Communications PLC

August 14, 2013

Member, Member

Cloud9 Mobile is a UK based Mobile Virtual Network Enabler ( MVNE ) focused on providing market leading, low cost solutions for Global Mobile Network Operators, Mobile Virtual Network Operators, established Travel Brands and White Label Resellers.


Cloud9 have shipped several million ‘travel SIMs’. They do not supply end users instead preferring to offer a white label service to travel and telecoms operators. All SIM cards have been branded with the logo of these resellers.


In addition the company now provides the digital signatures ( ‘profiles’ or ‘IMSIs’ ) that provide a SIM card with the ability to register with a network and function. These can be provisioned over the air to dynamic SIM cards such as programmable removable UICCs, SoftSIMs and eSIMs. .


Cloud9 continue to sell SIMs for travellers to Operators and travel companies.


Its Mobile Country Code is 234 and its Mobile Network Code is 18. TADIG code is GBRC9.


The company has been allocated the following UK number ranges by Ofcom:


4478722, 4477000, 4474409, 4479782, 4479783 and 4475588


In 2013 they acquired the IPR of a UK manufacturer of core networks, Zynetix Ltd. This means that they now possess all of their own IPR with regards to their core network and supply core network components to other companies. Through this they have achieved sales as an MVNE


They are developing an OTA platform that will be compliant with the GSMA Remote SIM Provisioning standard for eSIMs that is being produced and aim to operate as an SM-DP+.

Afilias Technologies Limited

August 14, 2013

Member, Member

Afilias Technologies Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Afilias plc, is an expert provider of mobile and web technology that helps companies to reach their customers, regardless of device, content, or context.

We provide solutions to ensure our customers can prosper in a dynamic, diverse web environment. We have developed a range of award-winning products and tools that deliver a competitive advantage in today’s multi-screen world.

Active participants in formulating standards at W3C and IETF level, we provide thought leadership, innovation, services and solutions for every step of the journey to creating strategies that are independent of device or platform constraints.

Founded as dotMobi in 2005 by leading mobile operators, network & device manufacturers, and Internet content providers, including Ericsson, Google, GSM Association, Hutchison 3, Microsoft, Nokia, Orascom Telecom, Samsung Electronics, Syniverse, T-Mobile, Telefónica Móviles, Telecom Italia Mobile (TIM), Visa and Vodafone.

In addition to mobile and web services, Afilias is one of the world’s largest domain registries, with approximately 20 million names under management. Afilias’ specialized technology makes Internet addresses more accessible and useful through a wide range of applications, including Internet domain registry services and Managed DNS services.


April 16, 2013

Member, Member

Company ASTELNET s.r.o., member of group of companies under brand ASTELNET founded by telecom professionals in 2006 to expand activity on international markets.

ASTELNET is a Telco service provider and vendor of voice and data equipment, serving emerging and traditional telecoms and service providers. The company offers extensive line of Mobile Core and Voice-over-IP products which enable MNO, MVNO and traditional telephony operators to build robust and scalable networks for delivery of next generation FMC services to subscribers. ASTELNET’s innovative solutions are successfully deployed in different countries worldwide.

ASTELNET providing SIP-I/SIP, SCCP, GRX transit over own operated IPX network with extensive coverage and speed.


April 2, 2013

Member, Member

COMPRION develops and sells devices for the testing of terminals, Smart Card interfaces and Smart Cards for the contact-based and contactless world. Our pioneering products set the standard with their cutting-edge technology, superior quality and unquestioned convenience. Our strategy is simple: to provide best-in-class products and outstanding service in order to satisfy our customers’ unique needs. Through our high-profile involvement with several standardization and regulation organizations  we provide our customers with innovative products that meet and exceed their objectives — from initial product development to final product launch. Therefore, our trace and simulation systems are used by all top terminal and card manufacturers, chipset vendors, network operators and test labs.

AQ Limited

February 27, 2013

Member, Member

aql® are a regulated UK telecommunications network operator and mobile virtual network enabler (MVNE) with a number of independently owned and operated data centres in Leeds, UK.

Our range of business communication and support services includes SS7 MAP services, hubbing, wholesale SMS and Mobile network access, IP Voice (including over 12 million DDI’s), wholesale mobile data, managed SGSN/GGSN services and secure colocation.

We provide end-to-end delivery of turnkey technology projects that can be fully integrated within clients’ systems. aql® underpin global enterprise and provide solutions for businesses of all sizes, including 35 of the FTSE 100.

For more information on all aql® products and services visit


January 18, 2013

Member, Member

Transatel is the leading European MVNE (MVNO Enabler) and M2M solution provider, providing managed services mainly for mobile operators.

The company is currently running more than 80 MVNOs in Europe and the M2M service of Everything Everywhere, the first Mobile Network Operator in the UK. It operates under several business models according to customer needs: MVNE (managed services), MVNA (voice, SMS and data wholesaling) and MVNO (direct operation towards end-users).

Transatel has also been providing for more than 10 years an MVNO service for frequent travelers based on a patented multi-IMSI technology.

u-blox Italia S.p.A.

January 14, 2013

Member, Member

Swiss-based u-blox (SIX:UBXN) is the global leader in positioning and wireless semiconductors for the consumer, industrial and automotive markets. Our solutions enable people, vehicles and machines to locate their exact position and wirelessly communicate via voice, text or video. With a broad portfolio of chips, modules and software solutions, u-blox is uniquely positioned to enable OEMs to develop innovative personal, professional and M2M solutions quickly and cost-effectively. With headquarters in Thalwil, Switzerland, u-blox is globally present with offices in Europe, Asia and the USA.

Intercede Ltd

December 17, 2012

Member, Member

Intercede is a security software provider whose MyID identity management platform enables global organizations and governments to create trusted digital identities for employees and citizens on secure devices such as smart cards, smartphones and tablets. MyID enables the protection of intellectual property, assets and digital content, delivering trusted digital identities as the cornerstone of cyber security strategies for government, defense, financial services and other industries.

The Company operates in global markets (including the US, Europe and Middle East) and works with large international partners including BT, Gemalto, HP, Microsoft, Oberthur, SafeNet, Symantec and Thales to deliver flexible digital identity solutions that are interoperable with other existing technologies and tailored to customer needs.

Corporations such as Boeing, Booz Allen Hamilton and Lockheed Martin, and governments including the US, UK and Kuwait, trust Intercede’s expertise to deliver effective solutions. The Company’s technology achievements reflect an investment of 300 plus man years of development, exemplary speed of deployment and adherence to international standards including FIPS 201, where MyID was the first electronic personalization product to obtain GSA approval. This trust is reflected in Intercede’s rate of repeat business with its customers, which typically runs at 70-80% of annual revenues.

Intercede has been developing identity management systems since 1992 and MyID is currently deployed by end customers in 24 countries. The Company is headquartered in the UK, listed on the London Stock Exchange (AIM: IGP) and is ISO 9001 and TickIT certified. For more information visit

Roscom Ltd

December 12, 2012

Member, Member

Roscom is a global supplier of solutions which help Communication Service Providers identify and monitor services at risk from revenue leakage.  We specialise in defining, measuring and quantifying financial exposure to risk, in order to help CSPs protect business integrity and increase top line revenues & bottom line margins.

Our Independent Event Generation (IEG) testing solutions actively generate real traffic which we reconcile independently against the Operator’s network, systems and revenues.

We have developed a Risk Measurement Model (RMM) which helps define a unique strategy and system of testing that gives a true end to end assessment of real subscriber usage, from handset to final invoice.

Our solutions can be applied to risk management in the areas of Revenue, Network & Systems Assurance, Quality of Experience and Regulatory Assurance, as all of these have a financial impact which we comprehensively define, measure and account for.

Privately owned with a global customer base, Roscom has been designing and building assurance solutions and delivering them across the telecoms industry since 1982.

NorthStar Asia Pacific Sdn. Bhd.

November 26, 2012

Member, Member

Established in July 2000, NorthStar has quickly become an industry leader in designing, manufacturing and deploying an innovative range of batteries and site solutions. Because our products are so reliable and cost effective, they are used in Telecom Power Systems, Uninterruptible Power Supplies and Engine Start applications, in more than 120 countries.

NorthStar employs over 700 people worldwide, with headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden.

NorthStar has launched an enhanced battery for demanding telecom applications: the NSB Blue + Battery. To make the Blue + NorthStar took the proven performance of Blue Star Technology and modified the electrochemistry to deliver more power, high cycling and fast recharge. This makes the Blue + ideal for unstable grid and off gird applications. “The original Blue Battery has performed remarkably well for our customers, and the new Blue + is a big improvement,” says NorthStar CTO Frank Fleming.


Telecommunications, Lead-Acid Batteries, Site Solutions, Power Cabinets

SpiderCloud Wireless, Inc.

