Orange launch SIM centric NFC services for transport

November 18, 2015 | Emily Norman

Malaga City Council, EMT Málaga and Orange have collaborated to launch a new payment service for transport around the city of Malaga. Orange customers can now travel around Málaga on buses and rental bicycles by using their NFC (Near Field Communications) smartphone.

The launch includes the introduction of the following services:

  • Young person’s travel card; the young population are heavy users of public transport and can now make their monthly travel payment directly from their smartphone, and travel via bus by tapping their smartphone onto the NFC reader.
  • EMT “Multiviaje”; a multi-trip pass which can be topped up via the “EMT Málaga NFC” mobile app to accommodate between 10 and 20 trips.
  • A monthly travel pass; for unlimited travel around the city using an NFC smartphone.
  • The ability to use MálagaBici; by tapping their NFC smartphone on the NFC reader at point of hire. (MálagaBici is the bicycle hire system that already exists in the city).

To promote the launch of the service, EMT and Orange are offering students two free trips, as well as a free month of travel using an NFC smartphone for those who join the scheme and do not already own a Young Person’s card.

Customer Journey App: “EMT Málaga NFC”

The “EMT Málaga NFC” app enables users to purchase, top up and use the EMT transport cards on the go via mobile, rather than having to visit a local store or ticket vendor before travelling. The service is currently only available to Orange customers using an Android smartphone. However, even though it is only available on Orange now, it is not a closed approach as other operators will be joining the service in the future.

The user must download the “NFC Orange” app from the Google Play store, through which they can install the “NFC Málaga EMT” service. Those who do not yet have an NFC-enabled SIM card can replace their current SIM card for free at Orange stores. Once installed and the travel card purchased, the user is able to travel around Málaga using only their smartphone.

The app also provides wealth of useful information including a history of trips taken, the number of trips remaining on the Multiviaje multi-trip pass, and regular updates on public transport services.

The development of this service was made possible thanks to the collaboration between Orange, EMT, TranserMobile as the virtual commercial channel, and Oberthur Technologies as Trusted Service Manager.

To find more information on this service, visit EMT and Orange.

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