GSMA Interoperability Testing

VoLTE Testing

Help to improve VoLTE interoperability

5G brings fresh interoperability challenges for both operators and device manufacturers. Since supporting and promoting interoperability is one of the main purposes of the GSMA, we’ve introduced GSMA Interoperability Testing, which can help with the 5G rollout.

Our standardised VoLTE/IMS technology tests are here to bring confidence to the industry. Created in partnership with Mobileum and Jaggo Solutions, leaders in network and device testing respectively, they enable operators and manufacturers to test their products to a common standard. Then show the ecosystem they are ‘VoLTE Verified’. Helping accelerate connectivity between devices and networks, along with a rapid increase in roaming agreements. Moreover, when VoLTE is working reliably on a global basis, 2G and 3G sunsetting becomes a practical possibility.

Once the tests are successfully completed by the network or manufacturer, we issue a certificate confirming their interoperability within the scope of GSMA Interoperability Testing, in accordance with GSMA PRD IR.25. We also publish the results on our website for everyone to see. This supports the fast-tracking of VoLTE interoperability and deployments. Encouraging all interested parties, irrespective of size, to participate in testing and advertise their success.

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