October 22, 2012

Member, Member

SpiderCloud Wireless is the innovator behind a scalable and multi-access small-cell network platform that allow mobile operators to deliver unprecedented cellular and Wi-Fi coverage, capacity and smart applications to enterprises. SpiderCloud Wireless is based in San Jose, California and is backed by investors Charles River Ventures, Matrix Partners, Opus Capital and Shasta Ventures.

Asia Consultancy Group, LLC

October 2, 2012

Member, Member

Asia Consultancy Group (ACG) is a privately-held international telecommunications service company engaged in facilitating the development of infrastructure solutions for disperse populated areas.

Our aim is to provide a range of premier services encompassing cell tower co-location, operation and management, network planning and design, Over-The-Air device management, and Voice Termination and Origination to Telecommunication and ISP services providers facings a challenging environment.

ACG was founded and is staffed by people who planned and built out the first cellular network in Afghanistan. In this process, the team has gained insight into the conditions that go into establishing a cellular communications network in a rugged country with a dispersed population.

ACG is headquartered in the United States, with regional offices in Afghanistan, Dubai and Pakistan.

PT. Cipta Srigati Lestari (CSL)

September 17, 2012

Member, Member

PT. Cipta Srigati Lestari (CSL) was founded in 1999 in Jakarta INDONESIA, focusing on outdoor media sector. In 2006, CSL entered Printing, Security Printing and Fulfillment for Operator Telecommunication businesss. CSL is currently the largest capacity and provider for smartcard in Indonesia. Equipped with the most advance technology for: Printing Production, Card Production, Chip Module Production, Smartcard Production and Personalization.

Symsoft AB

September 14, 2012

Member, Member

Symsoft is the trusted provider of Value Added Services and Online Charging solutions, enabling over 60 Communication Service Providers (MNOs and MVNOs) globally to increase profitability through higher revenues and lower costs. Our groundbreaking solutions help carriers to multiply messaging revenues with limited CAPEX and OPEX. The same technology is used to dramatically cut VAS cost by consolidating old, costly systems into one lean architecture, easing the transition to next generation services. A lean architecture helps operators aggressively meet the on-line demands of the new telecommunications environment while meeting the increasingly higher requirements of the NOW era.


Dialogue Communications Ltd

August 30, 2012

Member, Member

Dialogue Communications established in 1994 is a tier 1 mobile services aggregator. Dialogue specialises in delivering mobile messaging and mobile billing solutions for a global market. Dialogue also uses its own technology to help customers benefit from using SMS and works with market leaders to integrate effective two-way SMS with SaaS applications.

Headquartered in Sheffield, UK, Dialogue also has international offices in London, Sydney, Cape Town, Singapore and San Francisco.

With ISO 9001 certification since 2000, Dialogue is proud of the comprehensive quality of service it provides, including software usability, message gateway performance and customer care. The company has also been awarded the ISO 27001 standard for its information management systems.

Infinite Convergence Solutions, Inc.

August 22, 2012

Member, Member

Infinite Convergence Solutions is a provider of innovative and cutting edge products supporting the needs of next-generation wireless communication. Our Messaging Business provides a comprehensive Messaging Product Portfolio that includes the Rich Communication Suite (RCS), Converged Messaging Solutions (CMS), Enterprise Messaging Service (EMS), Personal Messaging Cloud (PMC), Multimedia Messaging Service Center (MMSC), Short Message Service Center (SMSC), Short Message Service Gateway (SMS Gateway). Our products are deployed in Tier 1 and Tier 2 mobile operators servicing over 100 million subscribers with over 700 billion annual messages processed.

Route Mobile Limited

July 16, 2012

Member, Member

Route Mobile Limited (RML) is a technology service provider for mobile communication industry with a focus on messaging and voice solutions. We have designed and deployed stable and reliable enterprise messaging platforms. RML has multiple dedicated SMSC and direct connectivity with various international operators. We cover more than 750+ global networks and 42 global titles worldwide.


July 11, 2012

Member, Member

FIME is a trusted consultant and advanced end-to-end testing services provider within the payment, mobile telecom and transit sectors. Its work ensures the successful and efficient market integration of products and solutions which use secure chips. Its wealth of testing knowledge and skills accelerates product time to market and promotes security, interoperability and confidence that products will deliver optimum performance once launched.
As an independent worldwide leader in secure-chip testing services, FIME offers technical consultancy, qualified test tools and official authority-approved certification services. These services combine to enable FIME’s international team of more than 300 technical experts and testing consultants to effectively validate the functional and security compliance of devices, cards and chip-based systems to industry standards.

To ensure global testing expertise is delivered within a regional framework, FIME is expanding its network of ISO 17025 accredited laboratories and operations. It currently offers a local presence across America, Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

Valid Soluciones Tecnologicas S.A

June 8, 2012

Member, Member

VALID was founded in the late 50’s under the name Thomas de la Rue, acquired in 1993 by American Banknote and renamed to VALID in November 2010 after a 100% free float and the earlier acquisition of Microelectrónica Española in February 2010.

The company offers integrated services in payment solutions, identification systems and develops, manufactures and sells smart cards to mobile network operators around the globe. In the early 1990’s, (under Microelectrónica Española) VALID had developed an operating system for SIM/USIM cards that has been adopted by some major mobile operators in Europe and Latin America.

Western Union Digital

May 29, 2012

Member, Member

Western Union Company (NYSE: WU) is a leader in global payment services. Western Union provides consumers and businesses with fast, reliable and convenient ways to send and receive money around the world, to send payments and to purchase money orders. These services are offered through a combined network of approximately 500,000 agent locations in 200 countries and territories. In 2011, The Western Union Company completed 226 million consumer-to-consumer transactions worldwide, moving $81 billion of principal between consumers, and completed 425 million business payments.

Western Union offers its cross-border mobile money transfer service in more than 10 countries and has numerous agreements with other mobile operators, vendors and banks to introduce the service in more markets in the future.


May 2, 2012

Member, Member

Collis is the market leader in secure transaction technology. Collis has a strong global team dedicated to delivering innovative solutions to the finance, government, telecom and transport sectors for over a decade. Collis’ solutions include consultancy projects, product development of test tools & simulators and expert training courses associated with smart card technology, mobile payments, security and risk, transactions, cards, devices and central host systems.

Collis is an official Visa Chip Migration Partner, MasterCard Accredited Consult & Training Vendor, and member of GlobalPlatform, MobeyForum, Smart Card Alliance, ACT Canada, ISO (Cards, Road Pricing and Automated Fare Collection), 3GPP, GCF and European Brussels Interoperability Group.
Established in 1997, Collis enjoys official recognition of payment associations (Visa, MasterCard, JCB, American Express and others as well as EMVCo) and is an ISO 9001 certified company. This status confirms that Collis customers can always rely on a high quality of standards and services.

On the 2nd of April 2012, the acquisition of Collis by UL was announced. Our clients in the world of secure transactions need a well-known, global trusted brand for all their independent advisory services, test tools and certification services. The size of UL and the competences of Collis ensure this vision becomes reality. We are confident that with the support of UL, we can reach out to all corners of the globe, really making a difference in how companies deliver secure transactions. Our shared vision will become reality!

ZTE Corporation

April 5, 2012

Member, Member

ZTE is a leading global provider of telecommunications equipment and network solutions. It has the widest and most complete product range in the world – covering virtually every sector of the wireline, wireless, service and terminals markets. The company delivers innovative, custom-made products and services to over 500 operators in more than 140 countries, helping them to achieve continued revenue growth and to shape the future of the world’s communications. ZTE’s 2009 revenue was over USD 8,820.7 million, attaining the fastest growth in the industry with a 36.08% revenue increase. ZTE commits around 10% of its annual turnover to research and development and takes a leading role in a wide range of international bodies developing emerging telecoms standards. A company with sound corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives, ZTE is a member of the UN Global Compact that strictly adheres to the Ten Principles of the Global Compact in developing and carrying out CSR programs. ZTE is China’s only listed telecom manufacturer, with shares publicly traded on both the Hong Kong and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges (H share stock code: 0763.HK / A share stock code: 000063.SZ). For more information, please visit

Wuhan Tianyu Information Industry Co Ltd

April 5, 2012

Member, Member

Wuhan Tianyu Information Industry Co., Ltd. is one of the IT enterprises specialized in the research, development and production of smart card, information security, system integration, terminal equipment and derived products. From the very beginning of its establishment, Tianyu has been heading its way in light of all the Tianyuees’ loyal faith and aggressive spirit. Within a short time of six years, Tianyu has grown up to be a standard Sino-France joint venture company with registered capital of RMB59.73 million Yuan.

WIT Software S.A.

April 5, 2012

Member, Member

WIT is a software development company specialized in advanced solutions for mobile telecommunications companies. The company has over 13 years of experience and a deep expertise in mobile communications and network technologies including IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS), mobile voice (Mobile VoIP and Voice over LTE), messaging (SMS, MMS and IM), Rich Communication Suite (RCS) and Multimedia Telephony Services (MMTel).

