Why Device Connectivity Depends On Network Settings

Showcase Live #10

Find out how network settings play a crucial role in helping MNOs, MVNOs and OEMs achieve a seamless user experience, as customers embrace 4G, Vo/Vi-LTE and 5G services, switching from app to app, location to location and voice to data.

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Networks and Devices Market Update
Industry trends, focusing on 5G devices (incl VoLTE and IoT), networks (including private networks) and MVNOs.
Pablo Iacopino, Head of Research & Commercial Content, GSMA Intelligence Download
GSMA Network Settings Exchange
GSMA NSX updates and how they can help your business.
Shamit Bhat, Product Director, GSMA Download
Why MNOs benefit from Network Settings Exchange
Industry use cases for NSX
Florian-Leon Schmitt, System Engineer, Deutsche Telekom Download
Why key OEM actors encourage engagement?
How Mobile Virtual Network Operator Enablers (MVNOes) and MVNOs benefit from GSMA’s Network Settings Exchange platform.
Kevin Haddad, CEO, Ztar Mobile Download
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