ESG Metrics for Mobile Overview

Monday 13 Jun 2022 | Sustainable and Responsible Leadership |

ESG Metrics for Mobile Overview image

The GSMA has launched ESG Metrics for Mobile, a first-of-its-kind mobile sector ESG reporting framework, developed alongside partners from EY, Yale Center for Business and the Environment, and a working group of 20 mobile operators representing 45% of the world’s mobile connections. The framework also draws on experience from key global industry and ESG stakeholders and who contributed to the project.  

Featuring ten industry-specific KPIs, the framework covers a range of key material topics for the sector, from energy consumption and waste reduction to digital inclusion and data protection. The common metrics are designed to simplify and harmonise ESG disclosures and complement universal reporting, by adding a crucial industry-specific lens. As operators adopt this new ESG framework, the metrics will provide stakeholders with a deeper understanding of the industry, and where its most material impacts and value are generated.

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