Connecting everyone and everything to a better future

Our Purpose

As the global leaders in connectivity, we share a common purpose — to connect everyone and everything to a better future. Connectivity is one of the most important enablers of social development and economic growth in our time. And its prevalence in our everyday lives has transformed the way we live, work, access essential services and communicate with each other.

To-date we have connected over half the planet, and we won’t stop here. Our purpose underlies our commitment to continue on this path, and help shape a world in which we all benefit from the opportunities that connectivity delivers.

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Our purpose and the UN Global Goals

In September 2015, the UN introduced the Global Goals to the world — a 17 point plan to end poverty, combat climate change and fight injustice and inequality. They are the biggest attempt in the history of the human race to make the world a better place.

Mobile networks have the power to accelerate this journey in a way no other technology can. That is why we are united in support for helping tackle the Global Goals. As the first industry to come together and get behind the UN, we will continue to ensure that connectivity plays a key role in helping achieve the 17 targets by 2030.

The Global Goals are big. And so is our ambition. Together we will continue to connect everyone and everything to a better future.

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