Central Insights Unit

Central Insights Unit

Executing in-depth research to address digital development objectives 

Our mission is to leverage Mobile for Development expertise for thematically cross-cutting and country-specific thought leadership on digital development. 

The  Central Insights Unit (CIU) sits at the core of GSMA Mobile for Development (M4D) and produces country- and region-specific research and analysis on the role and impact of digital technologies in advancing sustainable and inclusive development.  

The thematically cross-cutting nature of our work means that our knowledge base is wide-ranging, however emerging technologies such as AI and big data are key focus areas, as we bring clarity to emerging opportunities in digital development. Our work directly supports international donors to build expertise and capacity as they seek to advance digitalisation initiatives in low- and middle-income countries.


Latest Publications

E-Commerce in Africa: Unleashing the opportunity for MSMEs


Tuesday 17 Oct 2023 | Central Insights Unit | Egypt | English | Ethiopia | Ghana | Kenya | Mobile for Development | Nigeria | Report | Research | Resource | South Africa | Sub-Saharan Africa |

There is significant evidence that e-commerce can help micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) reach wider markets and increase their profitability and resilience. However, in Africa, online retail as a ...

Inclusive E-Government Services in Ghana: Enhancing Women’s Access and Usage


Tuesday 18 Jul 2023 | Central Insights Unit | Financial inclusion for women | Gender | Ghana | Mobile access and use | Mobile for Development | Mobile internet for women | Report | Research | Resource | Sub-Saharan Africa |

This report assesses the extent to which women as economic agents or lead contributors to household incomes in Ghana access and use digital government services via mobile platforms for business, family and personal needs.

Mobile Money in Ethiopia: Advancing financial inclusion and driving growth


Friday 30 Jun 2023 | Central Insights Unit | Ethiopia | Mobile for Development | Report | Resource | Sub-Saharan Africa |

In this study, we look at the rapidly evolving mobile money ecosystem in Ethiopia, and we discuss opportunities to boost adoption and usage.

Tanzania’s Digitalisation Journey: Opportunities for value creation


Tuesday 24 Jan 2023 | Central Insights Unit | English | Mobile for Development | Policy and regulation | Report | Research | Resource | Sub-Saharan Africa | Tanzania |

This study aims to support wider government efforts by investigating the drivers of digitalisation in Tanzania, investments and policy enablers, gaps and ecosystem challenges, and other areas for value creation.

This initiative is currently funded by UK International Development from the UK government and is supported by the GSMA and its members.
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