GSMA Innovation City at MWC19 Los Angeles

GSMA Innovation City at MWC19 Los Angeles

Start: Tuesday 22 October 2019 09:00

End: Thursday 24 October 2019 15:00

Venue: Stand 1750, South Hall, Los Angeles Convention Center

Location: 1201 South Figueroa St. Los Angeles, CA 90015

A must-see destination at Mobile World Congress 19 Los Angeles fully supported by The City of Los Angeles Mayor’s Office, GSMA Innovation City will present an immersive showcase of the latest innovations in 5G, Mobile IoT, IoT Capability Beyond Connectivity and Cybersecurity to over 20,000 unique visitors.

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BeWhere’s Sensor-as-a-Service platform easily adapts to the array of rapidly emerging use cases
The introduction of Mobile IoT, LTE-M and NB-IoT with their low-cost advantages opens up a disruptive opportunity to deploy significant quantities of sensors widespread across cities and rural environments. Supported by all major North American mobile operators and in partnership with the City of Los Angeles, a variety of IoT sensors for monitoring soil moisture, leaf wetness, air quality (PM2.5), water quality and water pressure are installed and display real-time data that empowers the City of Los Angeles to deliver a more efficient and environmentally sustainable city for its citizens.
Big Data Analytics


Smart Access Management of Facilities, Infrastructure and Assets
iglooworks smart access solutions provide access management of facilities, infrastructure sites and assets without the need to manage any physical keys. iglooworks solutions enable real-time visibility of access activity and alert notifications while significantly improving efficiencies in managing large number of distributed sites. These smart access solutions are helping businesses to more securely and efficiently manage a wide range of sites from warehouses to mobile base stations to shared building facilities.

First-of-its-Kind Secure IoT Solution that Meets GSMA’s IoT Security Guidelines
Telus, Blackberry, and Solace have developed a “first of its kind” secure by design IoT Root of Trust for LTE-M IoT Devices with embedded GSMA compliant eSIMs.
The solution provides a highly secure hardware-based IoT root of trust which secures the embedded software stack of the device and its applications while also establishing mutual trust between the device and its application service platform – all out of the box using secure “over-the-air” provisioning.
L-SPARK, a leading Canadian Tech Accelerator, worked with four Canadian startups in creating real life services that leverage the eSIM IoT Root of Trust to enhance the security features of their products in their respective vertical markets, including Smart City applications. These applications are showcased at the L-SPARK booth:

  • Flosonics (Healthcare)
  • Canscan (Transportation)
  • CIRA (Device lifecycle management)
  • Platoi (Infrastructure monitoring)

Peace of Mind at Your Fingertips
Nimb Ring comes with a panic button that sends an emergency alert to first responders and your emergency contacts. It enables you to call for help with one click without drawing unwanted attention. Its battery can last up to two weeks.

Transforming Public-space trash collection operations
The BigBelly Solar intelligent waste & recycling collection system, Powered by Telit LE910C1 module (LTE Cat 1), enables municipalities, colleges & universities, government facilities, and other institutional customers to reduce the operating costs associated with waste collection by 80 percent