GSMA Settlement

Have a faster and easier settlement

An inter-operator settlement service, for frictionless wholesale roaming billing. Thanks to blockchain technology. In essence, operators can automatically calculate net settlement amounts between themselves and their roaming partners.

Firstly, these amounts are based on subscribers’ roaming usage on each other’s networks, and pre-agreed inter-operator tariff rates. Secondly, automation significantly reduces the number of steps, and therefore time needed, to agree and invoice charge information. Not only that, but blockchain technology creates a ‘single source of truth’. In effect, reducing the possibility of misalignment on roaming usage and charge information. Consequently, enabling improved discrepancy management and fewer disputes.

Moreover, as the cycle time for settlement is reduced, payment cycles can be shorter. Ultimately, leading to healthier revenue and improved cash flow.

More Information

How does GSMA Settlement improve processes?

GSMA Settlement is an online frictionless clearing and settlement service. Where subscriber roaming uses pre-agreed inter-operator rates to significantly speed up and reduce disputes. Firstly, the pre-agreed rate card is ‘codified’ into a form that both originator and recipient share. Also, there is confidence in the integrity of the billing records being shared. Thanks to cryptography and the immutable nature of blockchain. All leading to greater trust and faster settlement times. As well as improved revenue assurance.

Is GSMA Settlement compliant with current standards?

Yes. Since GSMA is the caretaker of wholesale roaming billing, its charging principles and related technical specifications (GSMA PRD IR.21.). Making us well placed to facilitate the digital transformation of these processes, on behalf of the industry.

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