Mobile for Humanitarian Innovation Podcast Series

Tune in to hear the Mobile for Humanitarian Innovation (M4H) team discuss key issues with our mobile network operator and humanitarian partners in this new podcast series.

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Episode 10: Digital Worlds

In Episode 10, Zoe Hamilton (Senior Insights Manager, Mobile for Humanitarian Innovation at GSMA) hosts an interview-style discussion with Linda Ahimbisibwe, Omar Meksassi, and Jason Siwat- lead researchers for the flagship report ‘The Digital Worlds of Displacement-Affected Communities’. The mixed-methods research in partnership with The Research People and UNHCR in northern Lebanon, Bor, South Sudan, and Iowara, Papua New Guinea seeks to better understand how people in humanitarian settings use their mobile phones.

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Episode 9: Adopting New Technologies       

In Episode 9, Jaki Mebur (Market Engagement Manager at GSMA), Hamse Koshin (MEAL Specialist at Care International Somalia and Somaliland) and Ali Bosir (Head of Business Development at Telesom Somaliland) discuss challenges and innovations that come from adopting new technologies into humanitarian programming.

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Episode 8: Human-Centred Design

In Episode 8, Zoe Hamilton (Insights Manager at GSMA), Mark Kamau (Head User Experience Designer at BRCK) and Aline Alonso (Design Researcher at Butterfly Works) discuss methodologies for inclusivity in humanitarian assistance. Specifically, the panel discuss a Human-Centred Design project in Nairobi working with persons with disabilities, and the adaptations they had to make due to COVID-19 disruptions.

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Episode 7: Two Years of the Programme

In Episode 7, Jenny Caswell (Acting Research & Insights Director, at GSMA), Peter Batali (Executive Director at CTEN) and John Warnes (Innovation Officer on Connectivity for Refugees at UNHCR)  reflect on the past two years of GSMA’s Mobile for Humanitarian Innovation and discuss what’s next for the programme.

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Episode 6: Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning (MEL)

In Episode 6, Matthew Downer (Insights Manager, Monitoring & Evaluation at GSMA) and Lydia Tanner (Director at The Research People) discuss Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) in reference to digital innovations in the humanitarian space.

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Episode 5: Digital Identity

In Episode 5, Yiannis Theodorou (Senior Policy and Advocacy Director at GSMA) and Nicholas Oakeshott (Senior Identity Management Officer at UNHCR) discuss the importance of digital identity in humanitarian contexts.

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Episode 4: Lessons from the Innovation Fund

In Episode 4, Rosie Afia (Market Engagement Manager at GSMA) and Francois Petousis (Head of Product and Director of Humanitarian Projects at Lumkani) discuss grantee learnings from the M4H Innovation Fund.

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Episode 3: Digital Cash Transfers

In Episode 3, Maha Khan (Research and Insights Director at GSMA) and Rosa Akbari (Senior Advisor of Technology for Development at Mercy Corps) discuss digital cash transfers in humanitarian settings.

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Episode 2: The Ethics of Funding

In Episode 2, Olly Parsons (Senior Market Engagement Manager at the GSMA) and Bernhard Kowatsch (Head of Innovation Accelerator at the United Nations World Food Programme) discuss issues around the ethics of funding.

Here they draw on experience working on the GSMA Mobile for Humanitarian Innovation Fund, and the World Food Programme’s Innovation Accelerator.

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Episode 1: Gender & Inclusivity

In Episode 1, Rosie Afia (Market Engagement Manager at the GSMA) and Claudia Simler (former COO at Refunite) discuss issues surrounding gender and inclusivity in the digital humanitarian space from Kiryandongo Refugee Settlement in Gulu, Uganda.

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This initiative is currently funded by the UK Department for International Development (DFID), and supported by the GSMA and its members.
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