Internet of Things Business Enablers

Internet of Things Business Enablers

The GSMA is working to create a sustainable M2M regulatory & policy  environment that enables operators to unlock the consumer and business benefits of the IoT


A growing Internet of Things provides a huge range of socio-economic benefits. IoT solutions deliver benefits to society, governments, citizens, end-users and businesses. The knowledge and expertise that mobile operators develop through working in multiple markets and industries is consolidating their position in the IoT ecosystem.

Governments and regulators can unlock these socio-economic benefits by implementing policies that promote innovation and investment , as well as introducing regulatory frameworks that build trust and that are technology neutral. This will give confidence to consumers and the industry that will help to drive adoption of the IoT.


Internet of Things (IoT) Knowledgebase for Policy and Regulation


The IoT Knowledgebase has been developed to help GSMA Members* understand more about new services and enablers in the growing IoT ecosystem.

The IoT Knowledgebase contains a wide range of unique and useful policy and regulatory resources including:

  • Established GSMA positions on policy and regulation
  • Research papers and case studies to assist mobile operators in determining their own policy and regulatory strategies and processes
  • Insight of best practices and market trends
  • Statistics on IoT growth and its socio-economic impact
  • Key policy themes discussed by regulatory agencies
  • Examples of deployments in specific verticals such as Automotive, Health, Learning and Smart Cities

The IoT Knowledgebase is regularly updated with the latest information by the GSMA’s policy and regulatory experts and can be accessed via Infocentre 2, here.

*The IoT Knowledgebase is currently available to GSMA members only



Infocentre2 is the gateway for members to access GSMA’s industry intelligence and information, up to date market data from all over the world, and an array of tools and knowledge bases covers all aspects of mobile communications.