IT-Decision Telecom

IT-Decision Telecom LLC (DecisionTelecom) is Licensed MVNO, Global A2P Messaging Provider and Voice Carrier with main operating in EMEA, APAC and AMER regions, and representative offices in Estonia, Ukraine and USA. DecisionTelecom interconnected with more than 300 MNOs and carriers/hubs, to provide high level Global A2P Messaging and Voice termination services across the globe. Decision Telecom’s Omnichannel Communication Platform allows to send Business Messages Globally. All communication channels in one place: SMS, Viber Business, WhatsApp Business, RCS, Verifications, HLR, Voice and chat inbox, available via web-interface and programmable with API. Easily interact with your customers from your official Brand Name using popular communication channels and reach every mobile phone on the planet with a single click. Enjoy using our services and free unlimited 24/7/365 support.