Over the years, WIT became a leading provider for converged real-time communications from Internet end-points with Telecom infrastructures. In this context, the company created the first WebRTC Gateway that is able to support all the Internet browsers available in the market: for browsers like Safari and IE, that do not natively support WebRTC, the transport of media (audio/video) is done through the RTMP protocol that is converted by the our gateway into RTP. This WebRTC gateway is also fully compliant with RCS5.1 standards.

The company provides solutions for Quad-play operators including software solutions for IPTV and OTT-TV services. WIT provides a white-label TV Everywhere solution for smartphones, tablets and PC/web. WIT also provides a middleware for HDMI dongles and Android set-top boxes together with server-side components allowing a Telecom operator to launch an Over-the-Top TV services. We have also created a software solution for sharing, in real-time, user-generated content from smartphones/tablets and other devices like Google Glass to the Television.

Finally, the company has also been developing a software platform for mobile banking, mobile payments and electronic recharges. This platform is commercially deployed and has been helping Telecom and TV Operators to collect tens of millions in revenue. Established in 2001, WIT has customers in more than 15 countries, with blue chip customers including major tier-1 operators in Europe.

WeDo Technologies

April 5, 2012

Member, Member

WeDo Technologies, is the market leader in Revenue Assurance and Fraud Management software solutions to Telecom, Media and Technology organizations worldwide. It has also +15 years of experience in managing and supporting different roaming business, spread across 43 countries. WeDo Technologies provides software and expert consultancy across +105 countries, through a +600 network of highlyskilled professional experts, present in the US, Europe, Asia- Pacific, Middle East, Africa, Central and South America. WeDo Technologies’ software analyzes large quantities of data allowing to monitor, control, manage and optimize processes, ensuring revenue protection and risk mitigation. With over 180 customers – including some of the world’s leading blue chip companies – WeDo Technologies has long been recognized as the constant innovator in assuring the success of its customers along a journey of continuous transformation.

Watchdata Technologies Pte Ltd

April 5, 2012

Member, Member

Watchdata is a well-established and recognized pioneer in data security and smart card technology solutions. Watchdata offerings include SIMpass™ mobile payment solution, digital signature and authentication solutions, embedded security access module and the award winning TimeCOS® operating system that is widely used in the fields of cashless payment, e-commerce, health and social services.

Tyntec Ltd

April 5, 2012

Member, Member

Tyntec is a cloud communications provider enabling businesses to communicate easier with their customers, workforce and machines. tyntec has built its global connectivity from the ground up and developed cloud APIs on top to provide the full advantage of cloud communications on a global scale.

Building on its heritage of tier-one global SMS messaging provider, tyntec continues to advance how today’s enterprises utilize the universal services of messaging, voice and phone numbers to connect and perform transactions with people around the world.

Transaction Network Services, Inc.

April 5, 2012

Member, Member

TNS is a leading provider of data communications and interoperability solutions.

TNS offers a broad range of networks and innovative value-added services which enable transactions and the exchange of information in diverse industries such as retail, banking, payment processing, telecommunications and the financial markets.

Founded in 1990 in the United States, TNS has grown steadily and now provides services in over 60 countries across the Americas, Europe and the Asia Pacific region, with our reach extending to many more.

Telit Communications S.p.A.

April 5, 2012

Member, Member

Telit Wireless Solutions is a global leader in the field of Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communications and subsidiary of Telit Communications PLC (AIM: TCM). Telit develops, manufactures and markets M2M modules which enable machines, devices and vehicles to communicate via wireless networks.

Telepin Software Systems Inc.

April 5, 2012

Member, Member

Telepin Software is a leading global market software provider of mobile financial platforms. Our sole purpose is to provide a complete solution to maximize the revenue from your network. We provide our customers with unprecedented capabilities to control their distribution network, maximize their revenues from mobile financial services, and provide innovative mobile financial applications.

Telenor Global Services AS

April 5, 2012

Member, Member

Telenor Global Services (TGS) is an international mobile carrier focusing on quality wholesale voice services, and mobile and connectivity services such as GSM Roaming Signalling, Blackberry Connectivity, GRX, SMS, SIM Box Detection, and LTE Roaming Exchange. Our services are delivered and produced over our high quality IPX Compliant MPLS/IP Network. We are part of the Telenor Group which is a leading provider of telecommunications services and one of the world’s major mobile operators with more than 150 million subscribers globally.

Our head office is located in Norway and  we have sales offices in Dubai, Hong Kong, Pakistan, Hungary, Sweden, Thailand, Miami and the UK. We exist to help customers get the full benefit of our communications services. We provide highly reliable services to our quality focused partners, both mobile operators and carriers.

Telenor Global Services is an associated member of the GSMA and fully supports the Global Roaming Quality (GRQ) recommendations provided by this association.

Telefónica International Wholesale Services S.L

April 5, 2012

Member, Member

Telefonica International Wholesale Services globally manages every element of the wholesale business (legal, commercial, network, finance and administrative). In addition, Telefonica International Wholesale Services has local organizations in the markets where the Telefonica Group has a strong presence. With this new structure, our performance and customer relationship management will exceed your expectations.

Telecom Italia Sparkle S.p.A

April 5, 2012

Member, Member

Telecom Italia Sparkle, Telecom Italia Group’s international carrier, is a full service provider offering a complete range of wholesale solutions spanning from voice, IP & bandwidth and advanced mobile services. Telecom Italia Sparkle objective is to provide “one stop shop solution” to mobile operators by leveraging its know-how and its state of the art proprietary infrastructure. Telecom Italia Sparkle supports mobile operators in improving their competitiveness by offering leading voice, signalling, GRX and MMS Interworking services. Know-how transfer programs and ad-hoc consulting services are offered to complement the portfolio for mobile operators. Telecom Italia Sparkle references are: number 1 in Europe in terms of voice revenues, among the top 5 carriers worldwide in terms of voice traffic, Tier-1 IP & data service provider in Europe and Latin America and major player in selected extra-European markets.

Tata Communications

April 5, 2012

Member, Member

Tata Communications is a leading global provider of a new world of communications. With a leadership position in emerging markets, Tata Communications leverages its advanced solutions capabilities and domain expertise across its global and pan-India network to deliver managed solutions to multi-national enterprises, service providers and Indian consumers.

Syniverse Technologies Inc

April 5, 2012

Member, Member

Syniverse Technologies, Inc. solutions allow more than 800 communications companies in over 160 countries to provide seamless mobile services by making it possible for disparate technologies and standards to interoperate. Syniverse’s flexibility and customer focus permit its customers to quickly react to market changes and demands, enabling the delivery of everything from voice calls to sophisticated data and video services wherever and whenever subscribers need them. With more than 20 years in the industry, Syniverse is headquartered in Tampa, Florida, U.S.A., and has offices in major cities around the globe. More information is available at


April 5, 2012

Member, Member

For more than 40 years, SAP has been helping companies run better – running mission-critical business process across all areas of business. As a strategic enabler of today’s global economy, SAP is uniquely positioned to use our innovations to solve these complex challenges.

SAP is the market leader in enterprise application software, we help organizations of all sizes and industries combat the damaging effects of complexity, generate new opportunities for innovation and growth, and stay ahead of the competition. We do this by delivering technology innovations that we believe address today’s and tomorrow’s challenges without disrupting our customers’ business operations. Organizations around the world are entering a new era of business model innovation, made possible by the convergence of cloud, mobile, social, and big-data technologies.

SAP applications and services enable more than 263,000 customers to operate profitably, adapt continuously, and grow sustainably.

SAP for Telecommunications is an end-to-end portfolio of solutions, applications, and services tailored to meet the needs of the telecommunications industry. It integrates your entire business on a coherent platform, streamlining your existing operations and introducing efficient, future-proof business functions. SAP’s portfolio for telecommunication enterprises of all types and sizes includes an unsurpassed range of industry-specific functions with support for sales and order management, convergent charging, convergent billing, receivables management, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

SAP Mobile Services is the recognized global leader in mobile interconnection and mobile consumer engagement services. Providing mobile operators with unparalleled capabilities in global messaging interconnect, data roaming and an array of IPX-based services, and enabling enterprises to engage with their consumers, through innovative mobile marketing and communication solutions.

SAP Mobile Services processes more than 1.8 billion messages per day reaching over 1,040 operators and 6.1 billion mobile devices around the world.

Subex Limited

April 5, 2012

Member, Member

Subex Limited is a leading global provider of Business Support Systems (BSS) that empowers communications service providers (CSPs) to achieve competitive advantage through Business Optimisation – thereby enabling them to improve their operational efficiency to deliver enhanced service experiences to subscribers.

The company pioneered the concept of a Revenue Operations Center (ROC®) – a centralized approach that sustains profitable growth and financial health through coordinated operational control. Subex’s product portfolio powers the ROC and its best-in-class solutions such as revenue assurance, fraud management, asset assurance, capacity management, data integrity management, credit risk management, cost management, route optimization and partner settlement.

