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Vendors and system integrators

Here are the services that support network equipment vendors and system integrators.


Prove your products are resilient enough to make the vendor shortlist

eUICC Identity Scheme

Now you can allocate your own eUICC identifiers (eIDs)

eSIM Discovery

eSIM – top tips for best practice and the operational topics that need to be considered

Services for vendors

Find the solutions to the challenges your vendor or system integrator business faces here.

Instantly discover the best markets for devices 

Find out the best-matched networks for mobile devices through a compatibility score, helping you to create efficiencies and increase revenues. 

Leverage the growth of eSIM

Ask device manufacturers to supply the industry specified and universally recognised method for remote eSIM provisioning that’s fully digital – so the process is quicker and easier for customers.

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Prevent IRSF and SMS AIT

Step up your fraud protection with the first fraud solution that prevents IRSF and SMS AIT from happening.

Improve global SMS and A2P messaging  

Communicate more swiftly with your global customer base and ensure messages are delivered to the right destination.  

Allocate your own eUICC identifier (eID)

This global eSIM identification system is made to work for all – as requested by the industry. So finally, manufacturers can allocate their own eUICC identification numbers (eIDs).  

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