Changing Business

The way the world conducts business is changing. In addition to delivering financial performance and shareholder returns, companies are increasingly measured on their contribution to society. Environmental and social responsibility is central to leadership within the mobile industry, in line with our purpose of ‘Intelligently Connecting Everyone and Everything to a #BetterFuture’.

Mobile operators are putting aside rivalries, joining collaborations and connecting with wider industries, to drive best practice and take an integrated approach to embedding the UN SDGs into corporate strategies. With a number of operators conducting socio-economic impact assessments to better understand and demonstrate the broader impact they have on society and economies, they are also entrenching purpose into the core of their positioning.

Globally, 71 per cent of CEOs believe that—with increased commitment and action—business can play a critical role in contributing to the Global Goals. The nature of leadership itself is also evolving, with ‘Champions for a Better Future’ providing examples of operator c-level executives committed to sustainable and responsible business practices, safeguarding consumer trust and reducing inequalities through digital inclusion.