Subex also offers a scalable Managed Services program and has been the market leader in Revenue Assurance and Fraud Management for 3 years in a row according to Gartner (2010, 2011 & 2012). Subex has also been enjoying market leadership in Business Optimisation for five consecutive years according to Analysys Mason (2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 & 2011). Business Optimisation includes fraud, revenue assurance, analytics, cost management and credit risk management. Subex has been awarded the Global Telecoms Business Innovation Award for 2012 along with Idea Cellular and 2011 along with Swisscom for fraud management. Subex has also been awarded the Global Market Share Leader in Financial Assurance 2012 by Frost & Sullivan.

Subex’s customers include 28 of top 50 operators and 33 of the world’s 50 biggest telecommunications service providers worldwide. The company has more than 300 installations across 70 countries.

Starhome Mach

April 5, 2012

Member, Member

Starhome Mach drives mobility forward, adding value through enabling technologies for global and cloud connectivity. We sit within and between 300 operators in more than 130 countries.

We remove boundaries giving subscribers the freedom to roam across network technologies and geographies. For operators, our solutions provide one place to manage the wholesale and retail inter-carrier business while deriving more value from the underlying networks. We link operators and applications to create truly global mobile applications.

The company’s three main offices are located in Switzerland, Luxembourg and India. It also has a worldwide network of support locations providing local support and professional services.

Sony Mobile Communications Inc.

April 5, 2012

Member, Member

Sony Mobile is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tokyo-based Sony Corporation, a leading global innovator of audio, video, game, communications, key device and information technology products for both the consumer and professional markets. With its music, pictures, computer entertainment and online businesses, Sony is uniquely positioned to be the leading electronics and entertainment company in the world. Through its Xperia™ smartphone and tablet portfolio, Sony Mobile delivers the best of Sony technology, premium content and services, and easy connectivity to Sony’s world of networked entertainment experiences.

Smith Micro Software

April 5, 2012

Member, Member

Smith Micro Software, Inc., develops and markets mobile software products and services and an extensive line of PC software products for business & home markets. Bringing together innovative solutions from mobile connectivity to managing media content mobility to advancing mobile software management, Smith Micro products enrich the experience people have with their computer systems, mobile devices and wireless networks.

Silverstreet BV

April 5, 2012

Member, Member

Silverstreet is a specialist in Mobile Messaging (SMS) offering global MT termination options (covering more than 800 networks). We are specialized in mission critical traffic, and high volumes (wholesale) clients.

Our footprint is global and through that reach we are able to offer operator grade HLR queries as well as a variety of longcode type products in addition to our core MT SMS portfolio.

Silverstreet has teams spanning 10 countries and 3 continents servicing clients in over 100 countries around the world ranging from the A2P aggregator sector, mobile operators, banking, government and corporate entities. To properly service this client base the company further maintains a 24/7/365 Support Team via IM, Phone and Email.
Silverstreet is a privately funded company independent of outside investment and financing it’s own expansion.

Sierra Wireless Inc.

April 5, 2012

Member, Member

Sierra Wireless (NASDAQ: SWIR) (TSX: SW) is building the Internet of Things with intelligent wireless solutions that empower organizations to innovate in the connected world.

We offer the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio of 2G, 3G and 4G embedded modules and gateways, seamlessly integrated with our secure cloud and connectivity services.

OEMs and enterprises worldwide trust our innovative solutions to get their connected products and services to market faster.

Sierra Wireless has more than 1,000 employees globally and operates R&D centers in North America, Europe and Asia.

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Samsung Electronics Co Ltd

April 5, 2012

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Ever since it was founded in 1938, SAMSUNG has continually refined its mission statement to respond both to change in itself and in the world: “Economic contribution to the nation,” “Priority to human resources,” “Pursuit of rationalism.” Each slogan represents significant moments in SAMSUNG’s history, reflecting different stages of the company’s growth from a domestic industrial leader into a global consumer electronics powerhouse.

Mobileum Inc.

April 5, 2012

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Mobileum is Wisdom, not merely intelligence or insight. Our Telco Big Data Analytics solutions promise mobile operators, Just Wisdom® from their biggest underutilized asset – Data. Mobileum’s Traveler Analytics, Customer Experience Management and Data Monetization solutions analyze peta-bytes of data daily to create revenue generating, experience enhancing Wisdom for 615+ operators across 168 countries. In addition to this, Mobileum’s leading Roaming Solutions portfolio continues to help mobile operators stay on the leading edge of roaming innovation. Mobileum’s Just Wisdom® promise is powered by Roamware’s rich brand heritage, leadership and proven innovation. Mobileum combines unmatched experience and judgment to unlock value from mobile operator data like never before.

Roamsys S.A.

April 5, 2012

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SIMPLIFY ROAMING. In 2014 we were awarded ‘RMS supplier of the year’ and we are committed to continually develop and further improve our products and services to simplify roaming management. Roamsys is an Associate Member of the GSMA and we actively contribute to their standardization efforts. For example, we built the customized RAEX IOT, Op Data and IR.21 applications which are being used by hundreds of operators every day.

BlackBerry Limited

April 5, 2012

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BlackBerry Limited is the designer and manufacturer of the award-winning BlackBerry® smartphone, used by millions of people around the world. The company also creates solutions for the worldwide mobile communications market, including the software that allows the BlackBerry smartphone to provide mobile access to email, applications, media and the Internet.


RealNetworks, Inc

April 5, 2012

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RealNetworks creates innovative applications and services that make it easy to connect with and enjoy digital media. RealNetworks invented the streaming media category and continues to connect consumers with their digital media both directly and through partners, aiming to support every network, device, media type and social network.

Qualcomm Incorporated

April 5, 2012

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Qualcomm is a leader in developing and delivering innovative digital wireless communications products and services based on CDMA and other advanced technologies. Qualcomm serves the global wireless industry with breakthrough technologies that are enabling the convergence of mobile communications and consumer electronics, making next-generation wireless devices and services more personal, affordable and accessible to people everywhere.

As a leading innovator of the third generation (3G) wireless standards, Qualcomm’s technology breakthroughs enable the speed and capacity necessary to effectively deliver data services like access to the mobile Internet, music, games, video and more. Qualcomm is at the forefront of developing solutions and services that enable operators to deploy, grow and capitalize on their 3G networks.

Prisma Telecom Testing

April 5, 2012

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PRISMA Telecom Testing is a leading provider of innovative scalable load & stress test and monitoring solutions for 2G, 3G and 4G Mobile Networks, both over the wired and the radio interfaces.

The largest wireless Network Equipment Manufacturers and Service Providers worldwide rely on PRISMA for complete RAN testing.

PRISMA’s solutions based on SDR allow the evaluation of GSM, WCDMA and LTE Radio Interfaces with the same hardware platform.

PRISMA Telecom Testing is a subsidiary of PRISMA Engineering, active since 1986 in this field and is headquartered in Milan, Italy, with offices and partners across Europe, Asia and the Americas.

Peter-Service Ltd.

April 5, 2012

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Peter-Service is the pioneer of billing in Russia that provided the first Russian billing system for telecom operators. Today Peter-Service occupies one of the leading positions among the developers of innovative billing solutions for the telecom sector and possesses a unique experience in delivering projects for major mobile and fixed telecom operators both in Russia and abroad.

Payfone, Inc.

April 5, 2012

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Payfone is a leader in creating and authenticating mobile identities. Payfone’s suite of network authentication services provides unparalleled mobile security while eliminating friction from the customer experience. The company’s investors include Fortune 500 financial institutions and wireless service providers such as American Express, Verizon Wireless and Rogers Communications. Payfone is headquartered in New York City.

Oberthur Technologies

April 5, 2012

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OT is a world leader in digital security solutions for the mobility space. OT has always been at the heart of mobility, from the first smart cards to the latest contactless payment technologies which equip millions of smartphones.

Present in the Payment, Telecommunications and Identity markets, OT offers end-to-end solutions in the Smart Transactions, Mobile Financial Services, Machine-to-Machine, Digital Identity and Transport & Access Control fields.

OT employs over 6 300 employees worldwide, including almost 700 R&D people. With more than 50 sales offices across 5 continents and 1 manufacturing hub by region, OT’s international network serves clients in 140 countries.

For more information:

NTT Communications Corporation

April 5, 2012

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NTT Communications is the long- distance & international communications and ICT solutions provider of NTT – the no.1 telecommunications company in the world (ranked 29th in the Fortune Global 500 list of 2012.)

Nokia Networks

April 5, 2012


Nokia is a global leader in the technologies that connect people and things. Powered by the pioneering work of Bell Labs, our research and innovation division, and Nokia Technologies, we are at the forefront of creating and licensing the technologies that are increasingly at the heart of our connected lives.

