Benefits for Mobile Operators


GSMA eSIM Discovery is the first digital solution for both eSIM consumer and consumer IoT profile activation. Also, it and provides the cleanest in and out of store experience. Since it does not require the print and distribution costs associated with the barcode methodology. For instance, there’s no need for plastic or paper at point of sale, as activation can happen from home.

MNOs who are early adopters understand the benefits eSIMs bring. Chiefly, seeing their deployment as helping to drive the growth of customer ARPU (Average Revenue Per User). Through multiple device subscription plans per user, as well as a reduction in the cost of physical SIM supply and management.

This industry-specified remote provisioning service is now available, via our SM-DP+ service provider partners. Furthermore, they’re already providing the highly secure subscription management services necessary, to safely manage your customers’ eSIM profile activations.

Key Benefits

GSMA eSIM Discovery is the standardised way of activating eSIM subscriptions. It’s here to make life easier and more cost-effective for you, and the eSIM ecosystem.

For a start, it’s fully digital, flexible, and works across the majority of eSIM consumer devices. From both operators and the open market. So it ensures a simple, quick and seamless experience for your customers. Not only that, but it’s already on the market, and has been fully tested.

To enable eSIM Discovery, all you need to do is contact your GSMA certified SM-DP+ / eSIM service provider.

Why MNOs should use GSMA eSIM Discovery:

  • Secure and tested. A proven way of streamlining subscription information delivery from MNO to consumer
  • Universal remote activation. Which the industry endorses
  • Universal compatibility. It’s the solution that will be compatible with all OEMs
  • Standardised integration at scale. Activates devices across all major device distribution channels: Network Operators, Digital, Retail and the growing Open Market Device arena
  • No need for integration between individual OEMs and MNOs
  • Maximises eSIM adoption. Makes the customer journey quick and easy, with one-time setup on their chosen network
  • Better than a printed QR Code. It doesn’t require the print and distribution costs – no plastic or paper at point of sale is needed, since activation can happen from anywhere
  • Reduces customer enquiries on how to provision eSIM with customer services, by automating profile location and subscription activation
  • Reduces costs associated with SIMs. Procurement, expenses, inventory, logistics and in-store physical SIM customer processes
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