Friday September 15, 2023

Watch on-demand: 5G Futures Community Webinar #1

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Unlocking the Value of 5G: Beyond Connectivity

Watch the inaugural GSMA 5G Futures Community webinar #1 “Unlocking the Value of 5G: Beyond Connectivity” on demand here.

Key takeaways:

  • Gain insights from GSMA Intelligence on strategies for building networks that are sustainable, secure, open, and financially rewarding.
  • Discover the industry-wide imperative for a profound transformation, as discussed by Telefonica.
  • Explore real-world examples showcasing the tangible benefits 5G brings to end-customers during a fireside chat with one of our valued 5G end-customers, Jordi Van Den Bussche.

Duration: 75-minutes


Session description

Since its initial deployment in 2019, 5G has rapidly expanded to nearly 270 countries worldwide, achieving a remarkable 16% market penetration. This achievement is a testament to the exceptional speed, responsiveness, and versatility offered by 5G networks, enabling reliable and secure connections for a multitude of simultaneous users.

The widespread adoption of 5G is driven by its adaptability to diverse industries and evolving use cases that demand the advanced capabilities it provides. However, to ensure the survival of the industry, it is crucial to generate a return on the substantial investments made in 5G. While 5G has already demonstrated its value through enhanced speed, reduced latency, and improved security, many organisations struggle to monetise 5G due to traditional connectivity business models that lack innovationflexibility and relevance in this new era.

To justify the substantial investment in 5G, it is essential for it to succeed in both consumer and enterprise markets. This raises an important question: How can 5G deliver value beyond basic connectivity to customers? In our webinar, industry experts from leading global operators, device suppliers, network equipment vendors, and industry partners will address this question, sharing their insights and engaging in discussions.

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