We combine global leadership in mobile and fixed network infrastructure, with the software, services, and advanced technologies to transform how smart devices and sensors tap the power of connectivity. With state-of-the-art software, hardware and services for any type of network, Nokia is uniquely positioned to help communication service providers, governments, and large enterprises deliver on the promise of 5G, the Cloud and the Internet of Things.

Serving customers in over 100 countries across the world, Nokia is driving the transition to smart, virtual networks and seamless connectivity by creating one, single network for all services, converging mobile and fixed broadband, IP routing and optical networks, with the software and services to manage them seamlessly. With an R&D spend of EUR 4.7 billion in 2014, our 40,000 research scientists and engineers continue to invent and accelerate new technologies that will increasingly transform the way people and things communicate and connect: 5G, ultra broadband access, IP and software define networking, Cloud applications, IoT and security platforms, data analytics, as well as sensors and imaging.


April 5, 2012

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NeuString is the world leader in Predictive Analytics for mobile telecommunications, and an active associate member of the GSM Association. NeuString’s Predictive Analytics software enables mobile operators to monitor subscriber usage and establish optimal go-to-market and pricing strategies for mobile transactions and services.

Neustar Inc

April 5, 2012

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Neustar was originally founded in 1996 to meet the many technical and operational challenges that arose when the U.S. Government mandated local number portability. Today, we’re trusted on a much larger scale. We deliver addressing, interoperability, and infrastructure services worldwide to communication service providers, enterprises, associations, governments and regulatory agencies.

Neural Technologies Limited

April 5, 2012

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Neural Technologies brings insight to data.

Neural Technologies’ Optimus® Platform helps you transform your business by delivering smarter insights, better decisions and faster actions to support your digital transformation strategy. For more than 25 years, enterprises have relied on our innovative Optimus® products & solutions in the areas of Revenue Management and Digital Integration. Optimus® does more than just protect your business’ revenue: it gives you the capabilities to deliver new business models faster, enhance your customer loyalty and improve your operational efficiency.

By using the Optimus® Platform, enterprises can Ingest, Interpret and Act on all their digitised data, to Present significant insights and facilitate informed business decisions. Whether it be Fraud Management, Revenue Assurance or Order Orchestration, all of our products & solutions are powered by the Optimus® Platform – agnostic and unique in its ability to connect enterprises to all of its digitised data. Our open source scripting language delivers high flexibility and allows any user to develop new solutions with ease and confidence.
Optimus®: One Platform – Many Products – Countless Solutions, enabling digital transformation.

NetComm Wireless Limited

April 5, 2012

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NetComm Wireless Limited (ASX: NTC) is a leading developer of innovative broadband products sold globally to major telecommunications carriers, core network providers and system integrators. For 30 years NetComm has developed a portfolio of world first data communication products, and is a respected global provider of 3G and 4G wireless devices servicing the major telecommunications carrier, Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and Rural Broadband markets. NetComm’s products are designed to meet the growing needs of today’s data-intensive home, business and industrial broadband applications and customized to optimize performance in line with global network advancements. Headquartered in Sydney, Australia, NetComm has offices in New Zealand, North America and the Middle East. For more information about NetComm visit:

NEC Corporation

April 5, 2012

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NEC aims to provide optimal solutions to its customers. Innovation is the key to our ongoing success. After all, our company has been at the cutting edge of research and development in its field for over a century.

Morpho S.A.

April 5, 2012

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Morpho, a Safran company, is a global leader in security solutions. We employ more than 8,400 people in 40 countries. In 2013, we reported revenues of 1.5 billion euro of which 9% was dedicated to R&D. Our unique expertise lies in providing cutting edge security solutions for Civil Identification, Criminal Justice and Public Security, Transport and Border Control, Critical Infrastructure, Digital ID and Smart Transactions markets.

We are the world leader in biometric identity solutions, automated identification systems based on fingerprint, iris and face recognition, and Computed Tomography (CT)-based Explosives Detection Systems (EDS) for hold baggage. We are one of the leading suppliers of trace detection solutions for the aviation market, road safety solutions, SIM cards, banking cards and gaming terminals. With integrated systems operating in more than 100 countries, our solutions secure and simplify the lives of people around the world.

Monty Mobile

April 5, 2012

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Monty Mobile is a GSMA certified Open Connectivity SMS Hub and Roaming Broker, working closely with worldwide mobile operators to facilitate the international flow of Data, Voice and SMS across global markets.  With its innovative solutions, professional customer service, and a long-lasting thirst to improve, Monty Mobile has grown into a key regional player in the telecommunications business, gathering under its portfolio some of the biggest mobile operators and service providers around the world.  Based on its business expertise, research and development capabilities, and outstanding customer service, Monty Mobile strives to provide reliable and effective voice services to the international and local markets. Working hand in hand with worldwide partners, we deliver long-term communication and interconnection solutions between global regions and support the growth of the telecommunication industry.

Spirent Communications

April 5, 2012

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Spirent Communications enables innovations in communications technologies that help connect people.

Whether it is service provider, data centers, enterprise IT networks, mobile communications, connected cars vehicles or the Internet of Things, Spirent solutions are working behind the scenes to help the world communicate and collaborate faster, better and more securely.

The world’s leading innovators rely on Spirent expertize to help them design, develop and deliver best-in-class solutions to their customers.

Microsoft Corporation

April 4, 2012

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Founded in 1975, Microsoft (Nasdaq “MSFT”) is the worldwide leader in software, services and Internet technologies for personal and business computing. The company offers a wide range of products, services and technologies designed to empower people through great software – any time, any place, on any device, on mobile and fixed networks.

Lleida Networks Serveis Telematics, SL

April 4, 2012

Member, Member has became the first SMS carrier in Spain. With our simple to use and robust sms gateway provides our customers with Virtual SMS Handset enabling them to make use of it as a virtual mobile in your PC.

Link2One A.E.I.E

April 4, 2012

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Link2One  Roaming Hub was founded in February 2008.

Link2One offers you a simple roaming solution: with just one agreement and one connection you’ll have coverage around the world. With a simple network and billing configurations you’ll be up and running on Link2One Roaming Hub, with the same service level and capabilities as in traditional bilateral roaming agreements. Your revenue will increase as your operating costs decrease.

Link2One is the fastest-growing roaming hub. It provides signalling, clearing and settlement, plus partner management for network operators worldwide. In addition, the Link2One Roaming Hub will provide new connectivity services on an ongoing basis. Its multilateral approach enables operators to have worldwide coverage for voice, data, SMS and CAMEL with just one agreement and one link to the Link2One Hub.

LG Electronics Inc

April 4, 2012

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LG Electronics, Inc.(Korea Stock Exchange: 6657.KS) was established in 1958 as the pioneer in the Korean consumer electronics market. The company is a major global force in electronics and information and communications products with more than 84,000 employees working in 76 overseas subsidiaries and marketing units around the world. With annual total revenues of more than US $45 billion(2008, non-consolidated only), LG Electronics comprises five main business companies : Home Entertainment(HE), Mobile Communications(MC), Home Appliance(HA), Air Conditioning(AC), Business Solutions(BS). LG Electronics’ goal is to enable the intelligent networking of digital products that will make consumers’ lives better than ever. LG(MC company) launched the world’s first commercial CDMA handset in 1996, and since then LG has been rapidly increasing its global market share. In 2005 and 2006, our premium Black Label Series phones such as LG Chocolate and LG Shine marked a new benchmark in mobile handsets and we introduced LG Secret the third handset in this series. In 2007 LG was selected for the GSM Association’s 3G for All Campaign. In 2008, LG’s consumer-focus was again recognized by the GSM Association, which chose two of our handsets to lead its Horizon Phone initiative, aimed at making automatic mobile roaming a reality in 220 countries around the world. LG creates phones based on insight from consumers, helping to ensure that every phone LG makes addresses specific customer needs.

LATRO Services, Inc.

April 4, 2012

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LATRO Services is a global company focused on providing business solutions through our innovative approach to process and technology. We specialize in the elimination of SIM Box fraud but can also reduce other network frauds including Premium Rate Service (PRS) and International Revenue Share Fraud (IRSF).


April 4, 2012

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Kineto is key innovator and leading supplier of Telco-OTT solutions for mobile operators. Kineto is committed to helping mobile operators compete in a world evolving rapidly to IP-based communications.



April 4, 2012

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SIGOS is the worldwide leader in active testing and Fraud Detection of telecommunication networks and services. The solutions enable operators, OTT, content providers, carriers and regulators to fully understand Quality of Service and Experience from an end-user perspective.

The SITE test system supports proactive testing across all technologies and network infrastructures. GlobalRoamer, the world’s largest roaming testing platform, provides access to over 790 networks in 210 countries. Fraud Detection and Revenue Assurance conclude the innovative and market leading portfolio.

SIGOS today serves over 450 customers in more than 150 countries worldwide, including most top 100 network operators.

