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To educate, support and advance global adoption of 5G IoT by the manufacturing industry and wider industrial sectors

Manufacturing is undergoing a major generational shift. Industry 4.0, the digitisation and advancement of the manufacturing processes and ecosystem, is set to create far more flexible, efficient and sustainable production lines. 5G for IoT underpins this transformation by enabling manufacturing companies and their supply chain partners the opportunity to utilise emerging technologies such as AI and machine vision to give vastly improved visibility over all aspects of their business. The GSMA is focused on building the benefits of 5G IoT for manufacturing, by bringing together leading operators and manufacturing companies around the world.

GSMA Digital Industries Forum

GSMA Digital Industries Forum (formally called 5G IoT for Manufacturing Forum) brings together manufacturing enterprises, mobile operators, and vendors who are instrumental in bringing 5G IoT to the manufacturing industry. Our aim is to create an environment that facilitates collaboration to highlight key use cases and requirements for 5G IoT, stimulate pilot projects to test new concepts and disseminate case studies and lessons learned, all with the aim of encouraging adoption of 5G IoT across the manufacturing vertical.

5G IoT for Manufacturing Forum Contributors



China Mobile

KDDI Corporation

GSMA Operator Member

Reliance Jio




5G IoT for Manufacturing Forum Steering Group

Andres Escribano

New Business & Industry 4.0 Director & Joint Chair of GSMA 5G IoT Manufacturing Forum, Telefónica

Responsible for developing new business opportunities at global level in IoT, 5G & new connectivity, AI & Blockchain. During the last 2 years responsible for the Industry 4.0 Business area.

Responsible for connectivity business in Telefónica during the last 4 years (18 Mll IoT lines around the world), including the Telefónica IoT Platform Global Product Area (KITE), IoT Partners Program & Business Technology Area) and part of the IoT World Alliance Executive Board, GSMA Connecting Living Group.

For 8 years he implemented and managed the ERP/PDM information systems in EADS (Airbus), later he joined Telefónica in 1999 where he was responsible for IT and Security in Quam Switzerland (TEF Mobile Operations). For 8 years in different organizations in Telefónica (Spain and Latam Corporation & MNCs), managed the Presales Area in the Corporate/Multinationals segment, focus in the B2B business.

Jacob Groote

EVP 5G & Joint Chair of GSMA 5G IoT for Manufacturing Forum, KPN

Jacob joined the KPN Research lab in 1990, after finishing his PhD in Physics. The main topics of his research at KPN were how to use Artificial Intelligence tools within network and service management as well as how to improve billing and customer services within KPN.

Later he held several management positions within different departments. He was member of the board of BU Carrier Services responsible for process and system development and implementation. He was responsible for architecture development and implementation in the department of Fixed Operations.

His career continued as member of the board of Division Fixed where he was responsible for all IT projects as CIO of the division. Later on he moved to different positions within operational departments and serving especially business customers of KPN.

Since April 2012 he is responsible for Mobile Operations, including quality management of all mobile services and service development and roll-out of new technologies. In April 2014, he finished the roll-out of KPN’s nationwide 4G network, which was completed in 15 months. Since January 2016, he is heading the department of Service Platforms within KPN NIO, and is responsible for overall quality and technical product management and innovation of KPN’s services including TV, VOLTE, Roaming, etc.

Recently he moved from the Operations to the Commercial part of KPN. Product management Business Market are his responsibilities within the Business Market division. After the summer break of 2019 he started with the business implementation of KPN’s 5G services.

Azad Singh

Chief Global Mobility Solutions & APAC Co-Chair of GSMA 5G IoT for Manufacturing Forum, Reliance Jio

Azad is responsible for international roaming over various technologies WiFi, MIoT, 4G and VAS strategy for Reliance Jio. Azad is also responsible for developing innovative international roaming products and services that create a seamless global borderless telecom experience for human and devices.

Azad have 20+ years of telecom experience in India, Canada and USA at various technical and management positions also entrepreneurship. Azad is representing Jio at WBA, GSMA and other international telecom forums.

Azad holds engineering degree in Electronics and Telecommunication from National Institute of Technology Jalandhar India and management from McGill Desautels Canada. He is the APAC chairman of GSMA 5G IoT Manufacturing Forum.

Babatunde Akindele

Director of Technology Strategy & Co-Chair of GSMA 5G IoT for Manufacturing Forum, Verizon Communications

Babatunde Akindele (Tunde) leads Strategy for Global Network and Technology at Verizon. He is responsible for developing technology strategies to ensure Verizon maintains its network and technology leadership. His coverage also includes 5G, Multi-Access Edge Compute, IoT, Industry 4.0 Exploration, Artifitial Intelligence, and emerging technologies. He has led strategy and innovation management across industry verticals within the company, helping to develop several breakthrough business concepts. Tunde has held responsibilities for deal negotiation, growth strategy, strategic planning, corporate venturing and M&A evaluation within Verizon over the past decade.

Prior to Verizon, Tunde worked with IXL Center, where he helped fortune 100 corporations develop strategies and commercialize innovative business concepts. Tunde previously held regional leadership role in a multinational telecommunication provider in Nigeria, successfully designing sales expansion strategies, and leading significant business turnaround initiatives.

Tunde is passionate about leadership, he is a leadership trainer / coach, and a frequent speaker at innovation management and VC events. In addition, he spends time mentoring startups and small businesses.

Hakim Achouri

5G Solution Architect & Co-Chair of GSMA 5G IoT for Manufacturing Forum , Airbus

Hakim Achouri joined Airbus 1.5 years ago as a 5G Solution Architect in the Digital Transformation & IM Teams. His work consists in building the strategy, roadmap and the right architecture towards a 5G connected Factory and he also acts as a Technical Authority on the 5G Connected Aircraft building data & user centric solutions for factory digitalization, Aircraft remote predictive maintenance and future seamless passenger connectivity. Before this he worked 6 years in the UK for McLaren Applied Technologies as a Principal Telecommunication Engineer, building solutions to connect Trains (Virgin Trains, Japanese Bullet Trains, Formula 1 telemetry). Before this he spent 10 years at Orange R&D in the Wireless Access Networks Teams doing research and building innovative solutions for fast moving vehicles connectivity V2V/V2X. Hakim has several patents around multiple wireless links aggregation, handovers, etc.

Patrick Castagnino

Connectivity Business Development for Digital Aviation & Co-Chair of GSMA 5G IoT for Manfacturing Forum, Airbus

Patrick CASTAGNINO has more than 20 years of connectivity experience working in the aviation industry with multiple roles (Engineering, customer support, Maintenance, Project & Program, Digital Transformation & Connectivity innovation…) . He is now Connectivity Business for Digital Aviation at Airbus with the role to develop the connectivity business for Airbus Commercial and global convergence for AIrbus group: 5G Connected Aircraft, Aircraft remote predictive maintenance and future seamless passenger connectivity, 5G IoT for Manufacturing, Internet-of-Things (IIoT), new technologies.

Jo Gilbert

Technical Director & Manufacturing Lead, GSMA

Jo Gilbert is a Technical Director at the GSMA. She leads the 5G IoT for Manufacturing forum, which brings together players from across the mobile and manufacturing ecosystem to share knowledge and accelerate common problem solving. With a career spanning 20 years in the telecommunication sector, Jo has supported mobile network operators to deliver value beyond connectivity by harnessing new and emerging technology enablers such as IoT, big data, AI and 5G. She holds a Bachelor of Business Administration and Masters of Informatics degree.

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