GSMA Negotiator

Blockchain – the most efficient and trusted negotiator

This is a new application on GSMA eBusiness Network. Ultimately, it will allow roaming managers to conduct deals in an automated, therefore, more efficient way, which is also secure and private. In particular, the negotiation, agreement and digital signing processes. Along with the storage of all wholesale roaming settlement deals. In essence, blockchain allows partners to agree the details of each negotiation bilaterally. Since its immutable nature and cryptography offer enhanced trust.

In time, this service will incorporate blockchain digital contracts. Firstly, those that have been negotiated and signed on the new platform. As well as those created outside it, then retrospectively added, for maximum flexibility. In brief, an electronic negotiation mechanism handles offers and counteroffers in fine detail between partners. While tools allow for complex parameters around deals to be defined in a standardised and transparent way. Additionally, this service will also provide deep analytics and forecasting abilities. Consequently, leading to better decision-making. Together with always meeting cash flow and revenue targets.

More Information

How does GSMA Negotiator manage agreements?

It enables roaming managers to negotiate, agree and digitally sign bilateral roaming agreements.

Are parameters standardised?

Yes. It defines complex parameters so they conform to a standard.

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