Plan your Route to a Successful 4G/5G Rollout

Access the device intelligence you need to time network rollout and sunset accurately.

With more and more people using apps and social media platforms for communication, cloud services and streaming content, cellular networks are under increasing strain. Those networks that are agile enough to leverage their resources to meet changing market demands and capitalise on opportunities, will emerge the strongest.

A significant part of this is knowing how and when to rollout 4G and 5G services, along with choosing the right time to sunset 2G and 3G, to increase the available bandwidth.

These are vital business strategies that need careful planning and accurate analytics through intelligence that answers the crucial questions. Which devices are connected to my network? What are their 4G/5G capabilities? What’s the number and location of devices still relying on 2G and 3G? Data that clearly shows if the network can sunset immediately, or a more staggered approach is required.

This rich, accurate device intelligence is available through GSMA Device Map – provided by DeviceAtlas.

GSMA Device Map: authoritative device data from the source

Because all mobile and IoT device manufacturers register their products with GSMA as part of our TAC allocation service, our data on device capabilities is unique, comprehensive and accurate. Add to this a further 150+ device attributes from a global network of sources, and you have GSMA Device Map.

Used extensively by MNOs, MVNOs, service providers and insurers worldwide to facilitate advanced analytics and operational metrics, it delivers:

  • Precise device identification with 100% coverage
  • Analytics of usage and claim profiles
  • Ongoing support for BYOD and roaming
  • IoT activity tracking
  • Intelligent mobile network planning
  • Insights for targeted sales & marketing campaigns
  • Customer service support

Coming soon: even more 4G and 5G device intelligence

GSMA Device Map data already identifies devices that are using 4G/5G or have that capability. New data additions will give even more granular intelligence relating to a mobile device’s capabilities and support of 4G and 5G services. These network performance-based data points such as QAM, MIMO and Uplink/Downlink speeds will further increase GSMA Device Map’s effectiveness in facilitating accurate network and portfolio planning.

The key to rollout and sunset planning

With existing GSMA Device Map intelligence and the new data attributes coming on stream, MNOs can plan with confidence. It is a vital component in successful network evolution.

GSMA Device Map gives MNOs the intelligence they need for:

  • Network planning: Discover what kind of devices are connected to your network – from those still using 2G/3G to those with 4G/5G capabilities. This can inform vital decisions on the timing of rollout and sunset.
  • Portfolio planning: Through analytics on changing trends, GSMA Device Map can provide an insight into what an MNO’s portfolio and traffic will look like over the next two years, and how the network can best be set up to handle it.
  • Upgrade marketing: Discover which market segments should be targeted with messages to upgrade to 4G or 5G at the right time.
  • Customer insight: With accurate information on which devices support 2G/3G/4G or 5G, MNOs can tailor marketing to target these different segments with maximum effectiveness.

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