IoT Big Data

The mobile industry recognises the societal benefits that can result from big data and wants to unlock the huge potential of big data analytics in a way that respects well-established privacy principles and fosters an environment of trust.
Mobile network operators are well-placed to understand the potential risks to individuals and groups from Big Data analytics and can implement measures to avoid or mitigate those risks.
Governments can ensure their country and citizens gain the most benefit from the potential of Big Data by:

Understanding how big data analytics works and the context in which it takes place. Bearing in mind that any rules should also be applied consistently across different industry sectors and types of technology.
Accommodating innovative approaches to transparency and consent: rules that restrict the legitimate use of data or metadata should be qualified and proportional to the risk of privacy harm that consumers might suffer if their data is misused.
Developing and adopting practical industry guidelines and self-regulatory measures that seek to harness, rather than hinder, big data analytics, bearing in mind existing principles established by current law still apply in these areas.

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