NFC contactless marks

The GSMA NFC Icon and the EMVCo Contactless Indicator are available for use on licence in different markets to signify where commercial mobile NFC services are available.

To provide consistency and global recognition, the GSMA encourages the use of the GSMA Icon and EMVCo Contactless Indicator by its members and their wider partners to specifically indicate SIM–based mobile NFC services.

The GSMA offers both marks to its members and partners. In line with the work that the GSMA is doing with its members globally, it is advised that through the process of collaboration across the industry either icon should be used exclusively within a single market to clearly identify to customers where they can use and benefit from Mobile NFC services, regardless of their mobile network operator and handset. The exception being for payment where the EMVCo mark should be used exclusively.

The GSMA NFC Icon can be licensed by any GSMA full member, or association/joint venture with a GSMA full member on its board, through contacting the GSMA directly.

EMVCo permits GSMA full members to licence the use of the EMVCo Contactless Indicator by request to the GSMA.



This icon communicates the availability of SIM-based NFC capabilities and services, except where payment* is the transaction. This icon was developed for use by mobile network operators and the wider industry verticals looking to communicate the availability of specifically SIM-based NFC capabilities and services at the point of location.

The icon is available to GSMA Full Members for appropriate use in their market. It can also be made available to other providers and enablers of NFC services working with local market MNOs, through a third-party licensing agreement with their local MNO and associations or joint ventures with a GSMA Full Member represented on its board.

The GSMA NFC icon does not replace the use of the EMVCo Contactless Symbol mark which communicates the availability and acceptance of payment-related NFC services developed in conjunction with EMVCo member payment schemes such as MasterCard, Visa and American Express.


EMVCo Contactless Indicator

This icon identifies all contactless NFC capabilities both for payment and non-payment e.g. NFC payment, access and entry, event ticketing, content sharing.

It is available to GSMA full members by request. GSMA Associate members and other parties are encouraged to contact EMVCo directly to request permission for use.

The Contactless Indicator is not a symbol used exclusively for mobile NFC services and as such will generally require a qualifier or instruction for the user to tap with their mobile device.


EMVCo Contactless Symbol Mark

This icon is used to identify Point of Sale terminals where users can use an EMVCo compliant contactless payment card or mobile service to complete a transaction.

The EMVCo Contactless Indicator is available to the GSMA’s full members who sign the necessary usage licence agreement with EMVCo. The marks can also be sub-licensed to third-party affiliates, working with Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) to develop payment and non-payment related NFC services in their respective markets where relevant. The agreement aims to promote a single, global, well-recognised set of contactless NFC marks that cover all industries and all contactless transactions, both payment and non-payment related.

This summarises how the marks can be applied across payment / non-payment services following execution of the agreement (subject to EMVCo’s brand guidelines):


For more information and to obtain a licence to use any of these marks, please contact the GSMA at in the first instance.

For press and media related enquiries, please contact Claire Cranton, Media Relations Director at

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