Interop Technologies

April 4, 2012

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Interop Technologies™ is a leading provider of advanced communications, virtualized networks and managed services for the global mobile industry. The company delivers better ways for mobile communication service providers to quickly launch next-generation communications and meet the unique needs of their market with agility, cost efficiency, expert service performance and complete end-to-end technology advancements. Founded in 2002, the company has world headquarters in Fort Myers, FL, and an EMEA regional headquarters in Dublin, Ireland. Learn more at

  • Next-Gen Communications (IP, LTE, IMS): CorePlusX℠: A complete IMS solution that delivers the services, functionality and infrastructure operators need to remain competitive in the ever-changing all-IP mobile space. Interop’s managed IMS core and IP solutions remove the complexity and cost associated with the transition to an all-IP network, allowing operators to quickly launch the services subscribers demand. (Solutions: VoWiFi, VoLTE, MVNO OTT and RCS)
  • All-Gen Communications (2G, 3G, 4G): SMSC, MMSC, IP Messaging Gateway, and Wireless Emergency Alert (eWEA) Gateway
  • Handset Management: Solutions include SIM OTA, CDMA OTA, and Interactive IVR

Intel Corporation

April 4, 2012

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Intel pushes the boundaries of innovation so our work can make people’s lives more exciting, fulfilling, and manageable. And our work never stops. We never stop looking for the next leap ahead—in technology, education, culture, manufacturing, and social responsibility.

Infobrain AG

April 4, 2012

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GSM Application Provicer, GSM Standards Supporter, TAP3 Competence Center. Supplier of different tools to help operators, billing system providers and clearing houses to integrate TAP3 seamless into their systems and to protect their investment into roaming agreements. Associate Member.

Infobip Ltd

April 4, 2012

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Infobip is a global provider of mobile solutions connecting mobile network operators and enterprises. Our mobile services cloud and market-leading SMS, USSD and HLR services are now complemented by our Centili m-payments system powered by direct mobile billing technology.

Our strength lies in exclusive in-house development, partnerships with major global mobile operator groups and a wide sales network with dedicated regional offices in Europe, Asia-Pacific, Africa, Middle East and Latin America.

Understanding local requirements and utilising our experience in mobile allows us to fully control and guarantee the quality of our services, providing clients worldwide with quality, reliability and flexibility.

Imobix Inc.

April 4, 2012

Member, Member

IMOBIX™ is an international company offering products and services to the mobile industry with particular focus on Roaming. We provide a variety of consulting, outsourcing, QoS, training and technical support services through our team of experienced, senior industry professionals with well founded knowledge in GSM and CDMA technologies.

iBasis, Inc

April 4, 2012

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iBasis, a KPN company, is a leading wholesale carrier of international voice traffic and a provider of retail prepaid calling services and enhanced services for mobile operators.

The company offers a comprehensive portfolio of voice termination services, value-added messaging, signaling and roaming services for mobile operators, as well as outsourcing services for many of the world’s largest fixed and mobile operators and VoBB service providers.

In February 2010, iBasis announced availability of its IPX Next Generation Network for high quality services over a secure IP backbone.

The iBasis IPX enables mobile and fixed network operators to efficiently roll out converged voice and data services with assured end-to-end quality of service and support for cascading payments.

iBasis customers include KPN, KPN Mobile, E-Plus, BASE, TDC and many other large telecommunications carriers such as Verizon, Vodafone, China Mobile, China Unicom, IDT, Qwest, Skype, Telecom Italia, and Telefonica.

iBasis offers a comprehensive portfolio of international mobility solutions: high-quality voice and SMS termination, global mobile signaling, GRX, smart fraud detection, traffic management, roaming VAS, HD Voice and LTE Roaming & Signaling.

Huawei Technologies Co Ltd

April 4, 2012

Member, Member

Huawei is a leading telecom solutions provider, owned entirely by its employees. Through continuous customer-centric innovation, Huawei have established end-to-end advantages in telecom network infrastructure, application & software, devices and professional services.

Global Message Services AG

April 4, 2012

Member, Member

Global Message Services AG acts under the GMS international trademark.


GMS is a telecommunication company specializing in SMS/MMS Services, Mobile Marketing and ICT solutions for business.


The company provides SMS coverage in over 220 countries with direct connections to most mobile operators in the CIS, regardless of the technology used (CDMA, GSM, iDEN, TDMA, DAMPS, AMPS).


GMS is represented in Switzerland (Zug) and Ukraine (Kyiv).


Giesecke+Devrient Mobile Security

April 4, 2012

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G+D Mobile Security is a global mobile security technology company headquartered in Munich, Germany. The company is part of the Giesecke+Devrient group. G+D Mobile Security has a workforce of 5,800 employees and generated sales of approximately EUR 860 m in the 2016  fiscal year. More than 50 sales and partner offices as well as 20+ certified production and personalization sites and data centers ensure customer proximity worldwide

G+D Mobile Security manages and secures billions of digital identities throughout their entire life cycle. Our products and solutions are used by commercial banks, mobile network operators, car and mobile device manufacturers, business enterprises, transit authorities and health insurances and their customers every day to secure payment, communication and device-to-device interaction. G+D Mobile Security is a technology leader in its markets and holds a strong competitive position. For more information, please visit:

Gemalto NV

April 4, 2012

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Gemalto provides end-to-end digital security solutions that are designed to make personal digital interactions more convenient, secure and enjoyable.They range from the development of software applications through the design and production of secure personal devices such as smart cards, SIMs, e-passports and tokens to the deployment of managed services for our customers.

More than one billion people worldwide use our products and services for telecommunications, financial services, e-Government, identity management, multimedia content, digital rights management, IT security, mass transit and many other applications.

PCCW Global B.V

April 4, 2012

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PCCW Global is an operating division of HKT, Hong Kong’s premier telecommunications service provider which is majority-owned by PCCW Limited.

With centers in Hong Kong, Herndon, Virginia in the US, Paris in France, and Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, plus teams based in the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Asia and the Americas, PCCW Global serves the voice and data needs of multinational enterprises, as well as the operational requirements of service providers. Covering more than 3,000 cities in 140 countries, the PCCW Global network supports a portfolio of integrated global communications solutions which include Ethernet solutions, IP solutions, fiber and satellite transmission solutions, managed services and solutions, and voice services. To learn more about PCCW Global, please visit

Orange Hub

April 4, 2012

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Operating in 29 countries, Orange is one of the world’s leading telecommunications operators with over 231 million customers. We offer operators, ISPs and carriers not only the historical international network of the Group but also the latest wholesale innovations. Our presence on both the retail and wholesale markets worldwide means we deliver leading edge international wholesale solutions that are fully adapted to the needs of local retail operators. Based on a solid and extensive long distance network infrastructure, we pride ourselves in offering the most innovative solutions for our customers and partners with the highest quality of service. Our dedicated wholesale teams on four continents and our R&D investments make it possible for us to offer our customers the peace of mind and quality they require


April 4, 2012

Member, Member

Ericsson is the driving force behind the Networked Society – a world leader in communications technology and services. Our long-term relationships with every major telecom operator in the world allow people, businesses and societies to fulfil their potential and create a more sustainable future.

Our services, software and infrastructure – especially in mobility, broadband and the cloud – are enabling the telecom industry and other sectors to do better business, increase efficiency, improve the user experience and capture new opportunities.

With more than 110,000 professionals and customers in 180 countries, we combine global scale with technology and services leadership. We support networks that connect more than 2.5 billion subscribers. Forty percent of the world’s mobile traffic is carried over Ericsson networks. And our investments in research and development ensure that our solutions – and our customers – stay in front.

Future Card Ind. LLC

April 4, 2012

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Future Card Ind. LLC is a fast growing plastic company establishes in Sharjah in the UAE caters to the ever growing plastic market of the region, with high quality products and services.


Emirates Data Clearing House

April 4, 2012

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Emirates Data Clearing House was established in 1994 to provide a single souce of support for the roaming facility provided by Etisalat (the Telecom leader in Middle East). Within a few years EDCH had established itself internally to be fully functional and had gained enough operational experience that it was decided in 1998 to launch EDCH’s services internationally.

