Are you GSMA eSIM Discovery ready?


The GSMA eSIM Discovery service is the industry specified, universally-recognised method by which consumers can get their new eSIM devices up and running on their chosen network. In fact, it was developed due to a need identified by the mobile industry. In essence, a global platform that facilitates remote eSIM provisioning. So it’s fast, standardised, interoperable and, ultimately, simple and seamless for the subscriber.

Ensure the eUICCs in your models are eSIM Discovery-ready

Significantly, you can connect your new devices to the GSMA eSIM Discovery platform, in just two steps:

  1. First, check that all eUICCs supplied for embedding into your devices at the manufacturing stage, are eSIM Discovery-ready. Meaning, please make sure to include the eSIM Discovery root address. All eUICC manufacturers know about the platform and certification process.
  2. Secondly, let MNOs know that your devices support GSMA eSIM Discovery.

Benefits for OEMs

Standardised integration at scale. Therefore, activates devices across all the main device distribution channels: network operators, digital, retail and the growing open-market-device arena

Interoperable. Consequently, there’s no need for integration between individual OEMs and MNOs

Endorsed by the mobile ecosystem. Since it’s methodology defined by the industry

Secure. As it’s a proven way of activating devices safely and securely

Fast, remote activation at scale. For example, no need for QR codes

Easy for consumers. Above all, just a one-time setup on a chosen network

Start now

It’s simple. After all, GSMA, along with over 80 industry representatives, have done all the heavy lifting. Now there is no need for device manufacturers or eUICC manufacturers to work with individual operators. Since GSMA eSIM Discovery requires just one set of integration tests for your devices, to work anywhere in the world.

Neither GSMA nor its member operators want global fragmentation. Therefore it’s important that the business model is not changed, so eSIM remote-service provisioning can happen quickly, and at scale.

Just place the GSMA eSIM Discovery address into the eUICCs you order.

Include instructions in user guides to clearly place the EID on your packaging. Or via *#06# (used/existing devices). So that users can point/share over the web.

eUICC manufacturers, please ensure our industry default address is in your software. So your eSIMs have the industry-specified profile discovery method, ready to deploy.

Are you a device or eUICC manufacturer who wants to ensure their devices are connected to the Discovery Server? Then we recommend you conduct interoperability testing, using the GSMA DS Customer Test Environment (CTE).

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