Market Development

A USD ~23 billion opportunity to serve the healthcare needs of the world’s people Business models are emerging

At a time when mobile voice and text services are reaching saturation, mobile health services and products offer an additional USD ~23 billion opportunity by 2017*.

There is growing global acceptance of mobile health solutions because they reduce costs for existing healthcare systems; create innovative new methods of delivering better quality care at lower cost; expand access to services in the developing world, and improve health outcomes and efficiencies in the developed world. Recent GSMA research indicates that, globally, 89% of healthcare providers, 75% of patients and 73% of general wellness consumers believe mobile health solutions can convey significant benefits.

The GSMA commissioned PriceWaterhouseCoopers to assess the potential of the mHealth market. The result is a report entitled “Touching Lives through Mobile Health: Assessment of the Global Market Opportunity”, available in our Resources repository.

* PriceWaterhouseCoopers February 2012

Business models are emerging
The GSMA is using research to begin generating best practices for Connected Living business models and industry partnerships. We are also stimulating proof of concept initiatives and pilot projects that provide evidence of the efficacy of mobile health to governments, large healthcare alliances, regulators and policy-makers,

The GSMA commissioned Ventura Team to interview our members and draw a picture of the models and partnerships that are working today. Although the report comprises all M2M initiatives and partnerships, it uses mHealth examples and contains cases of other sectors that can be applied to mHealth solutions. The executive summary of this research is titled “New business models for Connected Living ” and is available in our Resources repository.