Dialogic Inc

April 4, 2012

Member, Member

Dialogic is a leading cloud-optimized solutions provider for real-time communications media, applications, and infrastructure to service providers, enterprises, and developers around the globe. Based in Parsippany, NJ with offices worldwide, Dialogic helps 48 of the world’s top 50 mobile operators, and nearly 3,000 application developers build and deploy on agile networks. Learn more about how Dialogic is enabling agility by following us on Twitter @Dialogic, and visiting and the Dialogic Blog for the latest industry news, trends and advice.

cVidya Networks

April 4, 2012

Member, Member

cVidya is a leading supplier of Big Data Analytics solutions for communications and digital service providers. cVidya provides operators with a complete solution, encompassing a Big Data technology platform and analytical applications designed to optimize profits and support operational and strategic decisions.
cVidya’s Business Protection offering, which includes Revenue Assurance and Fraud Management solutions, enables operators to quickly identify risks and prevent revenue loss. cVidya’s Business Growth offering, which encompasses Marketing Analytics and Data Monetization solutions, enables operators to optimize their base management activities and leverage new opportunities to monetize data through 3rd parties.
cVidya has achieved rapid ROI for more than 165 customers globally, including AT&T, Vodafone, Sprint, Telefonica, Orange, British Telecom, Deutsche Telekom, Bell Canada and MTN.
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CSG International

April 4, 2012

Member, Member

CSG International (NASDAQ: CSGS) is a market-leading business support solutions and services company serving the majority of the top 100 global communications service providers, including leaders in fixed, mobile and next-generation networks such as AT&T, Comcast, DISH Network, France Telecom, MasterCard, Orange, T-Mobile, Telefonica, Time Warner Cable, Vodafone, Vivo and Verizon. With over 25 years of experience and expertise in voice, video, data and content services, CSG International – the coming together of CSG Systems and Intec Telecom Systems – offers a broad portfolio of licensed and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)-based products and solutions that help clients compete more effectively, improve business operations and deliver a more impactful customer experience across a variety of touch points. The company serves a global client base across highly competitive industries including cable and direct broadcast satellite, telecommunications, financial services, healthcare, utilities, content and entertainment and more. For more information, visit our website at

Mahindra Comviva

April 4, 2012

Member, Member

Formed in 1999, Mahindra Comviva has grown rapidly to become the  global leader in providing mobile solutions beyond VAS.

During the past decade, Mahindra Comviva has expanded its portfolio  of productized solutions and services to serve mobile service providers as they  face increasingly strong competition and strive to meet the diverse needs of a  rapidly growing customer base. Mahindra Comviva’s portfolio of productized solutions and  services enable mobile service providers to optimize cost structures, create  increased subscriber loyalty and accelerate revenue growth.

Geographically, Mahindra Comviva has expanded to serve its customers’  needs, establishing hubs in Asia, Africa, Europe, Latin America and the Middle  East. By meeting the diverse demands of operators in a multitude of locations,  Mahindra Comviva has gained extensive market expertise and know-how, which it now  exploits to provide a differentiated portfolio of offerings across the globe  and to ensure timely delivery against commitments, regardless of the  on-the-ground conditions.

Mahindra Comviva’s impressive growth results from both organic and  inorganic expansion. In 2002, Mahindra Comviva merged with CellCloud Technologies and in  2007, Mahindra Comviva acquired Jataayu Software Limited, a leading player in the mobile  Internet space. Mahindra Comviva has also succeeded in attracting investment from  leading business groups and venture capitalists, with Sequoia Capital and Cisco  Ventures investing in the company in 2005.

In 2009, we rebranded from Bharti Telesoft to Comviva and in 2013, we rebranded from Comviva to Mahindra Comviva, with the acquisition of majority stake in the company by Tech Mahindra.

Comptel Corporation

April 4, 2012

Member, Member



Life is digital moments.

We believe that the quality and success in life, private or business, is increasingly dependent on the quality of digital moments we live in. From early morning to late evening people communicate, co-create, collaborate with others and consume digital content and services. In addition the connected “things and machines” set the tone and pace on how the everyday life functions.

Perfecting digital moments.

We at Comptel are on a mission to perfect the digital moments. This perfection is a two way street.
Firstly, perfection means getting digital content in the right context delivered right the 1st time. No delays, no errors, no friction and no bad experiences. For the service providers perfection means gaining more revenue, serving happy customers and less risks in the business of digital moments.

Our operation NEXTERDAY. framework gives direction and focus on four major forces and their sub-forces that will deicde whether service providers will adapt or fall behind.

1#: Digital buying experience for the generation cloud customers

The post-digital era has introduced a major power shift from sellers to buyers (end users). Customers want to try, buy, rent, use and dispose digital content and services at hyperspeed on their own terms and engage through the medium of their choice. They also want only to receive individually relevant recommendations in-their-moments.

We are seeing a shift toward a “Segment of One,” where buyers’ individual digital and mobile moments are identified and analysed as they happen and recommendations are defined accordingly without any delay. Nexterday calls for a drift away from costly and unsuccessful one-size-fits-all promotions. Instead, it urges you to learn to use intelligent fast data, create contextual segments and in-the-moment offers, implement action automation and close the loop with the perfect service and order fulfillment.

#2: Monetizing more with less time

Digital and communications service providers have more monetisation opportunities at their fingertips today than ever before. However, they have less time to seize these opportunities and develop new offerings.

Time has become the main business asset. Communications Service Providers still need 4 to 8 months on average to develop and launch a new commercial service in 2016. This kind of slowness will kill business. New speed-to-offer targets must be set to minutes instead of months.

A need for context-aware, dynamically customised mobile data packages has encouraged operators to seek for new, disruptive tools and capabilities beyond traditional policy and charging solutions.

#3: Orchestration everything from Ground to cloud.

Any conversation about infrastructure transformation inevitably must discuss the impact of Network Function Virtualisation (NFV). NFV brings compelling opportunities for greater agility, scalability, flexibility and the ability to create new services and serve complex environments.

2016 will be the year when many operators start tearing down their legacy infrastructures and embrace NFV as a strategy to speed things up. Those remaining on the fence will need to make a decision soon, because the competition is passing them by.

Virtualisation will bring savings, simplicity and flexibility, but legacy infrastructure still remains crucial for business. The new normal is all about managing a hybrid and more complex environment.

#4: Bye bye BIG data, Hello intelligent fast data

2016 will be a make-or-break year for Big Data and analytics. Costs and C-level frustration are mounting, and proven business cases and value from analytics must be seen this year. The whole paradigm needs to shift from the Stop-Store-Find-Analyse-Decide-Do approach to one in which data is refined and analysed simultaneously as it flows, actions are taken automatically and insights are drawn instantly.

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Comfone Ltd.

April 4, 2012

Member, Member

Comfone, provider of roaming services to more than 300 operators in over 125 countries, is known throughout the telecoms industry as an international mobile roaming specialist. Comfone’s industry know-how owes itself to over ten years of experience and customer-orientated in-house expertise. Through its unique portfolio and additional value added services, Comfone fully optimises the setting up of each operator’s roaming processes, thus increasing the efficiency of mobile roaming. The company’s portfolio ranges from the complete outsourcing of roaming, to individual elements, such as signalling, hubbing, data, WLAN roaming, convergence and clearing services. Comfone’s active participation in GSMA standardisation groups, the WiMAX Forum and the Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA), ensures that its innovative solutions are market-driven and meet the requirements of its substantial worldwide customer base. Comfone employs nearly 100 multicultural staff at its headquarters in Bern. From its regional offices covering Europe, Latin America, North America, Central Asia and Asia Pacific, Comfone is well placed to support its customers throughout the world. Learn more about Comfone at

CITIC Telecom International Limited

April 4, 2012

Member, Member

CITIC Telecom International (SEHK: 1883), a member of CITIC Group, is one of the leading telecommunications hubs to provide telecom services in the Asia Pacific including Voice Service, Mobile SMS and Value-added Services (e.g. Signaling Transit, Prepaid roaming and VAS applications), Data Service and Telecom solutions to Telecom Carriers, Mobile Network Operators and Internet Service Providers around the globe.

Cisco Systems, Inc

April 4, 2012

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isco Systems, Inc® offers an integrated, access and device independent, mobile strategy focused on business transformation via a strong suite of both purpose-built and virtualized solutions.

We redefine Mobile Operator agility with portfolio enhancements that orchestrate, and automate new services for the Internet of Everything and M2M.  The open, elastic, and programmable architecture combines carrier-grade NfV, SDN, and the industry’s first cross-domain, multi-vendor orchestration to reduce Time-to-Revenue of new services down to minutes and days.  Cisco delivers one of the first commercial virtualized evolved packet cores with compute and hypervisor independence.  The first multi-technology Small Cell solution offers 3G, LTE, and SP Wi-Fi for true heterogeneous access.  The most widely deployed multi-vendor SON solution extends seamless experience through integrated support for small cell along with macro radios. Learn more by visiting our SP Mobility page.

Capana Sweden AB

April 4, 2012

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Capana develops IT software and services for a wide range of different industries. Some of our solutions are industry specific, but many of them are applicable for any type of industry. For the telecommunications industry specifically, they provide the necessary tools to conduct wholesale rating and settlements as well as related solutions for this type of business, such as revenue assurance, reconciliation and dynamic reporting. Another major part of their core business is customised business intelligence and management consulting, as well as IT service management.

Brightstar Corp.

April 4, 2012

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Brightstar. Serving Wireless.

Brightstar is the world’s largest specialized wireless distributor and a leading provider of diversified services focused on enhancing the performance and results of the key participants in the wireless device value chain: manufacturers, operators and retailers.

