Unveiling the GSMA Mobile Money API SDK Adoption Guide: A Catalyst for Fintech Evolution

Open APIs are revolutionising Africa’s payments landscape. From banks and financial institutions to start-ups and fintech firms, a diverse array of players are leveraging Open APIs to experiment and launch ground-breaking payment solutions. In this dynamic ecosystem, remittance providers, utility companies, large enterprises, and small merchants alike are finding new avenues for collaboration and growth.

In the ever-evolving landscape of Open APIs, Software Development Kits (SDKs) stand out as indispensable tools that empower developers to create sophisticated applications. These SDKs serve as bridges between developers and APIs, simplifying the integration process and unlocking the potential for innovations that can reach broader audiences and address social and humanitarian challenges.

Last year marked a significant milestone with the release of GSMA Mobile Money API SDKs, specifically tailored as a boilerplate for mobile money API SDKs. Created using best practices, it aims to encourage developers to create their own SDKs using GSMA’s as a starting point.

In a successful collaboration, GSMA partnered with MTN to support the development of their “MoMo API” SDKs, drawing inspiration from GSMA’s Mobile Money API SDKs as a template. Through this joint effort, MTN successfully created robust SDKs, which are now readily available to the 34,000 developers connected to the MoMo platform in any of MTN’s 14 markets across Africa.

“Our partnership with GSMA has led to enhancements in MTN’s MoMo API, now equipped with tailor-made SDKs for PHP, Android, NodeJS, Java, and JavaScript. Spanning across 12 markets, this integration promises a smoother development journey. Leveraging GSMA’s Mobile Money API SDKs, we’ve streamlined the process, minimizing complexities and drastically reducing development time. Dive deeper into our SDK offerings by visiting our developer portal and SDK pages.”

Raees Abdool Gaffar 
Senior Manager – API Products, MTN Group Fintech

Building on this achievement, we are excited to unveil the SDK Adoption Guide, a comprehensive resource designed to assist developers in crafting their own SDKs for mobile money APIs.

The SDK Adoption Guide revolves around leveraging the capabilities of GSMA’s Mobile Money API SDKs to create SDKs for other mobile money APIs. Divided into three distinct sections, this guide aims to provide developers with a thorough understanding of the process.

The first section of the guide offers valuable insights into the essential considerations for environment setup. Developers will delve into crucial aspects such as programming language selection, version control implementation, and the establishment of naming conventions. This foundational knowledge ensures a smooth and efficient SDK development process.

The second section focuses on drawing comparisons between mobile money APIs and GSMA’s API specification. Developers will gain a deep understanding of the similarities and differences between the two, along with guidance on how to effectively manage these nuances. This section serves as a bridge, allowing developers to seamlessly adapt their SDKs to the unique features of their APIs.

The third section of the guide provides a step-by-step walkthrough of the adaptation process. Adopting a methodical approach, the guide explains each aspect of the GSMA SDKs, highlighting what needs adaptation and how developers can tailor the code to create their own SDKs. This hands-on approach ensures that developers can confidently navigate the adaptation process and produce robust and effective SDKs for their own mobile money APIs.

The SDK Adoption Guide represents a significant leap forward in empowering developers to harness the full potential of mobile money APIs. By releasing this guide, we strive to offer a resource that not only facilitates SDK development but also contributes to growth and innovation within the mobile money ecosystem. The guide is readily available above and on our developer portal, providing developers with easy access to this invaluable resource.

As we continue to expand the suite of resources for the GSMA Mobile Money API, we invite you to explore further and stay updated on the latest developments by visiting our Mobile Money API page. Together, let’s unlock new possibilities in the world of mobile money.

To find out more, download our SDK Adoption Guidelines here.