How eSIMs play a key part in mobile digitisation

GSMA Services Showcase Live #4. eSIM experts show how to leverage its business opportunities in the era of digitisation.

eSIM experts show how to leverage its business opportunities in the era of digitisation – including the importance of GSMA eSIM Discovery for MNOs.

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GSMA Intelligence Market Update Overview of the eSIM landscape, and market projections and trends Pablo Iacopino, Head of Research and Commercial Content; Strategy: GSMA Intelligence download
GSMA eSIM Discovery Update High-level overview of the challenges of eSIM and how eSIM discovery eases those challenges Chris Li, eSIM Product Director, GSMA download
Idemia Critical success factors for GSMA eSIM Discovery deployment through real-life examples of operator use cases Sylvain Givord, eSIM Product Manager, Idemia download
Operators in conversation A short exchange of ideas and viewpoints from MNO representatives. Pablo Iacopino – Moderator Markus Kröber – DT Technik Mithul Desai – Rakuten Mobile n/a
Thales The next steps to unlocking the potential of eSIM with new approaches in eSIM Services Nicolas Chalvin, VP Marketing Connectivity and Embedded Solutions, Thales download
Questions & Answers download

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