Bercut Ltd

April 4, 2012

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Bercut is an international provider of IT solutions.
Since 1995 our innovative solutions have been boosting profitability and revenues of our clients and partners. Our key advantage lies in a unique approach to service development and management together with operators and subscribers.
Bercut opens up new opportunities across IT and up to date communication technologies sharing risks and responsibility. We support and advance our solutions during their entire life cycle.

Bercut highlights
– 1000+ installations all over the world, including Russia, the CIS, Europe, Asia and Africa

– Clients are listed among the world’s top communications service providers.

– 300+ mln subscribers enjoy services based on our solutions.


April 4, 2012

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BICS is recognized in the wholesale communications market as a top global voice carrier and the leading provider of mobile data services. We aim at bridging the telecom world with the new unconventional communication providers worldwide.

Our innovative suite of solutions for Voice, Messaging, Data & Connectivity, Business Intelligence & Analytics, Fraud & Authentication, Roaming, MVNE and Asset Monetization bring value to our customers’ businesses by enabling them to offer state-of-the-art communication services.

Our headquarters is located in Brussels and we offer global connectivity with strong presence in Africa, Americas, Asia-Pacific, Europe and Middle East. We have regional offices in Bern, Madrid, Dubai, New York, San Francisco and Singapore, a satellite office in Beijing and local representation in Accra, Cape Town, Miami, Montevideo, Nairobi and Toronto.

With a diverse and multicultural team of about 500 employees, we continuously strive to provide customers with the highest level of quality, reliability and interoperability, enabling them to maximize their end-user value.

For more information, please visit:


April 3, 2012

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Araxxe provides monitoring services to the communications industry in the fields of Revenue Assurance and Interconnect Fraud Detection. Araxxe helps telecom operators to assure their revenues both in their retail business units (prepaid, postpaid or corporate customers) and in their wholesale business units (inter-operator termination fees and roaming TAP processes). Araxxe operates its monitoring services in a “service bureau” mode. The services are supported by an integrated infrastructure of software, hardware and people. Araxxe’s unique network of robots has been rolled out across 150 countries and has access to 1750 carrier routes. The monitoring services are operated 365 day per year and 24 hours per day by the Araxxe operations centre in Lyon, France. Araxxe is a member of the ETSI and GSMA associations. In 2011, Araxxe was voted as a “Cool Vendor 2011” by Gartner, the world’s leading information technology research and advisory company. Since its inception in 2005, Araxxe has been serving more than 110 communication companies around the world.

Anritsu A/S

April 3, 2012

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Anritsu continues to draw on its long history and experience in wire and wireless communication equipment, and is a leading manufacturer of a wide variety of advanced products, including communication equipment, instrumentation and control equipment, information terminals, and manufacturing equipment. In particular, Anritsu is acknowledged as the world leader in measurement systems for ISDN optical communications.

42 Telecom Limited

April 3, 2012


Fortytwo strives to be at the forefront of messaging technology. Backed by a multicultural team of messaging professionals with a robust technical team and 24/7 support agents. Fortytwo is a fully licensed MNO in Sweden with operational headquarters in Malta We’re proud to be GSMA certified and accredited by the Swedish Post and Telecom Authority and part of the FORTYTWO Group. 

With over a decade of experience the Fortytwo brand has evolved to reflect the company’s growth to a trusted provider of global communication solutions. Our innovative messaging solutions focus on reliability and seamless integration, we partner with brands and enterprises to provide quality mobile messaging. Our brand’s focus continues to be our clients. We work tirelessly to ensure that we exceed expectations and that our solutions bridge the gap between our clients and their customers. 

Fortytwo is your trusted partner of choice for delivering messages to every corner of the globe.

Innovative Systems, LLC

April 3, 2012

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Innovative Systems provides voice, video and OSS/BSS telecommunications services to wireless and wireline companies with over 1200 systems in service. The APMAX(tm) delivers voice services including Unified Messaging, Mass Notification, Conference Calling, Web Portal Customer Care and many other enhanced voice services. The eLation(tm) OSS/BSS, provides billing, financials and staking/mapping solutions for wireline, wireless, IPTV and CATV companies. Contact # 605-995-6120 or visit

AMD Telecom S.A.

March 22, 2012

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AMD Telecom was established in 2000 and incorporated in 2007 as AMD Telecom S.A.

Today is counted among global market leaders in the following fields:

  • Open Connectivity solutions. Our company is connected to more than 1,200 Mobile Network Operators in more than 200 countries, providing bidirectional SMS and Voice services with broad international coverage.
  • SMS Monetization. We allow our clients to optimise or generate profits from previously loss-making A2P SMS services. SMS Monetization is consisted of the following elements: A2P Monetization, SMS Firewall, Tracking & Reporting, Intelligent Routing and Web2SMS Server.
  • Clearance & Settlement. We implement Data and Financial Clearing Services for Mobile Network Operators.
  • Roaming services. We provide roaming services on behalf of Mobile Network Operators.


Our customers include Mobile Network Operators, Telecom Vendors, Social Networking Platforms, Global Email Providers and Global Resellers.


Our company’s administrative headquarters are in Switzerland and Greece. Our financial headquarters are in Switzerland and the United Arab Emirates. We operate branches in Spain, Italy, Russia, India, while in 2015, we began operating an office in Peru to better serve the market in LATAM.


For further information, please visit AMD Telecom’s website or contact us at:


Agile Telecom SpA

March 22, 2012

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Established in 2002, Agile Telecom is a Licensed Operator specialized in providing global wholesale messaging solutions. Agile is interconnected with over 700 carriers in 200 countries and offers top quality mobile messaging services dedicated to mobile operators, enterprise, SMS aggregators and Internet companies.

Carrier grade, in-house developed state-of-the-art technology and strong international peering relationships make Agile Telecom a unique partner when it comes to service resiliency and stability. Agile’s service is furthermore reinforced by a direct connection to the local mobile operators.

Agile Telecom, your SMS professional.

Advanced Roaming & Clearing House Limited

March 22, 2012

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Advanced Roaming & Clearing House Limited (ARCH) provides customers with comprehensive multi-service solutions including data clearing, financial clearing, fraud detection, roaming management service, etc. ARCH aims at helping customers improve their services and customer relationships, and build trust in their ability to meet future requirements and provide high-quality services.


March 22, 2012

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AdaptiveMobile is the world leader in mobile security, enabling trusted networks for the world’s largest operator groups, protecting over 800 million subscribers globally. AdaptiveMobile provides operators with the most comprehensive network-based security solutions enabling them to protect their consumer and enterprise customers against the growing threat of mobile abuse. AdaptiveMobile is the only mobile security company offering customers solutions designed to protect all of the services on the network. With our deep expertise and unique focus on network security, we continue to lead the market, a reason why many of the worlds’ leading security and telecom equipment vendors have chosen to partner with us. Our mission is to provide a safe and trusted mobile experience for consumers and enterprises worldwide. AdaptiveMobile – Trusted Network Protection

Accuris Networks

March 22, 2012

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Accuris Networks is a leading provider of Wi-Fi Offload and Roaming Inter-Working solutions not just for data offload but voice and messaging also. This allows GSM and CDMA operators to automatically and securely connect their subscribers to preferred Wi-Fi networks using SIM based authentication.

In addition Accuris Networks also provide solutions for CDMA to GSM roaming, dual-IMSI roaming and Over-The-Air device management.

Established in 1997, Accuris Networks is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland with offices in the United States and Malaysia. Led by a team with unrivalled experience in service convergence and service continuity, our AccuROAM, AccuProfile and AccuGuard solutions provide competitive, cost effective platforms that deliver carrier grade performance.

7Layers GmbH

March 20, 2012

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7Layers works hand-in-hand with a large variety of industries involved in the continuous improvement and increased usage of wireless communications technologies, devices and applications for all facets of modern life.

The global 7Layers chain, belonging to the Bureau Veritas Group, has engineering centers and accredited test laboratories in North America, Europe, P.R. China, S. Korea and Japan covering technologies like LTE, 3G, GSM Family, Bluetooth, GPS, TETRA, W-LAN etc. As an active member of various associations and wireless interest groups we support the development of standardizations, certification test programs etc. Based on our InterLab software components and years of experience we provide services and products for requirements management, verification and validation such as:

Test & Market Access Services

Manufacturers launching products with integrated wireless connectivity (terminal manufacturers, M2M industries, automotive industries etc.) benefit from our experience in conformance and interoperability testing, international type approval, operator approval and certification. Via we provide up-to-date test plans and technology information.

Engineering Services

Companies developing smart services and products rely on our expertise in developing and validating test specifications, test programs and customized test platforms.

Test platforms and test management systems

Based on our expertise in handling complex test scenarios we have developed test management systems and validated test platforms for LTE-USIM/USAT, Bluetooth®, TTY, Test Engines for 24/7 test automation and a Feature Explorer for the reliable creation of test plans and configuration of test systems.


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